Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Feeling Has Come Back

I just came back from the sound check and rehearsal session for tomorrow's Japanese anime gig.
The theme was Animangaki and we will be playing some Japanese Anime theme songs. Venue was in Sunway College.....

I didn't involve in any band performance for quite a long time already. Basically my position for tomorrow's gig is just as an backup vocalist. I have not taking such position ever. Last time when I involved in any stage performance, my position was either main vocalist or guitarist. Therefore, this is my first experience as a backup vocalist. Just now, during the sound check, there were some peoples said that the overall sound was full with my backup vocalist voice. I really feel very happy when my backup vocalist sound intersect with Gary's main vocalist voice. It's was so nice.....

The feeling of joining into a band has really came back. I miss the feeling very much. I have lost this feeling for a couple of years and the feeling has revisited just now. Really plan to re-practice back my guitar skills. My guitar's effect is in KL now. Just wait for my Ibanez guitar.....

Tomorrow, I am going to shout out loud in the stage -

We Will Say Goodbye, Lost Heaven.....
How We Long For Heaven.....
We Were Letting Go of Something We Never Had.....
Time Go So Fast, Heaven is Lost.....
I Wish You Good Luck, I Still Remember Everyday.....

Give Me Smile and Shine Days.....
Give Me Smile and Nice Days.....

I Need Your Love.....
I Am Not Match For You.....

Good Night The Earth of Golds.....
Shall I See You in My Dream of Golds???
If Only You Enter into My Field of Golds.....
It is Possible???
Thank You.....

Friday, October 29, 2010

Ampang Park 地铁站的那位老人家


Bangi Training Center:这个地方其实有好多银行的training center。如果来这里的话,都是classroom training,就像以前在MMU上课一样,没有分别。去这个地方的时候,我都会搭地铁到Bukit Jalil站,然后有公司的巴士载我们去到training center。。。

Headquarter:听名就知道是银行的总部咯。它离我家很近。去这个地方的话,我都会搭地铁到Ampang Park站,然后也会有公司的巴士载我们去到head quarter。。。

Kepong:华语名叫甲洞。同样的,它离我家也很近。去这个地方的话,我必须搭地铁到Titiwangsa站,然后再乘搭公共巴士到银行的分布。基本上,我在这个地方的job attachment也只有一个星期,也就是上两个星期的事。应该也没有机会回去了吧。接下来的training地方,应该也只有Bangi Training CenterHeadquarter吧。。。

三个地方,最远的就是Bangi。不过还好公司有准备巴士,所以交通不成问题。说到traffic jam嘛,我去这三个地方的时候,都是搭地铁,虽然过后需要搭巴士,不过那些路途都很smooth,路程很短,也没有真正的traffic jam,感恩。。。

今天第一天回到Headquarter, 到了Ampang Park 地铁站时,还是一样看到那位派报纸的老人家,他是派东方日报的,说到东方日报呢,我懂的并不多,只知道它是免费的报纸。这位老人家呢,每天都会穿着东方日报那件深红色的Polo-T制服,在地铁站里面,站着派报纸。他戴眼镜,有点小胖,白头发,头大大。吸引到我的是,他时时刻刻都在微笑着,好慈祥的笑容,一天里,真的不知道他对了多少个人笑过。我很喜欢他的笑容。我从来都不会拿东方日报,因为已经习惯了用RM1.20去买一份报纸,不是因为钱多,是因为RM1.20的报纸比较多新闻,还有就是财经版。虽然不曾从他手中拿过一份报纸,可是每一次经过他前面,我都会看过去他那边,然后他就会跟我笑一下,当然我也会response回。


今天的歌- 一生中最爱 - 原唱者- 譚詠麟




Dream in the Field of Golds

Last night, before went to jamming, I did went to see doctor regarding my toothache matter. I just went to see a normal doctor and luckily he told me that it is not serious and it is not related to the teeth. I don't understand what he said but I just knew that it is something about the teeth root. So, he just gave me medicine and gel. Today, I feel better =)

Ooo yaa, last night can really sleep very well. It's just the period of sleeping is not enough because of jamming until very late. Hehehe. Hope for another sleep well night for tonight. Hmmm, thanks all my friends for concerning. Perhaps last night the words in my blog sound very serious. But I am O.K. actually. It's just sometimes keep on thinking some matters related to life and make me can't fall asleep. Have no idea why is it make me can't fall asleep because last time in MMU, I used to do the same thing. Used to think of some life matter before I sleep and then will slowly slowly fall asleep. That feeling is very nice. But don't know why in K.L, when think of those matter, I will have a sleepless night. By the way, I need to cope with it. Hehehe. I am trying my best =)

Will tonight a sleep well night for me??? I hope so. Good Night The Earth of Golds and Good Night to those who dream in the Field of Golds. ZZzzz.....

Wednesday, October 27, 2010




这三个月发生了很多事,我想,我还是我吧,还是那个金土,唯一变得,就是瘦了(Calix说的),之前用的那个黑色的书包,也断到不成形了,所以现在用着Padini的bag,还有就是头发短了,其他东西还是一样,还用着Tupperware的水瓶,还是用着一样的铅笔盒,一样的手表,minimum sleeping time还是7个小时,每天过着朝九晚五的生活,在地铁上,会看些财经报。很讨厌失眠的夜晚,每晚最期待和最怕的就是躺在床上的那一刻,和希望可以一觉睡到天亮,可是又很怕会失眠,睡觉对我来说真的很重要,I am a Dreamer。


等下要去打band,星期日在Sunway有表演,本来只是去看朋友练习,哪里知道他们很随便的就叫我唱合音,我也很随便的答应了,重来没有在任何表演中担任合音手的角色,所以很期待这次的演出,合音的技巧也突飞猛进,大声的跟Calix说,期待下一次BP’s Tour,到时可以跟你完美的合唱了。。。

三个月长吗??? 长。。。



Sunday, October 24, 2010

The 100th Post

Morning Morning, finally it reach the 100th post for my blog. This time going to post something happily which happened on yesterday.

Yesterday I joined my previous branch for a bowling tournament which held in Berjaya Times Square. The tournament commenced for around 3 hours and can't believe my team got the champion for the tournament. Hahaha. After that, we have a lunch session in Hotel Capital. It's a buffet lunch and have tasted a variety of nice cuisines. I just like the special cooked ham and cheezy chicken lasagna. The gathering ended after we finished the lunch and then I walk around in Times Square alone. Plan to watch movie but unfortunately, there is no a single movie which able to attract me.....

During the night time, my beloved God Sister treated us a luxury dinner in an Italian Restaurant called Michaelangelo's. The restaurant located in Mont Kiara, a luxury area too. I have ordered a spaghetti cost RM39.90. Needless to say, the spaghetti's taste was so special and nice. I just love it. Also, the chicken drumstick topped with baked cheese was just marvellous. 5 stars rating have been given. For beverage, I ordered a hot chocolate and let me tell you guys, I have really tasted the most tasteful hot chocolate in my life. I have been search for a nice hot chocolate everytime I entered into a cafe but unfortunately I am unable to found it but this time, my dream comes true. Ahaha. By the way, saw your favourite drink in the menu. Hmmm, thing just happen as simple as ABC. May you have the opportunity to taste it as well. Ooo yaa, Dear Sis, thanks for your dinner =)

Basically, this is just a simple update for my blog. Looking forward for another gathering with you all. Looking forward for tonight Jazz Festival. See you!!!
Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Just receive a call from my best bro, C.K. claimed that his plan has successfully touch the girl that he likes. The girl who drops the tears has now officially became his girlfriend. Congratulation and remember to appreciate. May both of you walk till the end.....

Just finish my karaoke session with my business center's colleagues and I already have a great and wonderful 20102010. Really thanks to my buddy, Mr Edmond who has given me a lot of guidance not only in terms of work but also on my future directions and also the issue of economy. I have learnt a lot. Thanks.....

Dear God, tomorrow I am going to have my new training session. I pray sincerely that you granted me a sleep well night. Just once, I pray with my tears come along, just one night.....

Good Bye and Good Night 20102010

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

20102010 Happy Birthday to Tyan Tyan 20102010

Finally it reach this special day 20102010. Wishing you Happy 23rd Birthday
You should have the most wonderful birthday ever
May you stay happy and healthy always as what you wish
Have a Great Great Birthday

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Day 18 - The Day Where I Broke the Pomise

It's not easy to keep my promise until day 18 but then I broke the promise. It happen on yesterday 11 a.m and I realized that I am not that determined enough. Can't really believe it. Calix, perhaps you are right. It's not an easy task. I shall scold myself "Damm you, stupid TEG". Whatever it is, nothing can be done other than to re-keep the promise again. So, recalculate from today again - Day 1.....

Yesterday have the opportunity to meet Chloe in Sunway Pyramid. We hang out for almost 6 hours. Had a Korean style lunch. Then watch a movie named Buried. Well, I really don't know how to comment on the movie. Hahaha, hmmm, it has it's best part as well. Can watch la. Ahaha.....

Finished watch the movie and then we hang around in Jusco and Popular. Then had an Italian style dinner. It's just a simple day and got the chance to chat a lot with Chloe. A simple and nice sharing session perhaps.....

Just now morning had a great breakfast session with my God Family. How good it is if every weekend also can have a chance to meet them and chit chat with them. Back to my God Sister home, even though all of us just sit on sofa and watch the Hong Kong drama but yet for me, it's another kind of simple and relaxing enjoyment. Due to the factor which I thought to be beautifully long lasting, I have chosen to work in K.L and got bonded for 2 years. But then thing turn out to be unexpected. So now.....haizzz.....I am not regret, but.....hmmm.....I just don't know how to say. Perhaps, I am just simply emo+ing. Somehow, luckily I still have my God Family beside me. By the way, the lesson is - always expect the unexpected and there is nothing in the world which will beautifully long lasting.....

Another 3 more days will be the special date 20102010. For those coupling-in-process couple who have miss the chance of officially become a couple on 101010, try to consider the date on 20102010. Hahaha. To sharing, I got one best friend who plan to confess to the girl he likes on 20102010. He has really got a romantic plan on that night. Don't worry brother, your plan was really awesome and even though I don't know her but I think most probably she will get touch. Not because of the romantic plan but it's because everything that you have did for her from start until now. Looking forward for your good news =)

A question to ask - Is it possible that when I wake up tomorrow, then the year has been turned up to be year 2013??? I really wish it does happen. But then I ask myself again - If the wish really comes true, is it 3 years enough for me???

Previously, I have always thought that I was born in such a great date - 22.06.1987. But now I would say "How good is it if I was born a day earlier which is on 21st of June. Then I am no longer a Cancer, no longer have the attributes of Cancer and then no longer a stupid TEG". Well, this is just my "simply thinking". Don't take it so seriously. All the best!!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Day 15

Thanks God that today I got the luck that I want. Thanks to my friends if you all really got pray for me. Hahaha. Also, special thanks to one of my friend who keep on comforts me regarding the evaluation. The evaluation passed my expectation and also, today's luck was really exceeded my expectation as I have the opportunity to meet the Group Managing Director, Director of Commercial Banking and Director of Retail Banking. The only sad thing is that I don't have the opportunity to meet my mentor. But never mind, chances are always there. Aha.....

Just now have a special dinner in Look Out Point. The view was very nice as we are able to see the whole Kuala Lumpur. However, the foods do not meet my requirements. Hehehe.....

Today is the Day 15. Already keep holding on for more than 2 weeks and I promise that I will keep it up. Add oil ya TEG.....

Ooo yaa, take this chance to say a Happy Birthday to my God Brother. May you have a great and wonderful birthday =)

Hmmm, I am tired enough and now laying on my Earth of Golds, listening to the Fields of Gold, hoping to get into my Dream of Golds. Good night to all. ZZzzz.....

Monday, October 11, 2010

A Sharing

Recently, I am having training program regarding the banking regulation structure. The trainer was a lawyer with about 20 years of experience in the field of law. I was really impressed with his class because the class was really full of joke and fun. I think everyone presented in the class have the same perceptions. In addition, I have learnt a lot of knowledge regarding the banking regulation structure and hopefully, I will not get bullied and exploited by peoples who thought they know more and thought they are always the correct one…..

Other than the knowledge of banking regulation structure, we have share a lot of opinions and ideas related to our life, relationship, sex, love and etc. I have really grow more due to the training program and now I would like to share out the ideas that I perceived to be correct and worth to be take notes to all my friends especially my female friends…..

1. Bear in mind do not ever buy a house together with your boyfriend in which the house is registered under the joint name of you and him. It’s worthwhile to take note that when you buy a house under a joint name with him, you are actually holding ½ undivided share and he hold the rest of ½. As the name shows, UNDIVIDED. This would mean that the house can’t be divided into portion, for example you own the living room and he own the kitchen. That’s impossible. In addition, when you are about to sell the house, the process require the consent from both of you which means that both of you must agree to sell the house before the house can be really sell off…..

Let’s assume that both of you have been staying together for few years. Then there is one day you found out your boyfriend are “drinking milk at outside” and he even “bring the cow back to your home”. So you realized that he is not the Mr. Good as you think for so long. You decided to separate with him. But then how about the house??? The house can’t be sold off without the consent from both parties. The worst thing is that he might reluctant to pay for the half installment payment after the break but yet he still owned the half name of the house. To solve this problem, if you strict enough, you can default on the future installment and then bank will take back the house and you lost everything you pay previously. However, most of the girl will choose to pay the full installment for the house as they think that they have contributed so much in previous installments. So now who ever get the advantage is the Mr. Bad who does not need to pay any more installments but yet you can’t get him out of the house. Therefore, girls, please think twice before you and your boy friend buy a house under a share registration name…..

2. Now, let’s us talk about sex. For girls, I think most of your parents will disagree that you have sex with your boyfriend before both of you get married. But yet, if you are already an adult and would not mind of having sex with your boyfriend, your parents can still do nothing because it is impossible for them to follow every of your single step. Somehow, it’s hard to say “No’ when the feel has come. But before you really give your precious body to your boyfriend, remember to ask yourself is him the right person that you should give to??? You are crazy about him, but are you sure that he is crazy about you??? If yes, how sure are you???

Guys are very discriminate and selfish human. Not to say all but most of them are. They will prefer their girlfriend is a virgin but they prefer themselves not a virgin. They don’t mind of screwing other girl’s virginity but yet they hope that their girlfriend is a virgin, Hahaha. The story is just like guy loves to see other guy’s girlfriend wear very sexy and but yet they don’t allow their girlfriend to wear sexy wears…..

There is actually an unfair treatment to guys and girls. Not to say the Western culture. Just imagine parents who have 1 son and 1 daughter. Imagine that one day, both of their son and daughter come back to house and at the same time, the son claim that he has screw the virginity of his girlfriend and the daughter also claim that her virginity has been screwed by her boyfriend. Try to think who will be the first that get concern from their parents??? The son or the daughter??? I am pretty sure that it will be the daughter because the culture has treats girl’s virginity much more important than guy’s one. Therefore, guys don’t really mind they lost their virginity and in fact, they will feel proud of it…..

I have heard that there were many girls have actually gave everything of them to their boyfriends. But after some times, they found out that their boy friends were actually not as good as they think. Some have affairs with other girls, some have treated them as sex toys, some have even beaten them but yet they still don’t want to leave the Mr. Bad. Why??? Because they perceived that they have sacrifice so much for the guy and whatever happen, just let it be and they will just open one eye and close one eye. Do you think they are in the state of happiness??? I don’t think so…..

3. Now, let’s talk about getting married. Girls, before promise of getting married with your boyfriend, try to ask yourself how well do you know him??? Is him really the right one??? Make sure the level of happiness after getting married is much more higher compared to the level of happiness as in the status of in a relationship. If it is not higher, then it’s better to stay “in a relationship” rather than “married”…..

4. Following the time, there are many things happen in our life every second, every minutes, every hour and every day. However, try to let things happen rather than make it happen. You should feel more comfortable if you do so…..

Basically, these are all the ideas that I got from discussion. It’s all my subjective opinions and some of you may think of another way round. But yet, it’s just a sharing for all my friends especially the female friends and I wish no offence…..

Well, yesterday was 101010. I have accompany my god brother went to UKM to support performance of his girlfriend. It was actually the UKM’s 31st Tanglung Festival and they organized an opera performance or 歌舞剧. The theme was called Flor de Marriage or 花嫁. Let me explain the story. Oppss, no, I shall say let me copy paste the synopsis from the booklet…..

花嫁有婚纱铁娘子称号的Rose是婚纱店“浪漫世纪”的老板。在2010年2月14日,“浪漫世纪”举办了一场国际婚纱展,获得各界的好评。在庆功宴里,婚纱店幕后大老板---Rose的男朋友Boston,也出现了。回到家里,爷爷奶奶同往常般的催促Rose 赶紧结婚。爷爷奶奶希望可以在有生之年,看到Rose一传统的结婚方式嫁位好老公。奶奶甚至还拿出了传家之宝,希望可以让Rose在出嫁之日穿上。双方为了传统与前卫的思维产生了摩擦。这天,Boston的老婆---Xena来到了婚纱店并警告Rose别再纠缠Boston了。Rose正为此事烦恼之际,助理--- Bruce却向Rose告白了。一早就知道Bruce 心意的Rose表明自己根本无法接受Bruce。最后,Rose成为别人婚姻的第三者的事还是被爷爷奶奶知道了。爷爷奶奶也因此和她起了激烈的争执。Rose的执迷不悔更把爷爷气得高血压入院了。为此,Rose相当自责。面对一连串的突发事件,Rose眼看自己所拥有的一切即将被无情摧毁,再回想起自己与爷爷奶奶的过往,不禁悲从中来,为了完成爷爷的心愿,Rose决定与Bruce举办一个假婚礼,好让爷爷了了一个心愿。最后,发现原来幸福其实就在自己的身边,选择了和Bruce过着一生一世的幸福。

Basically, that’s the simple description regarding the opera. I shall use one word to describe the performance --- AWESOME. If you have read through the synopsis, you might perceive that the story line is actually very normal. Honestly say, for me, the story line is very simple and normal. However, if you have really watched the live opera, it does provide you a sense of marvelous and amazing feel. The overall performance, acting professionalism, stage design, sound and lighting control, songs and dancing performance were really carry in the most professional manner. I was really impressed with it and the performance was really laudable. Calix, if you watch it, I bet you will give a big hand clap. Hahaha…..

Yesterday was 101010 and the President for the event said that 10 represent as a good number among the Chinese, 十全十美. Yesterday morning when I attend the photo session for Fong Li convocation, I did saw many couples taking their marriage photo in the studio. Many couples have got married on the day and I think there should have many “coupling-in-process” couples already officially become lovers yesterday. Well, at least 2 of my best friends did so. Hahaha, congratulation to both of you and I pray that both of you can walk till the end…..

Today is the 13th day and I never think that I can hold that promise for so long. Keep it up ya TEG and I really need some luck in the 15th day. Friends, if you read this, please pray for me on Wednesday. I can’t tell you on what matter it is but seriously, I need your luck. Thank You…..

To Fong Li, I am glad to attend your convocation. Thanks for your invitation : )

To Pei Ting, I am sorry for not able to attend your convocation. See you again =)

Hmmm, I am tired enough, really tired enough…..

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Surprise for Calix, JGA 5268 and Batu Pahat

Last weekend went to visit my best friends, Calix and Chloe in Batu Pahat. Actually, the trip has been planned 1 week earlier secretly with Chloe. Chloe asked me not to inform Calix and she planned to give a surprise to Calix. Then, I am just agreed with her. Ahaha…..

I took a KKKL bus from K.L at 8.30 a.m. and within 3 hours, I reach Batu Pahat’s bus station. After that, I called Chloe for few times but she didn’t pick up the phone. Then I just hang around and walk into the nearby Courts Mammoth to have a look on their furniture. Later on, Chloe called me back and said she will come to fetch me with Calix. I realized that they need some time to prepare and then I have a visit to a nearby guitar store. I was surprised that the Batu Pahat has such a big guitar showroom and a lot of branded guitars inside. Unfortunately, I am not Epiphone Guitar’s fan…..

20 minutes later, I walk out form the guitar store and wait them at the bus station. Then, I saw a Proton Waja, JGA 5268 came to my way and stop beside the road. I realized that Chloe has seen me but Calix didn’t see me. That’s great. I straight away open the car door and shouted “Hello”. Then you know what response that Calix give??? He was so shocked and response “Oooiii”. Hahaha. Well, The same Calix and Chloe, the same smell in JGA 5268, the same doggie inside the car, the same Nike bag and also the same Bossini smiley face. The only different thing is that JGA 5268 is now equipped with MP3 modulator. The first song played was 带我走 by Rainie. Here comes the story…..

Day 1

We have our lunch in an old restaurant. I have forgotten what the food that we ate because that was the first time I tried the food. Hehehe. Anyway, it served with pork meat, Dao Kee, eggs, Pi Tan, bean curd together with a side dish - dumpling skin in soup. My explanation was some how blur but those in Batu Pahat should know I think…..

Then we went to a temple located opposite the restaurant for a praying. It has been such a long time we didn’t go for a pray. Just wish all of us have a healthy life and everything going smooth. Hehehe. Then, directed by Chloe, she brought us to visit a small fisherman village which was very famous with it’s gigantic dragon fish and visitors were allowed to touch on them. The village was extremely nice with it’s living god theme. There were many living god there such as Ocean Dragon King. Then we have also touch on those gigantic dragon fish. Hahaha. We also have an opportunity to have a walk over the lover’s bridge in that village. We have tasted some ice sticks during the walk over the lover’s bridge. Calix and I also agreed that the feel was just like the scene in Ice Kacang Puppy Love. Trust me, if you have watched the movie, you will really have the same feeling when you have an opportunity to travel there. A question arised in the bridge –

Chloe: I am afraid that I will fall into the sea.....

Calix: Don’t worry, I will go to save you by using the perahu there.....

Ooo yaa, I have an opportunity to taste some cutted guavas topped with sour orange skin powder. Oh My God, it’s damm nice!!!

After that, all of us went to watch movie in MBO Cinema located inside Square One Shopping Mall. We watched the Cantonese movie starred by Andy Lau and Carina Lau, Detective Dee. Well, the overall story line is still not bad. The most important thing is, that was the first time I watched movie with Calix and Chloe after graduated from MMU. Oh My God, what I can say is the most enjoyable moment in MMU has come back, the feeling has back. Yeahhh…..

After finished the movie, Calix brought me to a convenient store called 100 Yen to taste it’s shaved ice dessert. The shop was actually a convenient store selling some imported Japan’s products. It has a small corner selling shaved ice dessert as well. I ordered a honey dew shaved ice topped with mango syrup. Oh My God again, I can really say that it was the most tasteful shaved ice dessert that I have tasted in my life. The shaved ice was just so different with the others. Really thanks Calix for brought me to taste such a nice dessert. You really know me so well…..

Then we went to Chloe’s secondary school to fetch her sister because we planned to have steamboat as dinner. I have the opportunity to visit her school and her school was really awesome with those creative hand made art crafts. Hope the students can really 成人成才. After a short visitation, we went to Chloe’s house because she and her sister would like to take a bath. What I can say is her house is really the house of a Taylor’s student. Hahaha…..

Next, it come an unforgettable steamboat dinner session. Calix has brought us to have steamboat in a well known seafood restaurant. The foods were awesome and there were so many live sea foods there. We have steamboat as our main dinner and we ordered a Gan Xiang fried crabs and the well known fried chicken wings which strongly recommended by Chloe’s parents. The steamboat was nice as most of the ingredients were home made and the crab was just tasteful. Sincerely thanks to Calix and Chloe again. Both of you really know and served me very well. A sentence evolved during the dinner:

Kim Thor: Calix, I think this is only the 4th time I have crabbie dinner with you…..

Calix: Compared to the others, you are the one that I have the most many times crabbie dinner with…..

After the dinner session, we went to have a walk in the park where Chloe and her sister used to hang around when they were small. That night, I was welcome with brightly fire cracker as there was a huge event organized in the main field of Batu Pahat. However, an unfortunate incident happened at that night. Chloe lost her hand phone in the park and most probably it was picked up by peoples hang around the park. Hmmm, maybe I am the one who bring bad luck. Can’t believe we just have a pray in temple at afternoon and then unlucky thing straight happen at the night. Chloe, may you be fine and even though we lost all the photos we took on that day, but I believe that the memory will be keep in our memory forever. Cheersss…..

Basically, that’s all for the day 1 and I have a wonderful and sleep well night in Calix’s house =)

Day 2

Calix and I went to fetch Chloe at around 9.30 a.m. and then we headed to Maxis Centre to lodge a report regarding the lost of Sim card and then requested for a new one. Then we passed by a Magnum 4D shop and Calix said want to buy 4 digits of Chloe’s hand phone number. So, I just share together with Calix and maybe I bring bad luck again. We don’t get any prizes…..

Then Chloe brought us to have our breakfast in an old cake and coffee shop. The shop was well known with it’s otak + fried egg bread. Again, the food was very tasteful and I have tasted it’s nasi lemak and egg tart as well. Wow, it just taste so great. I really like the old old feeling in those old old restaurant and Batu Pahat is a place which can offer me the great old old feeling. Looking forward to work there if I was granted an opportunity =)

After the breakfast session, we went to hang around in a shopping mall which I have forgotten the name. I just remember Chloe told me that if I didn’t go to that shopping mall, then I am not considered as been visited to Batu Pahat. Hahaha. We spend quite a lot of times there and Calix did bought some presents for his mom’s birthday and Chloe did bought a new cover for her temporary hand phone. Both of them also bought some books from book store there…..

Next, the last station was a cafe called La Luna if I am not mistaken. We have a tea session there and I have ordered a green tea and mint cheese pie. I like the taste of the mint cheese pie. Can’t believe it’s a good combination between mint and cheese. Chloe, don’t you agree with it??? Hahaha…..

Sharp at 5 p.m, Calix fetch me to the bus station as I have bought the 5.30 p.m. bus ticket back to Bukit Jalil. That’s all for the very short 2 days and 1 night trip. Really thanks Calix and Chloe for organized a perfect tour for me. I have reached Muar and Batu Pahat. Where will be the next station??? Kluang or Johor Bahru??? Hahaha, just wait and see…..

Ooo yaa, today is Gary’s birthday. Brother, I wish you a happy birthday and looking forward for our gig in the end of this month =)

Tomorrow is Calix’s mom, Aunty Pang birthday. Aunty Pang, I wish you a happy birthday and may you in the healthy state all over the time =)

To Calix and Chloe, do remember that:

Bossini once mentioned that Happiness is in the Simple Thing. May both of you find the happiness all the time. Best wishes from me =)