Sunday, May 26, 2013


A long weekend of 3 days
Going to end once I close my eyes
Stayed anxiously in these 3 day due to the housing issue
Parents were chasing me to purchase a house
Found a pricey service apartment
700 square feet with RM 420K
I love the fully furnished feature especially the interior design
Dad & Mom love it too
But Bro claimed that the build up was too small
I almost pay the booking fees 
But in the end I decided to drop my mind
As a finance student
I always emphasize on undervalued & overvalued
Look at the interior design
I inadvertently think about you
I am pretty sure that you will like it too
Can't deny that I would dream of living together with you
Perhaps it's a dream of every men
But still
It was only just a dream

Health condition was getting poorer
Cough and flu viruses started the attack again
I think it was the third attack after I joined the bank
Started to experience headache which I seldom experience previously
Appetite wasn't as good as previously
Would it because of working stress or insufficient sleeping hours???
Not sure

A simple met up with Calix last week
I was still able to meet him though I missed the birthday celebration
Great chat in McDonald
It was always a special conversation when there were only 2 of us
I really hope for the next gathering

I wasn't lucky enough to meet Chloe
She text me last week ask for a meet up on the night before her convocation
I couldn't make it as I was rushing on a credit paper
Congratulation again!!!

Was quite moody tonight
Bought a lot of junk foods
Looking back the old photos in Facebook & Albums
Noticed that we actually missed out a lot
It's almost 3 years
Years and years I am counting down
Instead of asking what have I gained in these years
Perhaps I shall asked what have I missed in these years
And the answer is I missed infinitely
For now
Or at least for the night
I miss the missed
Listening to the old songs
Fields of Gold
And the feeling was indescribable

Just after the Hanoi trip
I think it's time to plan for the next trip
It's time to find the authentic self
Going to reach second half of 2013
And I still have more than 20 days leave
Would probably block the leave on September
Get myself a short & simple back pack trip
Like the old song sound
Fly Me to the Moon
If not fall me to the Fields of Golds

A Miserable Night
A Night of Miss the Missed
A Night of Misery