Saturday, May 11, 2013

Firstly, Secondly & Thirdly

Congratulation to Calix for his success of becoming a house owner
My apology for not attending the house warming as promised
Put the blame on the hefty workloads
May everything go smooth
May he likes the iron that we give
Looking forward for the next gathering

I am tired with the current working life
I think I was demoralized after a 6 months hectic life
One of the Relationship Manager that I assisted has resigned
Everything were handed over to me
I was overloaded
Boss said he hopes he couldn't get a replacement
He wanted to promote me become the RM
I told him I am not ready yet
And he answered me firmly that I am more than ready and qualified
Everyone in the team was encouraging me to take over the portfolio
I don't know whether there will be any big jump in my salary over the promotion
But I seriously do not want to take any sales target
Think on the flip side
If I do not want to become a RM
Am I going to be an Assistant for the rest my of banking life???
Then what's the purpose I obtained all the qualifications???
I don't know
The one to one session with boss is on Tuesday???
He will sure talk about this
How should I response???
What is my will???
What shall I do???
Who am I???
What am I searching for???
I want a simple life
The life when I was in Hanoi

I like you
I like you for you
Longing for facing the Halong Bay with you