Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Happy last day for November to all. Again, last night was a sleep well night. Hehehe. It has been quite a long time I don't really remember my dream during the night. Hmmm, hope tonight can have a sweet dream.....

Today's attachment was a briefing conducted by a Head of Department. After finished the briefing, she assigned us into 3 groups and assigned us a group assignment. We have 3 hours to complete the assignment. Basically, we need to brainstorm and generate ideas for marketing strategies. I am glad to say that our group's ideas and presentation earned a good response from her. I am also glad that I have suggested a gift which was quite useful to the plan. It's just come out in my mind all of a sudden. I shall say Thank You.....

After that, we continue our session with another senior. He shared with us some experiences about life. Well, different peoples have different perceptions and needs for their life. Some willing to jump aeroplane in other countries, some willing to remains single, some willing to work, collect money, travel and when money finish, then work, collect money and travel again.....

Hmmm, I think for me, because I have parents to be take care to, so sometimes I really can't do what I really like to do. If I am a single man without any burden, perhaps I have really choose to work, collect money, travel and then work, collect money and travel again. The life like this would be as simple as ABC. It's just nice. Whatever it is, there are boundary for my freedom. As the son for my parents, I still hold the responsibility to them. Just see how in future. Maybe after few years my networth increase to million and then I will imigrate to Australia with my parents. Hahahaha. Who know??? Nothing is impossible.....

Ooo yaa, finally I believe the sentence, nothing is impossible. Why??? Because there were previous matters which I think is impossible has now turned out to be possible. So, I am really should absorb from the experience. Learn from the past =)

Tomorrow going to learn about trade's system. Hopefully, it is an interesting class =)

Song for Today - 镇守爱情 - 动力火车



Great Night

Monday, November 29, 2010

I Can't Fly Together With Time

Here comes to the time to update blog. Aha. Yesterday can sleep very well and today don't really feel to wake up. Hahaha. Suddenly, I miss the time when I was in Ixora. That time, if don't have 8 a.m. class, then normally can sleep until 10 p.m. What a great life is that, hehehe =)

Today was the first day attachment in Trade Center in Head Office. Basically, we just sit inside the conference room and listen to the briefing given by our supervisor. Feel very great because it helps me to recap what I have learnt before in Bangi. The overall learning process for today was quite relaxing =)

My god bro just told me that the next month for today will be the day we visit to Singapore. Miss the time when I visit to Singapore with Kap Siao group. Hope that I can have the chance to meet with friends who currently work in there. Also, looking forward to see the 2 cute kids, Brian and Mavis =)

Recently keep on heard that peoples surrounding me said that time flies. So fast, it comes almost to the year end already. Few festivals are coming soon, Christmas, New Year, Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day. So fast, another year going to pass. Think deeply, many things happened in this year. 4 times visitation to Genting, 2 times visitation to Singapore if consider the coming tour, 1 time visitation to Batu Pahat, very first time stage performance after couple of years, graduation, working and so forth. Hmmm, continue walking on the path of life.....

Basically, that's all for today. Didn't expect that today's feeling was actually quite good. I thought it would be grey day for me. How good is it if the feeling can continue sustain. Pray hard.....

Song for Today - 千年泪 - 原唱 - Tank




Great Night

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Second Update for Today

This is the second update for today. Well, looks like updating of blog has become a must daily activity for me. Hahaha. Hmmm, what about talk about my blog.....

Previously, during my university life, I am actually seldom update my blog. Why??? Perhaps, it's because of busy life, because of laziness, and because I only update it when there are memorable and happy story. But now came to K.L, the Earth of Golds has became the only place that I can shout out all my feelings and expressions. Whenever there were happy times or sad times, I will write down all in this blog. An update a day really makes my life comfortable. It should have became a task for me before I sleep. The blog is true and real as it shows all the true emotions about myself. I feel that my life is full with this blog.....

Nowadays, I think those who came consistently to my blog should be Kexin and Fuh Xiong only. Hehehe. I think there were not much readers visit my blog as compared to last time because there were no more comments. Hehehe. This might because previously when everyone were in University, we were all free but now all working already, so busy-ness might not allow us to do so. For example, my bro, Wei Loon seems like has stop blogging. Aha.....

Also, I like to share a song a day. The song that I first shared was 一生中最爱. It was so nice until I just can't don't share it. Hahaha. I love to share those songs which I think have a great lyrics and music. If you all realized, I will always paste the part of lyrics which I think is meaningful. Then I will add some own composed sentences to it. It might sound like very emotional but I just like to try and create some meaningful sentence. I will feel satisfy when I am able to create a meaningful sentence. Aha =)

I got the text book for CCP already. Started from tomorrow, I shall arrange my daily timetable as working, studying, drama and update blog. I think my life shall be full with these arrangement. Just hope that I can, for the best, make my life now just as similar in MMU. The previous life was just as simple as ABC =)

Just now have a dinner in KFC. Ordered a snack plate and cheesy wedges. Hahaha. Can't run away from the cheesy food whenever I walk into the restaurant. By the way, a simple dinner just now trigger my old memories when I had KFC dinner with Kap Siao Group. Miss them a lot.....

Tomorrow is Monday and I will have a job attachment in Head Office again. It's great because I can sleep longer. Hahaha. Anyway, all the best to all for the 5 weekdays started from tomorrow =)

Song for Today - 假如 - 原唱 - 信乐团



Great Cold Rain Night


Last night slept at around 3.30 a.m. Well, I can only hang until midnight during weekend. The session during midnight is somehow quiet, cold and provide a private area for me to have some thinkings. Sometimes think for future. Think about which state shall I apply for after finish my training, think about my financial plan after come out with a Honda City and perhaps think about the way to generate more money.....

I am not a person who see money as a crucial criteria in my life. But I realized that the world that I am living in now is a world stand on reality. The fact is that money can't buy everything. But without money, there are a lot of things that you can't buy. I never blamed that I was not born in a rich family. In fact, I feel lucky to born in the family because my parents try their best to fulfill whatever I need. Thanks to them.....

Many peoples think that expenses in K.L. is very huge. But I have stay here for a couple of months and my expenses for my shelter and foods are just about the same as I am in Melaka previously. It's just depend on how you use it. Whatever it is, I am trying my best to increase my net worth and I am trying on that with my own ability. I am not going to depend to my family or anyone. I am not going to be a Second Generation Joe. When I was small, my father has teach me that if you want to waste money, then you must have the ability to earn money. I agreed with that. Trust me, I am not going to let myself lose to money.....

Basically, today I am just staying at home. My god bro asked to join my god sis they all for a karaoke session but I feel like lazy to go. Actually, I did planned to watch a movie, Bruce Lee My Brother. But then, just feel like lazy to go out. Don't know why. Hahaha.....

Last night I have, for the very first time signed in to my old MSN after about 2 months. Just to get into to check my email and chat with some long lost friends. Got a chance to chat with Teck Kang. He is still the same, still like to hang on midnight. Hahaha. Just now have a chat with Ivan as well. From the conversation with both of them, I realized that MMU seems like became more worst. Heard that there were a lot of new policies created and add more burden to to the students. Some more, there are sexual harassment cases happened too. Therefore, for those female friends who are in MMU, whenever you all go, please don't be alone and try to get someone, especially guy to accompany.....

Just a simple update for me to spend my time. Hehehe. Gonna have a movie using my notebook. It's just great to lay on bed and watch a DVD accompanied by Rocky biscuit sticks =)

Song for Today - Wait for tonight's update. Hehehe =)

Saturday, November 27, 2010


Today have spent half day at outside. My god bro brought me out at 11 a.m. and then went to fetch his girlfriend, Yan Ni. Then we went to have brunch at Papa Rich. After that we headed to Times Square for the purpose of buying new lens for my god bro Nikon DSLR D90 and I would like to buy some shirts from G2000 as well.

Hang around in Times Square and I have a glass of bitter tea. Saw a lot of Christmas decoration at there. After that, a friend, Eizan came to join us because he know well about camera. Then we headed to Plaza Low Yat to spot for the lens. My god bro paid almost RM 1300 for new lens and wireless flash. Wow. Then we have a tea session at Old Town. Ooo yaa, I had an extremely nice white coffee at there. Don't know why the white coffee that I had previously was not as tasty as today's one. Hahahaha.....

There was a Korean food fair in Times Square. My god bro and I shared and bought a bottle of soya bean which costs about RM 12. Just heard that the soya bean was very tasty. So just want to have a try. But now still very full and it's kept inside the refrigerator. Hahaha. Also, I bought a canned Starbuck's coffee. It's from Korea and has a very nice designed can. I think I have fall in love with Starbucks =)

Afterward, we went to Pavillion because I would like to buy some formal attire in G2000. I got 2 long sleeves shirts. As what I had plan, one in light purple and another one in white. It's great. We actually planned to go to Fahrenheit to buy some shirts in Uniqlo. Heard that the shirts there were in nice cutting and very nice to wear but unfortunately, there was a time constraint. But no worries, there are still a lot of weekends coming in. By the way, I need to say that the Christmas decoration in Pavillion was awesome. It's just amazing and there was snowing scene for the decoration. It's just like real snowing. How great it is =)

We had our dinner at Sakae Sushi. I ordered a hot green tea and as usual, there were only 2 types of sushi that I had, which were Tuna Mayo and Egg Mayo. I don't really know how to taste Japanese foods but I am crazily into that 2 types of sushi.....

After the dinner, then was the journey of going back home. Reach home at about 10.30 p.m. Basically now, I am just online and make a simple daily update for my blog. Today is 27.11.2010, can't believe it reached so fast. Time flies, but can I fly??? I don't think I can. Hahaha. Maybe I shall request the help from Birds of Paradise. Hahaha =)

Song for Today - I have difficulty in assessing to Youtube because of slow internet connection. So tonight don't have song to share. Perhaps, tomorrow shall compensate for it =)

Great Night


So fast and it reached Friday again. Reflect back the time when Calix visit to K.L, it's already 1 week passed but it's just like yesterday. Hahaha. Well, last night was a sleep well night and I actually slept quite early. I think it's about 11.30 p.m.....

Today attended the last training conducted by Uncle. Again, today's class was full with funny things and laughing. Feel very comfortable in his class. Hope there is chance to meet him again during training in future =)

The stock Petro Chem listed in market today. During the afternoon closing, the stock closed at RM 5.47. The final closing price for today is RM 5.31. The movement is within my expectation. Looking forward for the stock price movement in next week.....

I didn't follow Wei Loon to go back Melaka this weekend because I did received a news from friends that G2000 got 50% promotion. So tomorrow going to shop for some shirts. I really like the G2000 formal attire. Just to say, it's good quality. Tomorrow plan to purchase 2 long sleeves shirts and most probably will purchase 1 in light purple and another 1 in white color. White color is to be wear during dinner in next week. Other than that, I am going to do some revision because the text books for CCP and Omega exam have reached. Just hope that I am able to get the 2 professional certificates, get an increment in salary and prepare for my future plan =)

Just now have a chicken rice dinner in The Mall. After that spend a lot of time in a DVD shop. Plan to look for some old movie but unfortunately, no one is attracting me. Hehehe.....

Today is a simple day. It's just just now experienced the very first time of the LRT's technical problem after 4 months here. The train move very slow and keep on stopping. It has wasted a lot of time. Whatever it is, just hope that public transport service can be improve to a better level.....

It actually reach Saturday already. Hmmm. As usual, may You enjoy, take care and most important be careful in everything. Blessing.....

Song for Today - 彩虹 - 原唱 - 五月天



Great Awake Night

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Great Rainy Night

Just came back from work. While waiting for my housemate to use the toilet, I shall utilize my time to make a simple update first. Hahaha. Last night I didn't take the coughing medicine but yet I still able to sleep well. Hahaha. Luckily I didn't keep on thinking about the stock.....

I actually have a conversation with my dad last night. It's regarding the investment into a stock named Petronas Chemical which will be listed in Bursa Malaysia tomorrow. The business is 69% owned by Petronas and I actually plan to bid the shares using RM 5.20 on tomorrow. I have did some analysis on the stock and I predicted that the stock, when listed tomorrow, shall surge to RM 5.80 in couple of weeks.....

However, when my dad heard about that, he revealed everything to me. He told me that we don't have the track performance of the company as the company will only be listed tomorrow. Also, the KLCI hit 1,500 points and therefore the stock is priced too high. In addition, my dad also told me that the paid up capital is too high which is RM 800 million. In short, he disagree on my plan.....

I believed that chance is only once. It will be listed on tomorrow and time is actually very important. I realized that the stock is priced too high but I believed that investor's confident will drive up the price. I have miss the chance of buying into MMHE and the price surged RM 0.70 in couple of weeks. I just don't want to miss the second chance.....

There is nothing I can do. A little bit disappointed with my analysis skill because I miss out the analysis which my dad revealed to me. However, even though we don't have the track performance, but I still think that investor's confident will surge up the price. Whatever it is, let wait and see whether my prediction come true or not.....

My dad said I was too rush and desperate into stock investment. Well, I admitted that. Last time, I thought that he is the one who are desperate and can't believe that now myself fall. Hahaha. I just don't want to keep my money in the bank which provide low interest rate. I want my money to grow faster. It is good to have such thinking??? I don't know.....

Luckily last night didn't keep on thinking about which stocks to invest until can't fall asleep. But just now during lunch break keep on reading The Edge to spot some potential stocks. Hopefully, luck will be with me always =)

Today still continue on the loan recovery class conducted by Uncle. Uncle's class is always interesting. I actually hate to study law after the business law subject in MMU. But yet, now I am interested with Uncle's class because his class is full of funny things and he actually make us easy to understand the subject rather than just memorize them. Thanks Uncle =)

Wondering whether I should follow Wei Loon go back Melaka or not this weekend. Because previously promised my god bro to go search for some new shirts. Perhaps, I shall think about it tonight.....

Song for Today - Already familiar with sharing song during night time. Now is still early. See if later I have another update, then I will share. Hehehe =)

Great Rainy Night

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Everything Revealed

Last night was not a sleep well night. Laid on the bed, brain can't stop thinking again. Haizzz, kinda worry that the long lost insomnia going to visit me again. In fact, I should have already recover. Don't know why this few days got so much things to think.....

Today learnt about loan recovery. Lectured by a very professional lawyer who has teach me before. We called him Uncle. Uncle's class is always interesting. It's not only about the training topic but also a lot of matter related to life. Uncle tend to teach us a correct way to behave in our life. Really enjoy his class.....

Just after the tea break session, he raised a question to me. He asked me why I would choose to stay in K.L rather than K.T. In K.T, the cost of living is much more lower compared to K.L. Some more, I no need to wake up early and no need to experience a hectic traffic and the unfriendly citizen. The answer that I gave to him is there are more opportunities here. Then he told me, that's just an excuse.....

Then he explained to us that most of the youngster tend to choose K.L because of a colorful life here. The city life is enjoyable compared to life in the so called kampung life. After all, he asked me again the reason that I choose K.L rather than K.T and requested me to give him a compelling reason. Then I told him that K.T life is too slow, I would like to stay in K.L and take some experience first. I will go back K.T, but not now. It's maybe a couple of years later.....

Then Uncle feel satisfied with my answer and he actually praised me for that answer. I don't know why. It might because he thinks that I am honest enough. However, I am not. Both reasons that I gave were just excuses. Those who know me for sure will know that I hate K.L but yet I still fall on K.L now and will be bonded for 2 years. S what is the real reason behind the scene???

Still remember the time when I attended few interview sessions. There were 2 banks approved my application. Bank A, which is the bank I worked for now offered me a vacancy in K.L. and Bank B offered me a vacancy in Kelantan. Kelantan is very near with K.T and my parents and most of my friends actually suggest me to work there because Bank B has well reputation and salary offered by both banks were not much different. However, I don't really consider much that time because there is a strong factor motivated me to go K.L. I am not going to say what is the factor now. Perhaps, in future I will say it out. Someone who know about this asked me whether I have regretted or not. The answer is, I don't know.....

Something happen just now. A conversation with someone reveal something. I wish my stupid and stubborn can stop but yet, they just don't want to. Haizzz, there is nothing I can do. Anyhow, most probably tonight will be a completely sleepless night for me. I shall go and have the coughing medicine now to put me in sleep....

Song for Today - 你要的不是我 - 原唱 - 林俊杰



Great Sleepless Night

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Yesterday or Today

Today was indeed the most tired day for me in this few weeks. I did sleep well last night. Straight away fall asleep after laid on the bed but don't know why today, after woke up feel so tired. Perhaps, it's due to insufficient sleeping hours because last night slept quite late.....

We continue the grooming training for today. Today I have learnt about how to match tie with shirts, what attire considered as professional attire, every single corner about a shirts, dining's manner, how to introduced customers to boss, how to exchange business cards with others, how to be gentle to girlfriend and everything about etiquette. Girls also learnt about few ways to tie their hair. I would really thanks to Ms. Wendy, she was really professional and conducted a good class =)

Just now have a alone-dinner in Pudu again. Don't know why, I just like the pork meat porridge. While waiting for my porridge, I saw the next table having some Si Ham and La La. All of a sudden, I called the waiter and ordered a plate of steam Si Ham. I also have a glass of bitter tea. Well, a simple pork porridge, a plate of steam Si Ham and a glass of bitter tea have really trigger my past memories again. Haizzz, for now, everything are just memories. Please don't say that I always like to thinking about the past and don't willing to look into future. I think it's normal for a person to reflect back his old times while having dinner alone especially when the location and foods were just as similar as what in the past. Anyhow, again, it's just memories.....

My mom just called me just now. I told her that I will come out with my own car in next year, probably about February or March. Plan to come out with a Honda City. I think I shall be affordable. May my wish can come true. Sometimes will wondering, what if I have come out with a car when I was first in K.L??? Is yesterday still yesterday??? Or it will still remains today??? Don't know. Just a simply thinking. When I get my car, the first state that I am going to visit with my car for sure is Malacca. Going to Nadeje Patisserie, MBO Cinema, eat Si Ham, 886 Restaurant, Capitol Satay Celup, Go Go Karaoke, More Cafe and so forth. Just wait.....

Song for Today - Now That She's Gone - 原唱 - 林俊杰

I Don't Know How To Be Strong
When My Love Has To Move On
I Am A Song Without A Soul
Now That She's Gone
What's Left of Us is This Song

She's Gone
But He's Still There

Great Night

Monday, November 22, 2010


Hmmm, today was a tired day for me. Last night don't really have a sleep well night. Can't straight away fall asleep as usual after I lay on bed because brain keep on thinking of something. But luckily I still can sleep after about 1 hour "too much thinking". Therefore, today feel quite tired.....

Today was a grooming training. Basically, it trains you how to keep a good appearance, from your hair until your leg nail. It also trains on how to keep a professional look and how to make yourself look attractive. Hahaha. The bank pay a high charge for the training. Imagined that charge for 1 participant was RM 750 per day. Tomorrow still have another day, so the costs incurred was RM 1500 per participant and for your information, there were 15 of us participated.....

The class was really fun. During the morning session, we learn about the way to preserve a professional look, attire's color matching, face shape, hair style, height measurement, body measurement and so forth. Trainer told us that shirt with sexy colors for guys were pink and purple. Hahaha, perhaps I shall buy a purple color shirt next week in G2000. Also, I am glad that I have a perfect height for my body's height whereby the measurement was separated into 4 parts. By the way, I was caught with my long finger nail. Hahaha. When the trainer grab on my hand, I straight away pull my hand and put inside my ticket. It was so funny =)

During the evening session, girls learnt how to make up while boys learnt on how to take care of their face skin. Boys were teach 5 steps to take care of their face. This included washing with facial form, scrubbing, masking, toner and moisturizer. There were a lot of things learnt but I just can't elaborate all in details here. Looking forward for tomorrow's session =)

Basically, that's all for today's simple update. I miss Muar's foods very much. Currently thinking of following a friend back Muar in this coming weekend. If really got go back, then might call Calix for meet. Perhaps can meet with Uncle and Aunty Pang, Aminah and Ribena. Hahaha, just miss the time when I am visiting Muar =)

Song for Today - 很想你 - 原唱 - 张智成


I Miss You So Much

Great Night

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Not Me

Hello to all. Well, the whole day was having an outgoing session with Calix and Chloe. Today we went to Sunway Pyramid and I reached there about 1 p.m. We went to watch a movie called Skyline. A movie about the earth attacked by creatures from other planet. By the way, the movie was not nice.....

After the movie, we went to Redbox for a karaoke session. Wow, it has been such a long time that I didn't singing with them. It was such a great karaoke session and I have a nice duet with Calix. Hehe, my backup vocalist skill has improved a lot. Thank to the Animangaki gig last time. After that, Yao Nong came to joined us for the singing session. Quite a lot of funny things happened inside the room 53. Anyway, Redbox's service was not really good and the food tasted not good also. Somemore, the price charged was so expensive.....

At about 7.30 p.m, 4 of us have our dinner at a medium class mamak shop. Hahaha. Have a nice chatting session with Calix and the gang. It's just a simple dinner session. After all, the words "Goodbye and Take Care" arise in Sunway Pyramid. Special thanks to Yao Nong for fetched me to LRT Station......

Calix will be going back to Batu Pahat tomorrow. May he drive carefully and wish him all the best in his career. Same to Yao Nong. All the best for Chloe also for her study. Just helped Sharon to make some gadgets for her online store. Hahaha. Just some simple stuffs and hopefully that can help her.....

Tomorrow is Monday. He should have drive safely and You should have reach safely. Congratulation and all the best for the upcoming activities.....

Song for Today - 无眠 - 原唱 - 稣打绿




Great Night

The 123th Post

Just back from a simple gathering with Calix and Chloe. Well, it's really an enjoyable night. I reached earlier to Mid Valley. While waiting for the couple, I went to buy ticket for Unstoppable.....

After that, I walked into a CD shop. Saw Olivia Ong's new released album, Just For You. The album makes me thinking of something. Shall it become a Christmas gift for someone??? Hmmm, don't know. After that, I accidentally saw a bridal photography fair at the same floor as cinema. Just when I am about to walk inside, Calix shouted my name. Hahaha. Also, needless to say, my best buddy, Calix for sure will interested towards the fair also. Hahaha. So, 3 of us headed into the fair =)

The bridal photography fair was huge enough. There were a lot of Taiwan companies which alliance with local companies participated in the fair. There were a lot of funny things happened inside the fair. The couple has became a market target and was keep on interview by those promoters. Some funny things happened included that promoter said if Calix and me become couple, then both of us also can take a bridal photograph and they will try suit customers' needs. Also, there was promoter said Calix and me looks like brother and our face look same. Hahaha. Well, may the couple faster faster get married =)

The promoters there were so scary. Hehe. Without wasting time, we go out from the fair and went to McD for some simple food because dinner will be taken after Unstoppable. After 30 minutes in McD, then start the Unstoppable tour. Wow, that was really an amazing movie. It makes me feel so nervous. Feel so touch with the bravery of the 2 heroes =)

Finished the movie at 9 p.m. Then I successfully complete my mission, which is to brought the couple to Chili's Grill and Bar Restaurant. Hahaha. I ordered a Crispy Honey Chipotle Chicken Crispers, Calix ordered a Flame Grilled Ribeye Steak with 50% cooked while Chloe ordered a Grilled Chicken with Mushroom. Feel great that I have an opportunity to taste a nice food with the couple. Ooo yaa, I shall dedicate all the nice foods to you. May you, the one who loves nice foods will have the chance to taste great foods in your place as well =)

During the dinner, we chat about a long lost friend, Sharon. Hahaha. Chloe told me that the girl need help for her assignment, which is to build an online store using Blogspot. Then they asked me to help her. Hahaha. I don't dare to say I am a Blogspot professional, but if I can help, for sure I will help. Just realized that I don't even have her MSN. But already requested from Calix and add her already. Started to thinking of many long lost friends after leave MMU. Perhaps, it's time to re-contact with them.....

After the dinner, an unfortunate thing happened. Guess what??? Chloe lost her hand phone again. She dropped it in the cinema. But luckily, before we left Mid Valley, we realized about that and rushed to cinema and asked the workers to checked for us. Luckily, there was a cleaner found the phone and the honest cleaner handled it to office. So, Chloe was lucky enough to got back her phone. Hahaha. Sometimes, I wondering am I bring the bad luck??? Because last time when I visit Batu Pahat, she lost her phone and this time when 3 of us gathered again, she dropped her phone. Hahaha. Chloe, remembered to take this as lesson, if not I really don't dare to gather with you two already because I am afraid that I bring bad luck. Hahahaha, kidding la =)

After got the phone, Calix fetch me back to home. But it's too bad that I can't recognize the road because every time go out also use LRT. We have lost in our way and that reflected back the time when we visited to Da Vinci's Exhibition. Hahaha. Feel so sorry to Calix and Chloe, both of you must be tired enough. May you 2 rest well and see you tomorrow.....

Song for Today - It's Real - Singer - Olivia Ong

Dedicated All the Happiness
Just For You

Great Night

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Take + Care = Take Care

10.30 a.m. I have just wake up. Already sleep for 7 hours and wake up automatically. I think it would be enough for me. Blogging at such a great morning. Well, looks like I have become more and more dependent on this Earth of Golds as a place to voice out my every single thinking.....
Last night was indeed a sleep well night. I just receive a call from Calix saying that our activities will start at night because Chloe got meeting until evening. Hahaha. No worries, perhaps tomorrow still can meet. So what activities to do for tonight??? Dinner??? Unstoppable??? Karaoke??? Don't know. Never mind, just wait and see =)

Last night chat with Lian Jie. She was the only one who still awake on 3 a.m. in my new MSN list. She seems like used to alone most of the time. Hmmm, it's normal to be alone in K.L. Even there were close friends here but every one looks like busy with their work and every one seems to stay far away from each other. Sometimes, it's just hard to meet. Whatever it is, may every one of us stay healthy and happy always. Take care =)

Currently, I am thinking how to make my money never sleep. I would like to accumulate a lot of capital in order to start my investment. I want to earn more and more money. I want to hold a lot of cash and come out with a car. Realizing the statement - cash is king and car is queen, I would have perform better if I have a car since early. Hmmm, whatever it is, just hope that I still have the chance to perform and for sure I will perform better when I have all the resources. Hahaha.....

By the way, it's Saturday again. Weekend really serve very fast. May He take good care of you and You yourself take good care of your own self too. Be the true own self and most important, be careful in everything. Blessing from Birds of Paradise.....

Song for Today - Hmmm, I think wait for tonight. I shall update my blog on tonight after back from the gathering. Tonight just figure out with song complement my feeling =)

Take care, enjoy and appreciate the lovely weekend =)


Rational Thinking

Today was a fucking bad luck day. I failed to join Calix and Chloe for the luxury dinner. What the fuck. What is the reason contributed to these rude words??? It's because of an exam.....

Today is Friday and the working hour is only until 4.45 p.m. So I actually plan to take LRT to Kelana Jaya and then take a bus to Sunway Pyramid to meet with them. If according to my plan, I shall reach before 7 p.m. in which the dinner start. However at around 4.30 p.m. the trainer gave an examination and the exam paper consisted of 60 MCQ. Finished the paper at 5.30 p.m. and because of the fucking traffic jam, I reach Kelana Jaya at 7.10 p.m. Plan to take a cab and rush to the University, but the fucking taxi driver want to charge me RM 25. For sure I am not going to pay for that fucking price. Realizing that I have already late and late comers are not allowed to join the dinner, so I just wait for the bus.....

Reached Taylor University at 8 p.m. and that time, Calix them already had their dinner. So, I just walked into Wong Kok Restaurant to have my dinner. Ordered a cheese baked rice to cool down my temperature. Calix came to the restaurant at 9 p.m. Feel very happy to see him. I think the last time saw him should be during my trip to Batu Pahat.....

I already knew that it would be a hard journey for me to reach Taylor University because it was so far from my house. But still I go on with my plan because now everyone was separate with each other pursuing their own dream, so I would really like to keep the friendship going on. I have a deal with Calix last time where I promised that I will go to BP when I free and he will come to KL too when he free. Great =)

Tomorrow going to have an outgoing session with him. Going to watch Unstoppable. Luckily he still didn't watch it, if not I really don't know who can accompany me for that movie. Hahaha. Some more, there is not much movie recently. Looking forward for tomorrow.....

Really thanks Chloe for her advise and concern. Don't worry, I am fine. I can sleep well for every night now. Many friends asked me why I have off the MSN and off the Facebook. Actually the reason I did that is because I don't want myself to commit any irrational action anymore. Irrational action is really not a good thing because it can hurt yourself and hurt the other. Therefore, you all should congratulate me for learning to become a rational person. Am I right??? Whatever I wrote here, there is no other special meaning. Not to gain sympathy and not to show anything. KL is so big but this is the only place that I can voice out my feeling. Perhaps, the one who know me will know.....

Song for Today - 你不知道的事 - 原唱 - 王力宏



A Cold Rain Night
A Sleep Well Night

Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Long Longing

Sharp 11 p.m. It's time to make a daily update for this Earth of Golds. Well, today is the first day went back to Bangi Training Center. Have a full buffet lunch in the center. Ooo yaa, finally today I have received a confirmation as the permanent staff for the bank. In other words, I have passed my 3 months probation period. Thank You =)

My sore throat, flu and cough still not yet recover. The medicine that the doctor gave to me were strong enough. I shall thank to the doctor also because of the medicine effect, I can really sleep well every night. In fact, I have no longer experience insomnia for a long time already. Buddha's lesson was really correct. Human encounter varieties of fears and stresses frequently, it's either you choose to accept the fears or avoid to face the fears. If we choose to avoid, then our life will full with worries. However, if we learn to accept all the fears and stresses with an open heart, then we shall live without fears and worries. Although thing has happened as opposed to what I wish, but now I have chosen to accept it with open heart and I think this is the reason for me to get off from insomnia. Blessing.....

Just now have dinner at Pudu again. It was a heavy raining night but yet I still go on. Sit beside a road and tasted a hot pork meat bihun in a cold rain night. It's really an enjoyment for me. Too bad the porridge stall does not open, if not I think my enjoyment will be double. Ahaha. Even though that's a lonely dinner night, but yet I got another warm feeling. Thank You.....

Tonight going to sleep early so that tomorrow can faster faster come. Really can't wait to gather with my best friends in Taylor University tomorrow. Chloe just now text me and told me that tomorrow dinner have to wear long pant and shoes. Hahaha, I will go after finish work tomorrow, don't worry, I will go with formal attire. If not enough, I can wear tie and if not enough again, I wear blazer. Ahaha. Hopefully, tomorrow will be an enjoyable night for us. Also, hopefully tomorrow's dinner will be full with luxury food and then I shall dedicate those nice foods to you. Blessing.....

Tomorrow is Friday. So may He drive carefully and You reach safely. May He joke funny and You laugh loudly. Blessing again.....

Song for Today - 除此之外 - 原唱 - 范逸臣

And If You Need Somebody

You Need Somebody
But That's Not Me

~~~It's Alright. I Am Fine In The Beach~~~

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Walk Into Another Wind Scene

Basically, today is a gathering day or perhaps I shall say, a small gathering day because the gathering only comprised of me, Lian Jie, Big Wei Loon and Small Wei Loon. We meet at KLCC on 12.30 p.m. Because many are not taking breakfast, so for sure the first thing to do is search for food. Lian Jie suggested to go to Kim Gary. However, we were not not able to find Kim Gary. Then we end up having our lunch at Little Taiwan.....

I have never been to Little Taiwan and I don't really have a good impression towards the restaurant because have heard a lot of complaints regarding their foods. But because everyone was so hungry, then no choice. Nothing much to talk about the food because I just ordered a salted fried chicken chop rice. So so lo.....

Not much activity have been done for today because KLCC is full with high end shops. We were just strolling around, act as high class peoples and go inside LV shop. Hahaha. Have a drinking session, Haagen Dazs session, and we had our dinner in Pizza Hut.....

Well, talk about Pizza Hut. Today is my second time tried on the new pizza which comprised of 6 different cheeses. Hmmm, it's actually normal only and don't really reach my expectation. Hahaha. Or is it my expectation too high??? Don't know. Small Wei Loon was so shocked when see my pattern of eating cheese. But the rest of 2 were already familiar with my pattern of open the cheese powder bottle's cover and topped them on my mushroom soup and pizzas. Hahaha.....

Today's pizza session makes me reflect back the time when I have pizza with Calix and gang, he knew that I love cheese very much and purposely ask for additional cheese. So good. Calix, I am waiting to meet you in this Friday. Can't wait to enjoy the great dinner in Sunway University. If got chance, I bring you go eat Domino's Pizza. It's the best pizza for me. Perhaps, I can bring you to Chili's also. The western food there was really my preference =)

Basically, that's all for this simple day. Waiting for December to have a big big gathering with University's gang. Tomorrow going back to Bangi for classroom training. All the best to me. Ooo yaa, have you laugh happily for this simple day??? I wish you have and for sure, you have . Aha.....

Song for Today - 可惜不是你 - 原唱 - 梁静茹



A Medicine Effect Night
A Sleep Well Night

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Love In Silence

Hi there. Today is my last day attachment for Business Center in Head Office. Kinda happy because I can escape from all those CAs. I would really like to thanks Ms. Lam and Ms. Teo for their relent guidance. The morning session for today was a conclusion briefing conducted by Ms. Lam. Honestly speaking, I feel extremely lucky to be attached under her supervision because she was really a good superior and so do Ms. Teo. Hopefully, I can remember the lesson that both of you have provided to me and can apply them in future =)

Just now have a nice lunch session with colleagues. We went to eat steam fish head. Hahaha, quite a long time didn't taste fish dishes already. Feel happy for the lunch because the fish dishes were so fresh and cheap. Ooo yaa, just now went to clinic to see doctor. OMG, just realized that I have fever. However, the most shocking thing is that the medical expenses was RM 89. Hmmm, luckily the bank pay for me.....

Finished my work on 5.45 p.m. and very happy because I did received a call from Calix. He asked me whether I am free for this weekend because he plan to come to KL. Needless to say, for sure I am free. Even there is any appointment, I will also reject it because you are my first priority. Just when I am writing this, Chloe called me. OMG, so gham. Conclusion is, I will meet Calix and Chloe on Friday and Chloe going to bring us to her campus for a great great free dinner. Yeah, I am waiting =)

Have a great dinner with small Wei Loon just now. We have our dinner at Pudu, sitting beside a road which full of food stalls. Tasted an extremely nice pork meat porridge. Ohhh God, it was so tasty. Having a hot porridge beside a roadside during a cold rain night. That's really an enjoyment =)

Basically, that's all for today. Tomorrow is holiday, as usual, may He drive carefully and You reach safely. May He spent imprudently and You enjoy happily. Hahaha. Enjoy, have fun and take care.....

Song for Today - 一直很安静 - 原唱 - 阿桑



~~~Love In Silence~~~

Monday, November 15, 2010

Ending + Less = Endingless

Well, my sore throat has became serious, came together with a little running nose and now I expect that tomorrow will start coughing. Hmmm, luckily my head office got a clinic, so tomorrow have to go see doctor again. Haizzz, this year really sick a lot. Still remember the most serious coughing time was during CNY that time.....

Nothing special for today, basically just rush for the last CAs because tomorrow is the deadline. Recently, I always have dreams while sleeping. Hmmm, actually we used to have dreams while we were sleeping, it's just when we woke up, we tend to forgot about the dream and then assume that we don't dream anything. So, shall I say, recently I always remember my dreams after I woke up??? Hahaha. It's great that I have dream because I used to be a dreamer. Hahaha, dream provides me an opportunity to meet with someone far away from me. So I shall thank to Dream. See if tomorrow morning when I wake up, if I remember my dream, then I think I shall write it down and perhaps share at here =)

Ooo yaa, before I forget, just now read through an article in a magazine. So would like to give some advise to all my female friends. To be straight forward, girls, whenever you have sex with your boyfriend, if your counterpart request to record down or take photo while both of you are doing, remember not to agree for whatever reason. It might be hard to reject the request especially when you love him so much, but not matter how, you still need to get a reason to reject. From the article, it mentioned that, when your boyfriend request for record down the activity, he might provide a reason that "I want to keep this as a memory", then please answer him "Hey, sweetie, no need to record down, don't worry, we still can do it next time whenever you want". Hahaha. It sound like a joke, but it's worth to take note on that.....

Girls, when you read this, you might want to say "Kim Thor, you thought we so stupid meh??? You thought we were born yesterday meh??? Of course we won't allow our boyfriend to record down." But before you say these sentences, I would rather advise you to think about Edison Chen's case, then you will noticed that there were really many girls that don't have rational thinking especially when they fall so deep. Whatever it is, I am just sharing out what I read and what I think is correct.....

My God Bro just told me that the tour to Singapore has been changed to 30th of December. They purposely change the date because of me and I was so happy. Hahaha. Therefore, I will countdown for the new year in Singapore. Glad, glad and glad.....

By the way, allow me to shout out loud here - I miss the phone ringing sound from my laptop. Still remember it started to rang on April. Now, I can no longer listen to the sound. It won't rang again but yet, I still wish to listen to that sound again. Perhaps, I shall wish that the sound ring in my dream tonight. Hahaha, Blessing.....

Song for Today - 煎熬 - 原唱 - 孙协志&王心凌



~~~晚安啦, 男人~~~

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Hi, Happy Sunday and Sunday Happy to all. Well, I have came back from Genting last night. There were only Wei Loon and me went up to that memorable place. Yi Han was unable to join because of fever. May he recover soon.....

Actually, it's just a very short 1 day tour. Guess which place we went when we reach Genting??? Hahaha, it's Genting Starbucks. Hmmm, don't know why I love Genting Starbucks so much. Every time when to Genting, I sure can't run away from Starbucks. Drinking the same Hot Chocolate, sitting on the same seat, reflect back the time when they were smoking there, reflect back the time when there were peoples fighting over the taxi stop and reflect back the time when polices came and caught the fighters. It's just memories. I saw few Starbucks water bottle with Christmas theme. They look so nice and all of a sudden, they trigger my intention to buy and gift it to you. But then, I hang a while and realized that perhaps there is no such need. Why??? I also don't know. Maybe it might looks nice to me but not to you. Who knows.....

Basically, we were just strolling around, hang around inside the casino, have a simple looks inside G2000, Padini and etc. All the ways, a lot of things appeared in my mind. Again, I told myself, it's just memories. Hmmm, I think I shall just keep it up in my mind and whenever I visit to Genting, then I will recall it out and re-taste back the memories, perhaps this is just nice.....

Today is Sunday but I have to stay at home to read and analyze the CAs because tomorrow got meeting. Hmmm, I am waiting for Tuesday, the last day for my attachment in BC. 2 more days to go, patient and patient.....

Ooo yaa. May He drive carefully and You reach safely.Enjoy, take care and great luck. Haizzz, Kim Thor always write the same sentence. Beh Sien meh??? Hahaha, it's just a 8 words sentence, so I don't easily feel sien. To compare, I think reading CAs is more sien. Aha.....

Song for Today - Tears - Singer - X-Japan

Loneliness, Your Silent Whisper
Fills a River of Tears Through the Night
Memory, You Never Let Me Cry
And You, You Never Say Goodbye
Sometimes Our Tears Blinded the Love
We Lost Our Dream Along the Way
But I Never Thought You'd Trade Your Soul to the Fates
Never Thought You'd Leave Me Alone
Dry Your Tears With Love

Whatever Things Happen
Remember that You Can Dry Your Tears With His Love
Hmmm, but What If He is the One Who Makes You Tears???
I Hope He Don't and I Think He Won't

Great Raining Day

Friday, November 12, 2010


Finally Friday has came. I actually love Friday very much because of a shorter working hours. But the most important point is that it is the day before weekend where I can sleep very late and find back the feeling of staying awake during midnight. Great =)

Today was quite busy. Needless to say, I am rushing for CAs again. Today feeling not very well because of sore throat. It was perhaps caused by the 2 heaty McD Spicy Fried Chickens where I had 2 days ago. Hmmm.....

Just now have a dinner session with Wei Loon in Pavillion's Wong Kok Restaurant. Can't believe that I, the one who was having sore throat have ordered a sizzling chicken chop set. It looks so nice and I just can't resist it. Therefore, most probably tomorrow my sore throat is going to be serious. Haizzz, may I recover soon. The one who don't know how to take care of himself now can only pray hard.....

Ooo yaa, last night have an opportunity to saw you in my dream. I was sleeping and I actually conscious that it was just a dream. However, the dream just don't last longer, just after a while I saw you in my dream, my alarm clock break the dream that I have long for every time when I want to sleep. I press on the stop button and then continue to sleep because I wish that I can proceed with the dream. Hmmm, it was such an innocent thinking and needless to say, my wish don't come true. But luckily, I didn't late to office today. Aha.....

So fast, it comes to Friday. As usual, may He drive carefully and You reach safely. Tomorrow morning will be headed to Genting with Wei Loon and Yi Han. May the bus driver drive carefully and we reach safely too. May everything going smooth for tomorrow's Searching Old Memories Tour. Blessing.....

Song for Today - Two is Better than One - Singer - Boys Like Girls feat. Taylor Swift

Maybe It's True that I Can't Live Without You
Maybe Two Is Better Than One
There's So Much Time
To Figure Out the Rest of My Life
That You Thought That It Got Me Coming Undone
I am Thinking Two Is Better Than One

Can I Live Without You???
Yes. I Definitely Can. Just Like Now.....
But I am Living Deadly.....

Great Night

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Good Day, Bad Day

Today is such a bad day and good day for me. As I mentioned yesterday, I have presented the CAs which I did personally to my superior today. Well, I have really did a lot of mistakes and I found out that I don't really fully understand about the case. During the end of working hour, another superior come and ask us about our case. When he ask me how much is my case's loan amount, I can't even answer him. Can't believe that I have forgotten the total loan amount of my case. I really can't believe this. Looks like the Kim Thor who always got first class during his university life has totally lost his way. I don't really know what had happened to me. Hmmm, by the way, the good thing for today is I have really learnt a lot about CA. My CA writing skill should have improve to another level.....

Today stay in office until 7.30 p.m. because of reading some CAs. I would really like to get a distinction in my career life. I want to earn more money, then come out with my own car, perhaps a Honda City, stay in K.L, a city which is near to the states that I prefer, perhaps Melaka. This is all what I have planned since early. So far, I think my plan should be able to run as smooth as I plan. The only thing that have deviated from my earlier plan is..........

Going to start my investment plan soon so that my money can never sleep. Wish me all the best =)

Going to Genting again this Saturday with Wei Loon and Yi Han. Again, I wish to find back some wonderful memories which I have left there. Blessing.....

Tomorrow shall have McD breakfast because it will be a busy day for me. Need to go Shah Alam for site visit. May I learn some thing new again.....

Song for Today - 害怕 - 原唱者 - 林俊杰


~~~It's Just Don't Want to Stop~~~

Luckily, He is There. Really Lucky Enough
Great Night
Blessing and Blessing

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fields of Gold

Finally, today I have completed and submitted my CAs. It's my first CAs that I have done individually. Quite happy and feel satisfied. However, tomorrow my CAs are going to be commented by my supervisor, or shall I say to be shoot by supervisor??? Hahaha, whatever it is, my supervisor is very friendly and kind, even if I get shoot, I think that is for my own good and I believe I will learn more. Motivated =)

Just now have a dinner with Big Wei Loon and Yi Han. It's a long journey for our dinner session. Hahaha, thanks Wei Loon for the dinner.....

Last night sleep on 11.30 p.m. The feeling was so great and I feel so fresh for today. By the way, I still prefer the feeling of hanging until midnight, woke up late and then enjoy a wonderful evening sleep. Hmmm, I think this thing can only happen during weekend. So, just be patient and wait =)

Well, I accidentally saw it today and I know what it means. I feel glad that I have the ability of knowing. Can I know what will happen after 6 months??? I wish I do. Hahaha. By the way, shall I say congratulation??? For sure, yes because I am not a selfish person and I am generous enough. Blessing, blessing and blessing.....

Song for Today - Fields of Gold - Singer - Eva Cassidy


Will You Stay With Me
Will You Be My Love
Among The Fields of Barley
And You Can Tell The Sun In His Jealous Sky
When We Walked in Fields of Gold

Do You Willing To Walk into My Fields of Gold???
Because There Are Some Other Fields of Gold Which Are Much More Better.....
Well, I Understand.....

So, just leave me alone in my Fields of Gold.....
Perhaps, it's enough for me to see you in my Dream of Gold.....

Great Night

Monday, November 8, 2010

Letter From Heart

Hohoho, today was a very busy and tired day. Yesterday have insufficient sleep because sleep too late. However, it was a sleep well night. Hahaha. The reason that I sleep late was because I would like to find back the feeling of hang in mid-night. Some more, the 3 days holiday already makes me addicted to mid-night =)

Today was so busy because of rushing for my CA. It's yet to complete and therefore, tomorrow will be another journey. Thanks for those who willing to teach me in doing CA. Just now work until 8 p.m. Well, I actually love this type of busy life as it makes me concentrate on only 1 thing =)

Yesterday have a meet with Wei Loon. Thanks to his Pure Honey and Jambu Air. Take care during your audit tour to Kota Tinggi. Next week might follow him to go back Melaka. Waiting for the tour where I am going to find back my memory.....

Yesterday got a chance to chat with one friend. Accidentally heard about your news. Glad to hear that you are doing well over there. May you continue be your own self, be the one who always true to yourself as what you said before. By the way, this is only my subjective perception, Blessing.....

I am tired enough. So it's time to sleep before I continue my journey tomorrow.....

Song for Today - 起床 - 原唱者 - 品冠


Did You Receive A Letter from My Heart???

Sunday, November 7, 2010

The 111th Post

Hi. It's 1a.m. now and I have been quit a long time didn't stay awake at this hour. Working life has forced me to sleep on 11.30a.m. because my minimum sleeping time is still the same, 7 hours. Quite a long time didn't stay till midnight. Thanks to weekend.....

Well, basically I stayed in my room for the whole day except the time when I went to have dinner with Gary. I am supposed to have a plan to meet Lim Hwa but the plan was cancelled because Lim Hwa said want to wait for more peoples in next week. So today I just stay in my room, have my Mamee and series of Drama. Ooo yaa, just realized that Mamee was sold in Australia and Singapore Healthy School Canteen. Is it a healthy food??? Perhaps yes.....

My friend asked me why I have been inactive for FB and MSN for such a long period. Well, thinking back, I think almost 2 months I didn't activate these social networkings. It's just 2 days ago did commented some important messages to my friend. Also so long already, perhaps it's needless to activate already because already familiar with the life without FB. I did opened a new MSN, but I was just lazy to export my old contacts to there. So.....by the way, whatever it is, let it be.....

Ooo yaa, it comes to Sunday. Again, may He drive carefully and You reach safely. Enjoy and blessing. May I reach safely to Genting as well for tomorrow.....

Today not going to share a song. But would like to share a movie. It's an old Hong Kong movie, Love Generation Hong Kong 1998 or 香港新恋爱世纪. Starring by Leon Lai, Carina Lau, Shu Qi, Lee Ann and so forth. The first time I watched the movie was during my Form 1.

The movie might appeared to be boring for many peoples, but I love that movie very much. For me, it brought out something so special and it change my thinking for my life since Form 1. I have watched for over 30 times already. Can't believe right??? I also can't believe until I realized that I am able to memorize all the dialog in the movie.....

I found it on Youtube. Here's the link.....


If you guys want to watch, click on the link and try to find all continuous parts. However, I will suggest you go Download or use PPS. It's more faster.....

Looking forward to find another movie that I like, Feel 100% or 百分百感觉 starred by Ekin Cheng, Sammi Cheng and Gigi Leung. Used to watch it during my Form 1 too. Try to get the original VCD, but I couldn't.....

Good Night

Friday, November 5, 2010


Happy holiday to all. It was so great to have Friday as holiday because recently I was busy with some matters. Today's holiday really give me a chance to settle all the matters. Ooo yaa, take this chance to apologize to Cin Lo because didn't join the karaoke session as I promised. Just now feel so tired after wake up and feel so lazy to go to 1 Utama because the venue is too far for me. Hehehe, sorry yaa =)

By the way, just now I did call Lim Hwa and ask for an outgoing session for tomorrow. Still in planning and waiting for the reply from all. Anyway, if there is nobody want to join, I think Lim Hwa and me will still proceed with our plan even it's only 2 peoples. Ahaha.....

Just right after I finish discuss with Lim Hwa, then received a call from Jason asking me to join for a one day tour to Genting tomorrow. I was so happy to hear that and needless to say, I straight away promised without further consideration. Hehehe. Well, after the call, all of a sudden, the name Genting appeared in mind and then I straight away go to open the photo album folder and look for all the photos that were taken in Genting.....

Genting was such a memorable place for me. I went there 3 times within this year. First time with IB gang, second time with Banking gang and third time with K.T. gang. It was so miracle that I went there during my most unhappy time and the most happy time. There were so many many many unforgettable memories kept in that place. When I visit the place during my most unhappy period, I turned up to be happy and when I visit the place during my most happy period, I turned up to be more happy and the happiness exceeded the maximum. Hahaha.

Peoples always thought that I love Genting because I love gambling. Although I entered into Casino each time when I went to Genting but honestly said, that is not my main purpose of going there. I also don't know I love Genting so much. Perhaps it is because that place has kept so much of my unforgettable memories. So, I am looking forward to find back all the memories during this Sunday tour =)

Below are some sharing of the previous photos:


I Love This Picture So Much


I Love This Picture Too


Hot Steamboat in the Cold Genting

Hopefully all the plans for this weekend going as smooth as planned. Next week might follow Wei Loon to go back Melaka to find back some memories as well. Then the next next week might follow another group of friends to Cameron Highlands. The next next next week I plan to ask Lim Hwa go to Ipoh. Blessing yaa =)

That's all for today. I shall enjoy my drama first before start to settle my assignment. See You!!!

Song for Today - Fly Me To The Moon - Singer - Olivia Ong


Fill My Heart with Song
And Let Me Sing Forever More
You Are All I Long For
All I Worship and Adore
In Other Words
Please Be True
In Other Words
I Love You

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Another Day

Hi, I am just back from work. Just now have a dinner session with my colleagues at KFC, KL Central. Well, this is my third fast food dinner. Some more I have a dinner plate with 3 pieces of fried chicken breast. Really OMG. Feel very full and cannot take a bath. So just the time to make a simple update.....

Basically, today was so busy and I learnt a lot of things. Learnt the proper way to use the system and also to write CA. I am confident enough to say that my CA writing skills have improved a lot. Thanks for those colleagues who willing to teach me and sharing =)

Tomorrow is Deepavali and I wish all Indian friends Happy Deepavali. Also, I wish all my friends happy holiday. Wish my god bro and David an enjoyable journey in Kota Kinabalu and Singapore respectively. Well, talk about Singapore, I did planned to go to Singapore to celebrate Christmas with my God Family. But unfortunately, I am not able to take leave on the day they want to go. Sad enough. Just hope there will be another tour for me. Also hope that I am able to join Cin Lo for tomorrow's outgoing session.....

Ooo yaa, tomorrow is holiday. May He drive carefully and You reach safely. Enjoy, have fun and Blessing =)

Song for today - 我还想她 - 原唱者 - 林俊杰




Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Simple Day

I passed my day as simple as ABC for today. Nothing special, the same honey drink light up my day, the same Gardenia Twiggies accompanied me for breakfast, the same LRT and bus fetched me to bank.....

Today was quite free in bank. Basically, just reading some CAs and try to comment on them. By the way, really thanks to Ms. Lam for her relent guidance to lead us become a successful Credit Associate.....

I had my lunch session with my colleagues in Chinese Village. Long time didn’t went there already. I have ordered your favorite food as my lunch meal. Of course, it’s my favorite meal too. Every time I went there, for sure I will ordered the same food because it was just nice. Some more, I ordered another additional small rice every time I had the food. The sauce was so special and I don’t think there are any other stalls which sell the same food that can provide the same taste of sauce.....

For dinner, again I had a McD Fillet-o-Fish burger. Hahaha, it was the same dinner as yesterday. One burger isn’t enough for me. Then back to home, I had one packet of Oreo. Hmmm, still can’t run away from Fillet-o-Fish and Oreo. Just a simple Fillet-o-Fish and Oreo, they light up my night =)

Ooo yaa, recently I have started to sleep well for my nights. Hmmm, is it because of the deactivation of FB which wiped off all the fears??? Perhaps yes. Already more than one month I didn’t on FB. Last 2 days got on but it’s just to accept some friend requests from Anamangaki. Nothing much.....

Just have a telephone call with Cin Lo. Glad to hear that she already found her job and enjoy her job as well. Looking forward for next gathering session. Anyway, I am tired enough, Birds of Paradise, let’s fly me to the Fields of Gold =)

Song for Today – Innocent – Singer – Avril Lavigne


This innocence is brilliant
I Hope That It Will Stay
This Moment is Perfect
Please Don't Go Away
I Need You Now
And I Will Hold On to It
Don't You Let It Pass You By

~~~I Miss The Perfect Moment When I was Thinking of You~~~