Monday, October 11, 2010

A Sharing

Recently, I am having training program regarding the banking regulation structure. The trainer was a lawyer with about 20 years of experience in the field of law. I was really impressed with his class because the class was really full of joke and fun. I think everyone presented in the class have the same perceptions. In addition, I have learnt a lot of knowledge regarding the banking regulation structure and hopefully, I will not get bullied and exploited by peoples who thought they know more and thought they are always the correct one…..

Other than the knowledge of banking regulation structure, we have share a lot of opinions and ideas related to our life, relationship, sex, love and etc. I have really grow more due to the training program and now I would like to share out the ideas that I perceived to be correct and worth to be take notes to all my friends especially my female friends…..

1. Bear in mind do not ever buy a house together with your boyfriend in which the house is registered under the joint name of you and him. It’s worthwhile to take note that when you buy a house under a joint name with him, you are actually holding ½ undivided share and he hold the rest of ½. As the name shows, UNDIVIDED. This would mean that the house can’t be divided into portion, for example you own the living room and he own the kitchen. That’s impossible. In addition, when you are about to sell the house, the process require the consent from both of you which means that both of you must agree to sell the house before the house can be really sell off…..

Let’s assume that both of you have been staying together for few years. Then there is one day you found out your boyfriend are “drinking milk at outside” and he even “bring the cow back to your home”. So you realized that he is not the Mr. Good as you think for so long. You decided to separate with him. But then how about the house??? The house can’t be sold off without the consent from both parties. The worst thing is that he might reluctant to pay for the half installment payment after the break but yet he still owned the half name of the house. To solve this problem, if you strict enough, you can default on the future installment and then bank will take back the house and you lost everything you pay previously. However, most of the girl will choose to pay the full installment for the house as they think that they have contributed so much in previous installments. So now who ever get the advantage is the Mr. Bad who does not need to pay any more installments but yet you can’t get him out of the house. Therefore, girls, please think twice before you and your boy friend buy a house under a share registration name…..

2. Now, let’s us talk about sex. For girls, I think most of your parents will disagree that you have sex with your boyfriend before both of you get married. But yet, if you are already an adult and would not mind of having sex with your boyfriend, your parents can still do nothing because it is impossible for them to follow every of your single step. Somehow, it’s hard to say “No’ when the feel has come. But before you really give your precious body to your boyfriend, remember to ask yourself is him the right person that you should give to??? You are crazy about him, but are you sure that he is crazy about you??? If yes, how sure are you???

Guys are very discriminate and selfish human. Not to say all but most of them are. They will prefer their girlfriend is a virgin but they prefer themselves not a virgin. They don’t mind of screwing other girl’s virginity but yet they hope that their girlfriend is a virgin, Hahaha. The story is just like guy loves to see other guy’s girlfriend wear very sexy and but yet they don’t allow their girlfriend to wear sexy wears…..

There is actually an unfair treatment to guys and girls. Not to say the Western culture. Just imagine parents who have 1 son and 1 daughter. Imagine that one day, both of their son and daughter come back to house and at the same time, the son claim that he has screw the virginity of his girlfriend and the daughter also claim that her virginity has been screwed by her boyfriend. Try to think who will be the first that get concern from their parents??? The son or the daughter??? I am pretty sure that it will be the daughter because the culture has treats girl’s virginity much more important than guy’s one. Therefore, guys don’t really mind they lost their virginity and in fact, they will feel proud of it…..

I have heard that there were many girls have actually gave everything of them to their boyfriends. But after some times, they found out that their boy friends were actually not as good as they think. Some have affairs with other girls, some have treated them as sex toys, some have even beaten them but yet they still don’t want to leave the Mr. Bad. Why??? Because they perceived that they have sacrifice so much for the guy and whatever happen, just let it be and they will just open one eye and close one eye. Do you think they are in the state of happiness??? I don’t think so…..

3. Now, let’s talk about getting married. Girls, before promise of getting married with your boyfriend, try to ask yourself how well do you know him??? Is him really the right one??? Make sure the level of happiness after getting married is much more higher compared to the level of happiness as in the status of in a relationship. If it is not higher, then it’s better to stay “in a relationship” rather than “married”…..

4. Following the time, there are many things happen in our life every second, every minutes, every hour and every day. However, try to let things happen rather than make it happen. You should feel more comfortable if you do so…..

Basically, these are all the ideas that I got from discussion. It’s all my subjective opinions and some of you may think of another way round. But yet, it’s just a sharing for all my friends especially the female friends and I wish no offence…..

Well, yesterday was 101010. I have accompany my god brother went to UKM to support performance of his girlfriend. It was actually the UKM’s 31st Tanglung Festival and they organized an opera performance or 歌舞剧. The theme was called Flor de Marriage or 花嫁. Let me explain the story. Oppss, no, I shall say let me copy paste the synopsis from the booklet…..

花嫁有婚纱铁娘子称号的Rose是婚纱店“浪漫世纪”的老板。在2010年2月14日,“浪漫世纪”举办了一场国际婚纱展,获得各界的好评。在庆功宴里,婚纱店幕后大老板---Rose的男朋友Boston,也出现了。回到家里,爷爷奶奶同往常般的催促Rose 赶紧结婚。爷爷奶奶希望可以在有生之年,看到Rose一传统的结婚方式嫁位好老公。奶奶甚至还拿出了传家之宝,希望可以让Rose在出嫁之日穿上。双方为了传统与前卫的思维产生了摩擦。这天,Boston的老婆---Xena来到了婚纱店并警告Rose别再纠缠Boston了。Rose正为此事烦恼之际,助理--- Bruce却向Rose告白了。一早就知道Bruce 心意的Rose表明自己根本无法接受Bruce。最后,Rose成为别人婚姻的第三者的事还是被爷爷奶奶知道了。爷爷奶奶也因此和她起了激烈的争执。Rose的执迷不悔更把爷爷气得高血压入院了。为此,Rose相当自责。面对一连串的突发事件,Rose眼看自己所拥有的一切即将被无情摧毁,再回想起自己与爷爷奶奶的过往,不禁悲从中来,为了完成爷爷的心愿,Rose决定与Bruce举办一个假婚礼,好让爷爷了了一个心愿。最后,发现原来幸福其实就在自己的身边,选择了和Bruce过着一生一世的幸福。

Basically, that’s the simple description regarding the opera. I shall use one word to describe the performance --- AWESOME. If you have read through the synopsis, you might perceive that the story line is actually very normal. Honestly say, for me, the story line is very simple and normal. However, if you have really watched the live opera, it does provide you a sense of marvelous and amazing feel. The overall performance, acting professionalism, stage design, sound and lighting control, songs and dancing performance were really carry in the most professional manner. I was really impressed with it and the performance was really laudable. Calix, if you watch it, I bet you will give a big hand clap. Hahaha…..

Yesterday was 101010 and the President for the event said that 10 represent as a good number among the Chinese, 十全十美. Yesterday morning when I attend the photo session for Fong Li convocation, I did saw many couples taking their marriage photo in the studio. Many couples have got married on the day and I think there should have many “coupling-in-process” couples already officially become lovers yesterday. Well, at least 2 of my best friends did so. Hahaha, congratulation to both of you and I pray that both of you can walk till the end…..

Today is the 13th day and I never think that I can hold that promise for so long. Keep it up ya TEG and I really need some luck in the 15th day. Friends, if you read this, please pray for me on Wednesday. I can’t tell you on what matter it is but seriously, I need your luck. Thank You…..

To Fong Li, I am glad to attend your convocation. Thanks for your invitation : )

To Pei Ting, I am sorry for not able to attend your convocation. See you again =)

Hmmm, I am tired enough, really tired enough…..