Friday, September 30, 2011

214th Post @ 30.09.2011

Say Hi to the last night of September, the last night of my access to the Cyber World and the 214th blog post. What so special about 214th blog post??? Give a great guess. Why is it tonight is my last night access to the Cyber World??? Because I am going to return the modem to my God Bro tomorrow. The mission for this time access has been accomplished. I got the air ticket. Ooo yaa, tomorrow will be my God Sis wedding registration ceremony. Looking forward~~~

Perhaps I should share a good news at the last night of September. Yesterday received the result of my Certified Credit Professional examination. I passed the first 2 papers for the first attempt. Another last paper waiting for me on December. The hardest paper and I wish for bunches of luck. Once I pass it, then I can get rid off from examination burden. No more exam!!!

Yesterday almost involved in an accident. I almost knocked a motorcycle who pass through my left side as I was turning left into my office. It was my fault as I didn't put on the left signal. It's not about careless. It's all about concentration. I was not not concentrating at that time because too many things appeared in my mind. Luckily I was quick enough to make a brake.....

In fact, that was not the first time I am not concentrating while driving. There are just too many things appeared in my mind and it's mostly about job. There were already few times I drove pass red light without my own conscious due to lost concentration while driving. Hmmm, it's terrible. Nevertheless, pray hard and blessing~~~

Time flies and September going to ends in 10 more minutes. Can't believe I have worked for more than 1 year. But looks like I still can't suit myself to this type of life. In other words, I am still living the past. But can't put the blame on me also. As I mentioned in the long long previous post, 1 year is definitely insufficient. Life in MMU already took 3 years. So, what is 1 year when compare to 3 years. Definitely incomparable. Anyway, perhaps time is the best chinese medicine in which it will only generate effect when long term consumed....

Suddenly fell so hungry. I just miss the cheesy bun in Singapore. It is sold in Singapore 7-11. Unfortunately, it is not for sale in Malaysia. Why??? I just couldn't find out the reason and this make it a must-eat-bun whenever I visit to Singapore. Say Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese.....

When Can I Meet You Again???

So, basically that's all about the last night of September and that's it for the 214th blog post. I just don't know when I will be back to this Earth again. Life is full of uncertainties and risk arise when you don't know what you are committing. Life without internet connection doesn't seem to be a suck life. At least it let me know nothing other than finance. Since I know nothing, then I have no risk.....

Oppss, suddenly think of a sentence where MMU's students like to use during presentation. The sentence - Last But Not Least. Nonetheless, I never use it except this time.....

Last but not least, Congratulation!!!


Sunday, September 25, 2011


Say Hi to the night before Monday. Hmmm, some of you might feel weird why I am able to connect to the cyber world. In fact, many of you guys have already asked this question in MSN. Well, I have borrowed modem from my God Bro few days ago as I am eager to book zero fares air ticket. The booking was a success one. Nevertheless, it is not as easy as I expected. The problem lies in my credit card where the banker has wrongly keyed in my info. Luckily the booking was still success after I whacked the banker crazily. Whom to blame??? It's not my fault and furthermore, their job scope is to be whacked by customer. Sorry to say so but this is the truth. Looking forward for the tour =)

Just back from Banting for attending a friend's wedding, Kay Vern and Kuan Lee. Kinda tired as I drove there, together with Wei Loon & Chun Wei. It was a great wedding dinner with great foods and hospitality. Got the chance to bump into Banting. Kay Vern's family has provided the highest quality of accommodation. Thank You. We have the chance to visit to Dong Chan Shi - a buddhist centre and tried the very famous begger's chicken in Banting. Feel great as I can meet up with those long lost course mates. Hmmm, Banting - another place in Malaysia that I have bumped into. Congratulation to myself. Also, congratulation to Kay Vern and Kuan Lee. May both of you walk till the end =)

Talk about the begger's chicken. It was really a coincidence as during the tour to SG with Calix, we watched the Ah Xian's TV show introducing the restaurant and a customer said he made a booking 2 years earlier and both of us are like.....speechless. Can't believe I have the chance to taste it a week after. The photo was tagged to Calix and he said his mother can't stop laughing after knowing the matter. Wahahahaha.....

Ooo yaa, I have not go to Pavillion for 5 weekends already. 1st and 2nd weekend were in K.T. 3rd weekend was for CCP exam, 4th weekend was in SG, 5th weekend was in Banting. The coming 6th weekend will be for my god sis wedding, 7th weekend to attend cousin's convocation in MMU. Ooo God, I miss my Illy's Coffee badly =(

A good news to share. Finally, I received a letter on Friday stated that I have passed my OMEGA exam. Remembered the exam which I mentioned I need only 1 question to pass??? That's it, after I resit for the paper. Well, I am not desperate to pass the exam, it's just I feel like want to put down one of the burden and the dream comes true. Congratulation!!!

A thought arise all of a sudden. Peoples tend to have different thinking in different tiers of life. A thing that you are searching for a year ago might not be the same thing that you are searching for a year later. Layman termed this as changes. Or I would rather say transformation, which sounds more positive. Those who always say " I m mature" are those who are normally immature. Combined the sentence and you will get what I mean. It's true.....

So, am I change??? Or transform??? I don't think I so. Still the same, always searching for don't-know-what-I-am-searching-for. Perhaps, this is also what the Layman like to says: searching for myself. So, who am I??? What I want??? Searching in progress~~~

As I always declare, I am a dreamer. A beautiful dreamer who have frequently achieved my dreams. Different dreams during different tiers of life. During secondary school, I dreamed of become the best singer in school. During lower F6, I dreamed of organizing a concert for my own band, during upper F6, I dreamed of leading the group organizing a singing competition, during university, I dreamed of becoming a top ranking student in Finance class. Hmmm, all these have already been achieved. So what about now??? Perhaps, this is why I have no idea of who am I and what I want.....

High paid job??? I got it. A Honda City??? I got it. Stock investment??? I got it. What else??? Or shall I feel satisfy??? Hmmm, I don't think it's a matter of satisfy or dissatisfy. Back to the question just now, I just don't know what I am pursuing in my life. I think it's time to plan for a resign, get myself a 6 months free period and back pack travel to other places. Perhaps, can find myself by ding so. Yeah, I think this should be the way. But I am bonded for 2 years wor, 1 more year to go. So how to resign??? How??? How??? How??? Hmmm, the only way is to be patient.....

Ooo yaa, haven't answer the question - have I change??? During the tour to SG, they all were surprised that I am still wearing the same watch and using the same old wallet. OMG!!! The worst thing is I even answer them, if 1 day you find me having different watches or using different wallets, then confirm you are with wrong peoples. OMG!!! So, since I can provide such an answer, it definitely means that I am still the one who I used to be. Haizzz, how come this type of thing will happen to me??? Aiyooo, stupid Kim Thor~~~poor Kim Thor~~~screw you~~~

Whatever it is, my eyes are tired enough. Ooo yaa, talk about eyes and talk about sight. I swear I didn't go and read or see it. I don't even click on it. Then I can sleep within 5 minutes. Yeah, congratulation, gratulation, tulation and lation~~~

A group of friends whom I have never meet for long time asked: "Hey, how come you are not active in FB???" My answer is: "I don't have internet connection." OMG, such an untrue answer. So, what is the true answer??? The true answer lies in the word blindfold.....

The Begger's Restaurant

A Colorful Life

Miss You Miss You

I Love You, You Love Me, We Are Happy Family

Little Crabbie at K.T

Mr. and Mrs. Sea Shells at the Beach Downstair My House


Did You Saw Me In Your Dream???

Begger's Chicken

Calix in the Air

What will happen tomorrow??? If you know, please tell me in my dream later. Thank You.

Great Great Night


I Am Listening To Love You You

Saturday, September 3, 2011


Finally it comes to the day, the last day in K.T. Well, I am going to drive back to K.L. on 6.00 a.m. later with Cin Lo. May we have a safe journey. Blessing~~~

Reflect back the 1 week in K.T. The feeling for this time was totally different. I am able to get rid off the so many tensions arise from the work. It was like an enjoyable trip in a small fisherman village nearby the sea. In fact, it is.....

A million thanks to Wei Keong who had brought me to so many activities. We went for swimming for every evening, night fishing , seaside photographing, sushi, Bak Kut Teh and so forth. How good is it if I am able to pass my daily life with the aforesaid activities. Perhaps, it will only happen in my dream until I come back to work in K.T. Well , realizing that the previous dream is no longer achievable, I am now in the midst of consideration to come back for work. But the probability looks like very low. Hmmm, by the way, I wish Wei Keong a fast recovery from the mental & physical hurt. Blessing~~~

Ooo yaa, the seaside opposite my house is still the most comfortable place. The scene was so nice with the special seashells and little cute animals. Nice storage for my memory. Indeed, it is.....

A little scare of going back to the city. Nevertheless, reality is still a reality. I still have to face it. So now officially announce a goodbye to K.T., Facebook, MSN and The Earth. Anyway, take care, good luck and all the best.....

Miss You Miss You


Where Are You???

Try To Look For Your Shadow in the Seaside


I Lost Myself in the Ocean


Love You You

A Song I Sing Without You

(Solely for the Purpose of Abstraction)