Saturday, March 9, 2013

Finally, I am Down

I am down
Fever of 37.70'C
That's what the doctor claimed to be a high fever
Despite a 0.70'C variance with normal body temperature
And I am not sure whether she is trying to scare me

3 coconut juice
2 large size 100 Plus
1 bottle of cough syrup
And I am not sure whether I have fully recovered
At least not for the cough
As it usually takes me a recovery period of more than a month

I got the very first MC in my 2.5 years working life for Friday
And yet I did not utilize well the sicking holiday
There were plenty of works
And I don't really feel sick / tired except a little headache
I hate to say this
But still
Fuck My Life!!!
Fuck My Life!!!

Whenever the sickness came
I just couldn't stop myself from recall the stories
Especially the dream on Wednesday night
I am not sure whether you are thinking of me or I am thinking of you
It coulb be the latter
And I am pretty sure that I remembered every single moment in the dream
The goodbye moment was indeed an unusual one
I turned back
Hoping to ask for a stay
But yet it was replaced with a simple goodbye and a simple take care
Perhaps this is how it ended so well

After a Fuck of My Life
Look at the cherish moment during the appreciation night