Sunday, February 17, 2013

Last Night

Done with the 1 week CNY holiday in KT
Going to fly back to KL in 7 hours without using my own wings
As usual
I don't think I can sleep well tonight
I guess its better to prolong the night by facing internet at this hour

Going to leave parents for an unknown period
May mom faster recover from her coughing
Its really a great chat with dad about stock market
I gained a lot of insights
A sincere thank you to both of you for this week and for the past 25 years

Had many meet up sessions with friends in this week
The unforgettable BBQ session
Thanks everyone for every sharing
Everyone were just remained the same
One friend said that I became more arrogant
I don't really know whether I have changed 
If yes
I hope I changed to a better one
Talk about arrogant
My authentic self were not arrogant at all
I am still who I am
But I really need to project an arrogant image in order to mirror a strong self confident
This is to generate stronger bargaining power when dealing with customers
One of the requirement formy position
I believe those who know me well should understand
Please bear with me

Glad to know that Ino had successfully recovered the relationship with his GF
His waiting for more than 1 year finally bear some sweet fruits
Thanks for the advise during the seaside night
Hopefully this year will be a brighter year for me

Great chatting with TK and KK as well
Learnt a lot about civil and software engineering
Job scopes, duties, cranes, aerial lifts, construction, progressive claim and etc 
What to do
My job required understanding of various business models for different industries
Work-Life Balance
Thanks for your advise
May you achieve your dream very soon

Great session with Xan as well
The topic just can't run away from banking, credit and investment
All the best in your path towards the loves one

This year
Other than hoping for a higher level in working life
A friend said
No matter how
Must get into a relationship this year regardless of dogs and cats (translate from Chinese)
That's funny enough
Really enough enough

I remembered a friend once said
Don't get into a relationship just for the sake of getting into a relationship
True enough
The world is too mystery
It then caused peoples to become miserable
Sometimes it's not you, who are going to make the decision
It depend on many other factors
And the worst thing is we can't change the world
It's not about courage or prowess
Once you have got the experience
Then you will realize that changes are the hardest thing
Especially when the current distance is just great enough
It's great enough until I don't bother to know even a little bit more
Shall we use the same sentence???
Don't make it happen
Let it happen
I hope I put it in practice

See You in My Dream
Great Night
Great Great K.T. Night