Monday, November 11, 2013


KT in KT
Kim Thor in Kuala Terengganu
I am back to Terengganu for a period of 3 weeks
Many were envy for my extra long block leave 
I would only say
3 weeks block leave does not really compensate my mental injuries for the past 1 year

Initial plan was to get a short trip to the neighborhood countries
But the plan wasn't materialized as I do not know where shall I go
Or perhaps I need some pull factors from someone which has yet to appear in my life

It will be a period of 3 weeks and I have inclined to focus on share investment
Went to 2 stockbroking firms last weeks and gain a lot of insights from those laymen's investors
It has been a long period where I have not pumped some extra cash into the stock market
It was so unusual but I have yet to find any penny shares which were undervalued and yet trigger my interest 
This is definitely not good
Hopefully I am able to spot few hidden gems and accumulate my wealth together with the team of friends 

There was a newly opened coffee shop in Terengganu
Went there twice
The first time I wanted to order a Flat White but it wasn't available
Hence, I ordered an almost similar Cappuccino
They were using the No. 1 coffee brand in Italy - Lavazza
Nice name but the Barista's skill was relatively poor
The coffee's taste was so diluted

The second time I ordered Cappuccino with double shots and less milk foam
The Barista then came to ask for feedback and I told her the coffee tasted sour
She then unraveled that the reason was due to the double shots 
I then said nothing but in my heart I was shaking my head
Hello, I am a frequent coffee drinker and please don't boo me
Well, I guessed my expectation towards coffee taste has gained up another level
Thus far there were only 2 coffees shop which were able to satisfied my requirements
Illy Espressamente & Espresso Lab

I went to these 2 cafes quite often but regretly
I still yet to have the chance to bring someone special there
Sit down and share the Moment When Love is Foamed
So, waiting & waiting & waiting

Last night remained awake until 3 a.m.
I then went to my own FB page
Scrolled down and read all the old posts dated few years back
Looking at those comments which have made me smile so naturally
The helps, fights, jokes, wishes and etc
I miss the moments very much

Went for Karaoke last week
The voice on that particular night was relatively stable
Felt happy that I was able to fetch those high tones persistently
Recently fall in love with Soda Green's songs
Last time used to sing無眠小時
Recently learn to sing我好想你Honestly, the song was quite difficult to sing but was deemed meaningfulAt least it touches my feeling nowYeahI am missing you at this hourFrom my heartThe two of a kindAnd I am always waiting for the time to officially duet on你被寫在我的歌里
See you in my dream laterAll the best for the brand new working weekA sincere thank you from me