Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ice Kacang Puppy Love 2

Ice Kacang Puppy Love doesn't mean the second movie of Aniu but it's my second blog post regarding the movie. Yesterday I actually had an outgoing session with my colleagues in Sunway Pyramid. It’s actually a dinner session and I reached there alone at about 6 p.m. It’s actually my first time entered into the mall and then I decided to walk around alone before I went to meet them. When I walk passed Speedy, the shop was showing a movie where there was 1 botak kid chatting with a 1 small girl. It’s Ice Kacang Puppy Love. I was really stuck there for about 5 minutes and it reminded me a lot of memories.....

I walked into Speedy and the first DVD that I saw was Ice Kacang Puppy Love. It was putted on the top of the first rack near the shop’s entrance. I took the DVD and have a look on it. But then have a simple smile and put it back.....

After that I have a meet with my colleagues, walk around and you know, again I saw another shop showing that movie. Then I was wondering why I keep on get exposure to this movie for almost 2 weeks during my outgoing session in few major shopping mall. Actually, for the 2 weekends, I have hang out with my colleagues to few major shopping mall in K.L and these included Mid Valley, Pavillion and Times Square. During the times when I spent time in these shopping malls, I have already 4 times saws some VCD shops showing this movie and the time in Speedy was the 5th time and after that, the 6th time. All of a sudden, I recalled back the newspaper showed by my housemate regarding the tax charged by Malaysia’s government on the movie, I would really wanted to support Aniu again by purchasing the DVD. But unfortunately, the shop which showed it the 6th time to me was just an electric appliances shop. They were selling LCD and not VCD.....

Then I try to look for a VCD shop and you know, there is a Popular nearby and when I walked inside, again the same movie was putted on the top of the first rack. I have a talk with the promoter and realized that it was the last stock. Wow, not bad. The DVD got a very high demand. Hahaha, without considering much, I took the DVD and paid for it. It’s not only to support Aniu, but I would also like to find back some of the feeling during the days in MMU.....

It’s a great Sunday today and I watched the movie for the second time. The same movie, same plot, same feeling and the same tears from me. Just realized that I did remember everything, everything and everything related to the movie.....

Still remember the first time I watched it with Wei Loon, Johnson and Chun Wei.

Still remember Chun Wei was looking at me when my tears fall down.

Still remember I slept overtime and I rushed to MBO Cinema with Wei Loon to watch it for the second time but when reached MBO, the worker told us cinema room got problem and cannot watch.

Still remember the feeling of upset with MBO and then headed to Jusco and bought some chocolates from chocolate fair before have a dinner with Huey Lian and gang.

Still remember I keep on listening to the theme song, 纯文艺恋爱for infinite times.

Still remember the time when I took out my Ibanez guitar and searching for the chords of the song.

Still remember the song was in G key and started with Em plucking.

Still remember Tyan2 send me a link in Facebook showing the chords of the song and I told her I have already found the chords.

Still remember Tyan2 send me sms teasing me said that she going to watch the movie again and too bad I fail to watch it for the second time and that time I was in Pantai Hospital visit Huey Wang.

Still remember Calix said one of the actress, Angela Chan was well known in the acting industry and Nicholas Teo in the end came out with his sweet smile.

Still remember Calix said the small kid actress and actors of the movie were not very good in acting and there was only one part he impressed which is the time when the small Lee Sinje, looking at the fighting fish and said “I want to become a fighting fish”.

Still remember Calix said that the role that Aniu play in the movie really reflected the true characteristics of Aniu.

Still remember, Wingee likes the 纯文艺恋爱 very much.

Hmmm, looks like the movie really gave me a lot of unforgettable memories during my last semester in MMU. Working life was somehow tired and busy. The 10 minutes before I fall asleep every night were actually used to recall back all the memories happened in MMU especially the last semester. How good is it if I am able to experience all those sweet and happy memories again in my dream. Looking forward for tonight’s dream =)

Here’s a sharing regarding the quote of Ice Kacang Puppy Love:

Mouthful of shaven ice under the hot scorching sun that almost burns your mouth.
The sweet and cold icy feeling that melts before you could even really taste it.
Remember the feeling of First Love or what we call “Puppy Love???”
Sweet yet bitter and it hurts sometimes when your heart is broken,
Before you could even capture the moment,
All that is left behind are the heartbreaking memories.....

Basically I am just copy from the DVD’s cover. Hehehe. This Tuesday will be attached to HQ Branch for training. Wish me good luck.....

I remember, and I still remember everyday.....
Monday, August 2, 2010



今天早上,5点钟就起身了,因为昨晚在巴生,舅舅家过夜,他家距离MMU Cyber Jaya车程距离差不多一小时,所以今早6点就和爸爸,妈妈和弟弟出发了。

到了MMU,差不多7点了,把invitation card交给妈妈后,就很匆忙的走去register,弟弟就比较可怜,因为不可以进礼堂,所以只好走到另外一间礼堂看live video。Register过后,就直接排队进入礼堂。颁奖状仪式很快就开始,整个毕业典礼只进行了4个小时。

其实今天发生了一些事,也是我很遗憾的事。毕业典礼结束后,从礼堂出来,好不容易找到爸爸妈妈,然后妈妈说弟弟在另外一个礼堂等到很不爽,已经走到MMU里面的Pizza Hut。那时候情况真的很乱,我说先让弟弟等一下,因为有几位朋友会来找我,电话一直在响,又找不到他们,我又很不好意思,所以先要爸爸妈妈等我一下,我先去找他们。过后找了很久,都还是见不到,看到附近是FIT,想说先拿convocation item,排队排到一半,收到Calix的call,因为之前说要meet他,要给他Singapore的souvenirs,又怕他会等很久,所以就跑回去爸爸妈妈那边,想说要拿souvenirs。怎知道找不到他们,打给他们,他们说已经在Pizza Hut那里meet弟弟了。我又不懂Pizza Hut在那里,心想先去找朋友,途中也见到很多coursemates,然后也有跟他们拍照,就这样忘了自己的家人。






现在的我真的很惆怅。觉得自己是个很没有用的男生,为什么每次到了发生了不想发生的事情后才来后悔,才来道歉。为什么不会阻止不愉快的事情发生呢?这样就不会伤害到别人,伤害到自己。会不会有一架时光机,可以重来一次?开始工作后,真的要把自己变得更加成熟,不再是一个用对不起来解决事情的人。Hopefully, I am able to make it…..