Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Moment

Counting down 2 hours to go back to the City which I hated so much
It's definitely worth to drive for 15 hours this time to come back to KT
Met up with Gary, the vocalist of Gr@yatmosphere
Great sharing about his journey in the entertainment world 
Great Karaoke session which we missed so much
Great Starcraft session which we used to have last time whenever we finished band jamming
Special thanks to Gary and Ino for the great memory and I wish you two a bright future

The first half of the year ended too soon
Nothing much to expect in career except the promotion as Senior RM
I am hoping for that title desperately

Wish me all the best
Wish me a safe journey later
Thanks for granting me a memorable moment
I will never forget
The moment when the car window was rolled down with the enjoyment of windy weather