Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Fourth night in Kuala Terengganu
Came back from grandfather's house
Joke of the night
Grandfather's Ang Pow amount rises corresponded with inflation rate every year
What a considerate grandfather =)

Got some info from uncle with regards to his company's performance
Good to me who have been one of the minority shareholder 
Pray hard that the business is sustainable with improving sales and indomitable net profit
I need money, money and money

Great chat with father these few days about stock market
Every investor is supposed to form his / her own investing strategy
Similar to a credit writer
Every credit writer is supposed to form his / her own credit writing style
Never influence by others
You are who you are

Looking at US stock market now
One of my favorable stock is gaining its new high
Thanks to my post last night

I was hiding in my home these few days despite CNY celebration
Just wanted to spend more time with parents
Perhaps the CNY mood is cooling as the age is growing 
No doubt everyone in the office keep saying that I am still very young
But I just never learn about self satisfaction
Just wait and see what will happen this year
By the way
Tomorrow is going out for the whole day visitation
Hopefully it will be a good day with great mood

Got a RM 300 voucher for one of the hotel in Cameron Highland
Going to expired in April 2013
Really hope that I am able to utilize the voucher and I really miss the hill so much
Went there with Calix and team half year ago
The fresh air, food taste, joy and fun were all in my mind
I guess it would be a perfect life if I could stay there for few weeks
This is only a dream
A similar dream of having RM 40 million in my life
It's just suit the perfect dreamer
Are we going up the hill???
I hope we do
If only you don't mind

Dad received the Longchamp today which he ordered from UK for mom
Mom definitely felt happy with her new toy
Especially when she loves simple design
What about you???
Which brand that you prefer the most???
If we have chance to meet up in Pavillion one day later
Let me know please
Then I shall show you the way to the shop

Gathering with Calix and Team a Couple of Weeks Ago
We Went to Nadeje Patisserie As Usual
Memories Remained
Coffee Changed 
Just Like Changes in Peoples
It Explained the Vaporization of the Very First Original Layer Cake's Taste
No More Illy Coffee
It's Now Called I-Tokyo
The Coffee Was Served Cold
Freezing the Sweet Memories
Forever and Ever

Once in a Year Gathering
Great One
With Every Touching Song
It Reminded Me About the Vanice's Tear
Realizing that
We Were Not As Far Apart As I Thought

I Couldn't Understand The Reason That Makes You So Pricey
I Then Realized That It Happened When Maurice Met Lacroix
I Need Not to Rush
3 Years Time Will Pass
And You Will Be Ticking On My Hand