Monday, February 11, 2013


Say Hi to the 3rd night in Kuala Terengganu
Say Happy Chinese New Year to all beloved
the frequent used sentence
K.T. in K.T.....Kim Thor in Kuala Terengganu
has seems to be traditionally liked by those Facebookers
Perhaps I should be more creative with regards to this posting
I am who I am

This year was an exceptional Chinese New Year for me
Longer time to spend with my own family and my home
Reached K.T. at 6 am Friday and chit-chatting with mom for few hours before resting
I enjoyed the moment pretty much

While cleaning the bedroom
I inadvertently found my very first electric guitar - Vintage
The bag was perfectly covered by dust 
I am not sure whether the guitar is still usable

The second electric guitar - Ibanez was in K.L.
But both gears seems have been neglected for few years
Watched Glay's Expo in Youtube and I really missed the moment when we perform on stage
Considering the need to unlock myself from the memories
There is a plan to sell off all the gears and then get myself an Acoustic Guitar or an Ukulele
At least I need not carry an amplifier in order to get the soul from the guitar's sound

Acoustic and Ukulele
I think I should be able to recover the previous fingering techniques 
Interested with Ukulele since MMU time 
It happened after I watched the cute Korean Kid's performance
With my previous 6 strings fingering technique
I guess it shouldn't be hard to master the 4 string instrument
I realize that my love towards music is still ongoing
It happened after I re-listen to T-Square music during the daily bus and LRT time

Going to schedule my timetable properly
Realizing that it's an unsustainable way of working till 11 p.m. every day
It would be better to enter into office by 7.15 a.m., leave at 9.00 a.m.
At least I have some time for myself
Apart from reading financial times and working on credit paper

Ooo yaa
Found the convocation album as well
The 2 photos really make up my day
It was once an ordinary one
It was now a feverish one
Thank You

Going to invest in US stock market soon
A faster way of accumulating my wealth
Is this one of the new year resolution???
Not sure
But I would really enjoy 
When my heart beat move in tandem with the fluctuating share price 

Google is celebrating CNY as well
I love the CNY interface
I love the Snake and the maze
It reminds me the Nokia time when we play a game called Snake
Hope the newly hired CEO from Google is able to transform Yahoo into next Google
Then I would sincerely say Thank You

Looking forward to the Hanoi tour in April
I hope it would not be an April Fool for the best friend who are going with me
I pray hard that everything going smooth

It was extremely easy to recall back the old times especially during CNY
Not sure why
Perhaps it was due to the great emphasize on this festive season
And all that has happened during this festive season
A sincere wish from me
Happy Chinese Year

I was happy to see that Terengganu is riding on improving track
Great meeting up with parents
It was interesting listening to them about hometown stories when you are away 
Other than gathering with family and friends
There is nothing better than visiting the seaside at the night time
It's a must to re-enjoy the feeling
Trust me
It's just as simple as re-enjoy 

One Good Thing About K.T. 
I am Able to Lay on a Beach Chair
Facing the South China Sea
Feel the Soul of the Wind
It Was 12.30 a.m.
And I Was Thinking of You