Sunday, October 19, 2014


Its Another Year and Its 7
Happy Birthday & Birthday Happy
May Everything Go Smooth For You & Wishes Come True
Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Perhaps it's too late for this wish
Happy Mid Autumn Festival
The only regret for this year's Mid Autumn Festival was the inability to get the Jelly Mooncakes

Just came back from Labuan 
Attended a best friend's wedding
It was a great event 
The very first "sister" position taken by me
The age of 27
The age of complication
You would not understand the stress than a man needs to face at this age

Palm Beach Resort was a beautiful place
Thought of getting a good rest there but unfortunately failed to do so
There were so many things appeared in my mind
Thinking of the next station of my life cycle
Shall I leave this place???
Current status: Active job seeker
I am actively looking for a job
The jump for this time is very crucial
And I would say it's the most critical decision that I have to make in my career life
Decided to run away from Commercial Banking
And I am keen to explore Credit Risk / Corporate Finance
Pray hard and all the best to me

As I said
The age of 27 is the age of complication for a man
All in the mind

Family has been supportive thus far
The only concern is the distance with parents
It's getting far and far and I am hoping that my action would not let you flustered
No worry and I will take care of myself

Getting tired with the current career life
Many changes after the merger and I really can't suit myself with the transition period
As I always mention
I stay with the boss and not the Bank
Since I can't take the change
Then I shall change myself
I am sorry if I disappoint you
Thanks for granting me the opportunity

Being single at the age of 27 has definitely put me in a quandary position
Waiting and I am still waiting
Perhaps I am not qualify yet
They said I should have move on and I hate myself for being so stubborn  
As I always said
I am always here
Offering the very best of mine to you
And you are always the first in my heart

The Prince and the Princess Live Happily Thereafter

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Moment

Counting down 2 hours to go back to the City which I hated so much
It's definitely worth to drive for 15 hours this time to come back to KT
Met up with Gary, the vocalist of Gr@yatmosphere
Great sharing about his journey in the entertainment world 
Great Karaoke session which we missed so much
Great Starcraft session which we used to have last time whenever we finished band jamming
Special thanks to Gary and Ino for the great memory and I wish you two a bright future

The first half of the year ended too soon
Nothing much to expect in career except the promotion as Senior RM
I am hoping for that title desperately

Wish me all the best
Wish me a safe journey later
Thanks for granting me a memorable moment
I will never forget
The moment when the car window was rolled down with the enjoyment of windy weather
Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Journey

Another post after 2 months
This year doesn't seem to be a good year for me
At least for the first half
Just contradicted with what peoples said before CNY
Or maybe I was the exceptional???
I don't know

Was whacked by GM during last week's team meeting
I can't answered when he asked me about my target
And his reaction was - the youngest and brightest star in the division doesn't know his number
I didn't know my number
I worked blindly
And I disappointed everyone   

Group CEO from London visited Malaysia yesterday
And it was my great honor for getting an invitation to join his town hall
Kinda impressive with his talking
We don't need more leaders in the Bank
We need more leadership in the Bank
Absolutely agreed

Came back to Terengganu for 2 days
Preserving the traditional Chinese culture
Going to borrow Dad's golf set to K.L.
I am going to start the golfing journey
It's after an insight gained from a senior where he said - 
We should learn at least a new skill set a year
So you told me to expand my network
And I am doing this for you!!!

I always thought that 22nd was a lucky date as I was born on that day
It wasn't
El Cerdo
To put it in memory
Never expect that the barrier was so fucking hard to be broke off
The rapport
The mutual understanding
All doesn't play in role in the consideration
And I thought I have hit the standard of the perfection
If not 100%, then at least 80%
I made a mistake
Sometimes things were just beyond my control
And I will always remember the sentence
"You deserve a better one"
It was indeed the best damn sentence that I ever heard
Then I realized one thing
I was all this while alone
Just because I was waiting for someone
Thanks for being a motivation throughout these years
The Journey 
Was indeed a great and challenging one
And I believe you have seen my efforts
The matured personal development
I am closer to myself
But still far from you

What Shall I Do
To Turn You and I Into the Picture???

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

K.T. in K.T.

I am back to K.T.
I need to admit that it's definitely not a good time to take an earlier CNY leave
Few big cases exploded
Had a hectic life and I spent more than 14 hours per day in the Bank recently
Issues remained unsolved 

Got a salary adjustment
Not up to my expectation but within my satisfactory threshold
At least my efforts were not wasted
Got a Tier 1 rating by management too
So hope for a big fat bonus
I work for money
As promised
I ain't gonna let myself lose to it anymore

Bought a house in K.L.
Under construction with 3 years completion period
Finally I am in the path of becoming an ordinary person
Contravene to the previous Thor
Full of dreams
As I always said
You may dream in my melody
Perhaps because of aging
I don't even have the CNY mood
I guessed that emotion started a year ago
I owned a car
And I owned a house (in the air)
Career wise I think I am there
Perhaps it's time to settle down
Get a girl friend
Enter into a relationship and if we both were in the same world
I shall then call for a bill
Becoming an ordinary person
And I am not sure if this is what I want

They said this year is a good year for a Rabbit
I hope for the best
It's CNY and it's time for a gathering
Thought of a sudden
It has been years I did not face to face wish you all Happy CNY
No worry
You all would never be forgotten
In The Earth of Golds

Happy Chinese New Year