Friday, January 14, 2011

Kuala Lumpur, Terengganu, Batu Pahat

Say Hi to the day before weekend. Finally I finished the group project and now waiting for presentation. Hopefully, everything will be going smooth for the new year.....

Last night got a tag from Calix in FB. He planned to come to KL for the next Taylor luxury dinner in this coming Friday. Hahaha, talk about this, there was actually a coincident thing happened. Yesterday when I was on my way coming back home, I just planned to tag him in FB and tell him that I planned to have my second visit to Batu Pahat. But then when reached home, on the FB and then I saw his tag. Hahaha, shall I called this a rapport??? Hmmm, it's really a long time didn't experience such a rapport with this best friend after leaved MMU. Again, the feeling has come back =)

I am going back to KT in this coming Monday night to attend a ceremony. It will be a rush because I am going back to KL on Tuesday. Mom called me just now to confirm the time and I did requested her to buy me few packets of keropok. She then asked me which types of keropok that I want, is it the same type as she bought for me to give to Calix last time. Hahaha, can't believe my mom still remembered that. Then I answer yes. It's exactly the same because I am going to give the keropok to Calix also. Hahaha, may the Pang's family can try some keropok during this CNY. If not mistaken, I remembered that his sisters like the keropok that I gave last time very much =)

Since Calix will come to KL this weekend, then I think I might as well postpone my trip to Batu Pahat to a date after CNY. Really can't wait to meet them because I was hunger to watch Tian Tian Hao Tian with them, karaoke and for sure, some great foods. Hahaha, well talk about the movie, can't believe I can't find any friends to accompany me to watch that movie. They just perceive that that type of movie is not worth watching. OMG, I am really speechless. Whatever it is, it is important to get friends from the same world to watch the movie. Only then it will generate a great great feeling. Looking forward to get back the feeling of MBO in Malacca =)

Hope the plan will be going smooth on Friday. May I reach KT safely on Monday. May everyone has a great weekend =)

Great Plan for Friday