Sunday, October 24, 2010

The 100th Post

Morning Morning, finally it reach the 100th post for my blog. This time going to post something happily which happened on yesterday.

Yesterday I joined my previous branch for a bowling tournament which held in Berjaya Times Square. The tournament commenced for around 3 hours and can't believe my team got the champion for the tournament. Hahaha. After that, we have a lunch session in Hotel Capital. It's a buffet lunch and have tasted a variety of nice cuisines. I just like the special cooked ham and cheezy chicken lasagna. The gathering ended after we finished the lunch and then I walk around in Times Square alone. Plan to watch movie but unfortunately, there is no a single movie which able to attract me.....

During the night time, my beloved God Sister treated us a luxury dinner in an Italian Restaurant called Michaelangelo's. The restaurant located in Mont Kiara, a luxury area too. I have ordered a spaghetti cost RM39.90. Needless to say, the spaghetti's taste was so special and nice. I just love it. Also, the chicken drumstick topped with baked cheese was just marvellous. 5 stars rating have been given. For beverage, I ordered a hot chocolate and let me tell you guys, I have really tasted the most tasteful hot chocolate in my life. I have been search for a nice hot chocolate everytime I entered into a cafe but unfortunately I am unable to found it but this time, my dream comes true. Ahaha. By the way, saw your favourite drink in the menu. Hmmm, thing just happen as simple as ABC. May you have the opportunity to taste it as well. Ooo yaa, Dear Sis, thanks for your dinner =)

Basically, this is just a simple update for my blog. Looking forward for another gathering with you all. Looking forward for tonight Jazz Festival. See you!!!