Wednesday, January 29, 2014

K.T. in K.T.

I am back to K.T.
I need to admit that it's definitely not a good time to take an earlier CNY leave
Few big cases exploded
Had a hectic life and I spent more than 14 hours per day in the Bank recently
Issues remained unsolved 

Got a salary adjustment
Not up to my expectation but within my satisfactory threshold
At least my efforts were not wasted
Got a Tier 1 rating by management too
So hope for a big fat bonus
I work for money
As promised
I ain't gonna let myself lose to it anymore

Bought a house in K.L.
Under construction with 3 years completion period
Finally I am in the path of becoming an ordinary person
Contravene to the previous Thor
Full of dreams
As I always said
You may dream in my melody
Perhaps because of aging
I don't even have the CNY mood
I guessed that emotion started a year ago
I owned a car
And I owned a house (in the air)
Career wise I think I am there
Perhaps it's time to settle down
Get a girl friend
Enter into a relationship and if we both were in the same world
I shall then call for a bill
Becoming an ordinary person
And I am not sure if this is what I want

They said this year is a good year for a Rabbit
I hope for the best
It's CNY and it's time for a gathering
Thought of a sudden
It has been years I did not face to face wish you all Happy CNY
No worry
You all would never be forgotten
In The Earth of Golds

Happy Chinese New Year