Friday, February 27, 2015

Happy CNY 2015

Happy CNY 2015 to everyone that I know and I don't know
Tonight will be my last night in Terengganu, at least for this quarter
And how I wish that I can celebrate my love for you, Tonight

It's a 2 weeks holiday and time is deemed to past very slow this time
Feeling towards CNY is getting diluted and I am not sure whether it's caused by aging
In fact I only got my first Ang Pow in the 3rd day of CNY
And the 1st & 2nd days well utilized - sleeping

As usual
CNY is a good time to gather with family
But it's kinda sad to see them turn older as time passes
Or perhaps this is the so called life cycle
Mom said we will probably have our CNY in KL next year if the new house complete by year end
So let's see how

Got no choice to brought back the company laptop
And I really dislike working during my holiday
And I am scared of going back tomorrow to face the new month
Several appointments lining up, being internal or external
Keep telling myself
Wait for the bonus and if possible another promotion
Yes I am hunger for it

The construction of the new house should be completed soon
Substructure has been completed and I am expecting a full completion by year end
And financial commitment will be increasing thereafter

It was a great feeling on Wednesday night
3 of us, Pei Ting & Shu Fen went to Star Anise but it was closed
And Pei Ting called her Brother in Law who was in the shop
Considering our aggressiveness for a drinking session
We were allowed to go in even though they are closed
Thanks for granting us a private session and the cakes as complimentary

Last night was a memorable night if we dated it back to several years ago
Not sure if tonight would be a sleepable night but I hope it does
Happy CNY to those I have not wish personally


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