Friday, October 29, 2010

Dream in the Field of Golds

Last night, before went to jamming, I did went to see doctor regarding my toothache matter. I just went to see a normal doctor and luckily he told me that it is not serious and it is not related to the teeth. I don't understand what he said but I just knew that it is something about the teeth root. So, he just gave me medicine and gel. Today, I feel better =)

Ooo yaa, last night can really sleep very well. It's just the period of sleeping is not enough because of jamming until very late. Hehehe. Hope for another sleep well night for tonight. Hmmm, thanks all my friends for concerning. Perhaps last night the words in my blog sound very serious. But I am O.K. actually. It's just sometimes keep on thinking some matters related to life and make me can't fall asleep. Have no idea why is it make me can't fall asleep because last time in MMU, I used to do the same thing. Used to think of some life matter before I sleep and then will slowly slowly fall asleep. That feeling is very nice. But don't know why in K.L, when think of those matter, I will have a sleepless night. By the way, I need to cope with it. Hehehe. I am trying my best =)

Will tonight a sleep well night for me??? I hope so. Good Night The Earth of Golds and Good Night to those who dream in the Field of Golds. ZZzzz.....