Thursday, April 7, 2011

Soul Love

Say Hi to the night before I attend the briefing in Head Office tomorrow morning. Ya, I am going back to Head Office tomorrow. Hopefully, I have the chance to meet with some CAP mates =)

As usual, recently was busy with job. Hmmm, life as an ARM always start at 6 p.m. The same words again. It's depend on how you value it. If you take it as an enjoyment, then it is an enjoyment. If you take it as a tension, then it is a tension. So what's for me??? For me, sometimes it's an enjoyment, sometimes it's a tension. Hahaha. Whatever it is, life goes on. Piak~~~

All the challenges are coming soon. The OMEGA exam will be held on 18th of May and starting on May, I will have the training for CCP. Hmmm, luckily my name is THOR. I am the mighty THOR, weak and yet strong.....

I brought my electric guitar back to K.L. but seems like I don't have time to practice. Ooo yaa, I am wondering why peoples always perceive that men are those who knows to play Dota and watch football. I just heard that few days ago. If you don't practice that, then you are not a man. Why??? Why this must be the case??? Why I can't say that those who don't know play guitar and singing are not qualify to be man??? Man what, must be a rocker. So??? Fuck Off~~~

Currently listening to an old song, Soul Love by Glay. It's one of my favorite song from Glay. It's also my first song jamming with Gray@tmosphere. THOR shout out loud: Whatever it is, I can't give you more. So what about giving you a Soul Love??? Sounds ordinary??? What if I add one more word - Endless. How is it??? I hope it sound better.....


Great Soul Love Night