Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Surprise for Calix, JGA 5268 and Batu Pahat

Last weekend went to visit my best friends, Calix and Chloe in Batu Pahat. Actually, the trip has been planned 1 week earlier secretly with Chloe. Chloe asked me not to inform Calix and she planned to give a surprise to Calix. Then, I am just agreed with her. Ahaha…..

I took a KKKL bus from K.L at 8.30 a.m. and within 3 hours, I reach Batu Pahat’s bus station. After that, I called Chloe for few times but she didn’t pick up the phone. Then I just hang around and walk into the nearby Courts Mammoth to have a look on their furniture. Later on, Chloe called me back and said she will come to fetch me with Calix. I realized that they need some time to prepare and then I have a visit to a nearby guitar store. I was surprised that the Batu Pahat has such a big guitar showroom and a lot of branded guitars inside. Unfortunately, I am not Epiphone Guitar’s fan…..

20 minutes later, I walk out form the guitar store and wait them at the bus station. Then, I saw a Proton Waja, JGA 5268 came to my way and stop beside the road. I realized that Chloe has seen me but Calix didn’t see me. That’s great. I straight away open the car door and shouted “Hello”. Then you know what response that Calix give??? He was so shocked and response “Oooiii”. Hahaha. Well, The same Calix and Chloe, the same smell in JGA 5268, the same doggie inside the car, the same Nike bag and also the same Bossini smiley face. The only different thing is that JGA 5268 is now equipped with MP3 modulator. The first song played was 带我走 by Rainie. Here comes the story…..

Day 1

We have our lunch in an old restaurant. I have forgotten what the food that we ate because that was the first time I tried the food. Hehehe. Anyway, it served with pork meat, Dao Kee, eggs, Pi Tan, bean curd together with a side dish - dumpling skin in soup. My explanation was some how blur but those in Batu Pahat should know I think…..

Then we went to a temple located opposite the restaurant for a praying. It has been such a long time we didn’t go for a pray. Just wish all of us have a healthy life and everything going smooth. Hehehe. Then, directed by Chloe, she brought us to visit a small fisherman village which was very famous with it’s gigantic dragon fish and visitors were allowed to touch on them. The village was extremely nice with it’s living god theme. There were many living god there such as Ocean Dragon King. Then we have also touch on those gigantic dragon fish. Hahaha. We also have an opportunity to have a walk over the lover’s bridge in that village. We have tasted some ice sticks during the walk over the lover’s bridge. Calix and I also agreed that the feel was just like the scene in Ice Kacang Puppy Love. Trust me, if you have watched the movie, you will really have the same feeling when you have an opportunity to travel there. A question arised in the bridge –

Chloe: I am afraid that I will fall into the sea.....

Calix: Don’t worry, I will go to save you by using the perahu there.....

Ooo yaa, I have an opportunity to taste some cutted guavas topped with sour orange skin powder. Oh My God, it’s damm nice!!!

After that, all of us went to watch movie in MBO Cinema located inside Square One Shopping Mall. We watched the Cantonese movie starred by Andy Lau and Carina Lau, Detective Dee. Well, the overall story line is still not bad. The most important thing is, that was the first time I watched movie with Calix and Chloe after graduated from MMU. Oh My God, what I can say is the most enjoyable moment in MMU has come back, the feeling has back. Yeahhh…..

After finished the movie, Calix brought me to a convenient store called 100 Yen to taste it’s shaved ice dessert. The shop was actually a convenient store selling some imported Japan’s products. It has a small corner selling shaved ice dessert as well. I ordered a honey dew shaved ice topped with mango syrup. Oh My God again, I can really say that it was the most tasteful shaved ice dessert that I have tasted in my life. The shaved ice was just so different with the others. Really thanks Calix for brought me to taste such a nice dessert. You really know me so well…..

Then we went to Chloe’s secondary school to fetch her sister because we planned to have steamboat as dinner. I have the opportunity to visit her school and her school was really awesome with those creative hand made art crafts. Hope the students can really 成人成才. After a short visitation, we went to Chloe’s house because she and her sister would like to take a bath. What I can say is her house is really the house of a Taylor’s student. Hahaha…..

Next, it come an unforgettable steamboat dinner session. Calix has brought us to have steamboat in a well known seafood restaurant. The foods were awesome and there were so many live sea foods there. We have steamboat as our main dinner and we ordered a Gan Xiang fried crabs and the well known fried chicken wings which strongly recommended by Chloe’s parents. The steamboat was nice as most of the ingredients were home made and the crab was just tasteful. Sincerely thanks to Calix and Chloe again. Both of you really know and served me very well. A sentence evolved during the dinner:

Kim Thor: Calix, I think this is only the 4th time I have crabbie dinner with you…..

Calix: Compared to the others, you are the one that I have the most many times crabbie dinner with…..

After the dinner session, we went to have a walk in the park where Chloe and her sister used to hang around when they were small. That night, I was welcome with brightly fire cracker as there was a huge event organized in the main field of Batu Pahat. However, an unfortunate incident happened at that night. Chloe lost her hand phone in the park and most probably it was picked up by peoples hang around the park. Hmmm, maybe I am the one who bring bad luck. Can’t believe we just have a pray in temple at afternoon and then unlucky thing straight happen at the night. Chloe, may you be fine and even though we lost all the photos we took on that day, but I believe that the memory will be keep in our memory forever. Cheersss…..

Basically, that’s all for the day 1 and I have a wonderful and sleep well night in Calix’s house =)

Day 2

Calix and I went to fetch Chloe at around 9.30 a.m. and then we headed to Maxis Centre to lodge a report regarding the lost of Sim card and then requested for a new one. Then we passed by a Magnum 4D shop and Calix said want to buy 4 digits of Chloe’s hand phone number. So, I just share together with Calix and maybe I bring bad luck again. We don’t get any prizes…..

Then Chloe brought us to have our breakfast in an old cake and coffee shop. The shop was well known with it’s otak + fried egg bread. Again, the food was very tasteful and I have tasted it’s nasi lemak and egg tart as well. Wow, it just taste so great. I really like the old old feeling in those old old restaurant and Batu Pahat is a place which can offer me the great old old feeling. Looking forward to work there if I was granted an opportunity =)

After the breakfast session, we went to hang around in a shopping mall which I have forgotten the name. I just remember Chloe told me that if I didn’t go to that shopping mall, then I am not considered as been visited to Batu Pahat. Hahaha. We spend quite a lot of times there and Calix did bought some presents for his mom’s birthday and Chloe did bought a new cover for her temporary hand phone. Both of them also bought some books from book store there…..

Next, the last station was a cafe called La Luna if I am not mistaken. We have a tea session there and I have ordered a green tea and mint cheese pie. I like the taste of the mint cheese pie. Can’t believe it’s a good combination between mint and cheese. Chloe, don’t you agree with it??? Hahaha…..

Sharp at 5 p.m, Calix fetch me to the bus station as I have bought the 5.30 p.m. bus ticket back to Bukit Jalil. That’s all for the very short 2 days and 1 night trip. Really thanks Calix and Chloe for organized a perfect tour for me. I have reached Muar and Batu Pahat. Where will be the next station??? Kluang or Johor Bahru??? Hahaha, just wait and see…..

Ooo yaa, today is Gary’s birthday. Brother, I wish you a happy birthday and looking forward for our gig in the end of this month =)

Tomorrow is Calix’s mom, Aunty Pang birthday. Aunty Pang, I wish you a happy birthday and may you in the healthy state all over the time =)

To Calix and Chloe, do remember that:

Bossini once mentioned that Happiness is in the Simple Thing. May both of you find the happiness all the time. Best wishes from me =)