Thursday, November 22, 2012

Let It Happen - 221112

Almost a month since the previous blog post.
Well, I am in Terengganu now
As usual, K.T. in K.T., Kim Thor in Kuala Terengganu
But tonight would be the second last night here, at least for this year

My current status - jobless
Yeah, I resigned and I was hiding here for almost 10 days
Anyway, the jobless status would be terminated in a couple of days later
Finally, the letter of offer was accepted without hesitation
Subsequently, the letter of resignation was tendered with quandary
Million thanks to those bosses who have been trying hard to counter offer 
No worry and a sincere thank you from me

Going to join a new bank on the coming Monday
For those who were so keen to know which bank I am joining
I would say
Give it a guess

Superficially, I was so desperate to join the new bank soonest as possible
I was keen to explore some new stuffs for career and self development
But no matter how keen am I
There was still a little bit flustered feeling
What to do
Human being
I guess it's normal for this feeling to arise when we are getting into a new environment
Anyway, life goes on
May a new workplace grant me the opportunity to figure out my authentic self

Have a great chat with so many friends during these 10 days
Thanks for the advises
But, I mind the sentence
Want it concretely; reject it concretely, if not
So the best sentence is still - 
Let it happen rather than make it happen

Well, it's almost 27 months since graduation
The laptop which was with me since the day I entered into MMU finally down
Luckily it's yet to be certified as I got a best friend who was so pro in technology
Thanks to Wei Keong
It kept the best memories 

Nokia 6233 is finally down also
Luckily the spoiled part was only the cover
Unfortunately, I failed to get a replacement part though I have walked the whole Low Yat 
Still, it's with me with the unchanged number
The time the device with me was much more longer than the Compaq Presario
I guess the period is almost 6 years
I would say it's much more important than my Galaxy Note
Don't know why
The feeling was just ineffable and unutterable

I have been went to the beach for almost 4 times in these 10 days
But this time wasn't alone and I have company
It wasn't a starless night
An identical thought, again and again 
Great story, great sharing and thanks for listening

I am Waiting