Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Perhaps it's too late for this wish
Happy Mid Autumn Festival
The only regret for this year's Mid Autumn Festival was the inability to get the Jelly Mooncakes

Just came back from Labuan 
Attended a best friend's wedding
It was a great event 
The very first "sister" position taken by me
The age of 27
The age of complication
You would not understand the stress than a man needs to face at this age

Palm Beach Resort was a beautiful place
Thought of getting a good rest there but unfortunately failed to do so
There were so many things appeared in my mind
Thinking of the next station of my life cycle
Shall I leave this place???
Current status: Active job seeker
I am actively looking for a job
The jump for this time is very crucial
And I would say it's the most critical decision that I have to make in my career life
Decided to run away from Commercial Banking
And I am keen to explore Credit Risk / Corporate Finance
Pray hard and all the best to me

As I said
The age of 27 is the age of complication for a man
All in the mind

Family has been supportive thus far
The only concern is the distance with parents
It's getting far and far and I am hoping that my action would not let you flustered
No worry and I will take care of myself

Getting tired with the current career life
Many changes after the merger and I really can't suit myself with the transition period
As I always mention
I stay with the boss and not the Bank
Since I can't take the change
Then I shall change myself
I am sorry if I disappoint you
Thanks for granting me the opportunity

Being single at the age of 27 has definitely put me in a quandary position
Waiting and I am still waiting
Perhaps I am not qualify yet
They said I should have move on and I hate myself for being so stubborn  
As I always said
I am always here
Offering the very best of mine to you
And you are always the first in my heart

The Prince and the Princess Live Happily Thereafter