Friday, February 15, 2013

Coffee Lovers

Post Valentine's Day
As usual
Nothing special
Just a simple meet up with friends
Having my favorite Mango Sago Ice

If I were to recall back the previous memories during Valentines's Day
Seems like I couldn't recall well
The memories were quite blurry
Let it be
Let it Be

Google is celebrating Valentine's Day as usual
Not only that
It was a tribute to George W.G. Ferris Jr. by celebrating his 154th birthday
What a creative interface via combination of Valentine's theme and Ferris Wheel
2 pronged strategy
But I had really smile watching different animals celebrating their Valentine

Going back to the city of reality in Sunday
Should have started counting down the days
A short turnaround time of 1 hour via flight
See you in K.L.
See you in Genting
See you in Cameron Highland
See you in my Dream

I guess I am going back to Bank after reach K.L.
The mail box should have exploded
As usual
Hope to settle some smallish matter before start a brand new working day
Brand new working day
Brand new schedule
I have indeed promised myself early this year
After CNY holiday
I am going to enter office by 7.15 a.m.
1 hour of Financial Times
15 minutes of my usual cereal breakfast
15 minutes of email reading / cleaning
8.45 a.m.
Start the war

Definitely going to grab my Illy's cappucino this Sunday
Last drink was a couple of weeks ago after back from Malacca
Notwithstanding the 5 minutes distance between the coffee shop and my office
But I really got no time to taste just a cup of coffee
Almost forget about this until I saw the post by Illy today

Coffee Drinkers are Better Lovers
Give me a chance and I will definitely prove it
After so long
I guess I am mature enough
Fully equipped with the standard qualifications
Do remember
Let it happen rather than make it happen
No worry
The life as a Cancer remained
The silency resumed and I know nothing
Nothing at all

I am a Coffee Drinker
I Guess I am a Better Lover As Well
How About You??? 
No Worry
Back to the Picture
I Assure You
The Time I Finish 1 Shot on Bed Will Definitely Longer Than The Time I Finish 1 Shot of Espresso
Kim Thor Say So