Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Mighty Car - JGA 5268

Say Hi to the night before Monday. This post is for the purpose of record down the happy moment where I spent with Calix and gang.....


I went to Taylor University to meet with Calix, Chloe, Queenie and a new friend called William. We had our dinner in the restaurant used for practical for Taylor's students. It's a simple luxury dinner because there were peoples served us. Dishes for that day were vegetables pie, lamb steak, chocolate cake and etc. That's my first dinner with Calix after Batu Pahat visitation. Quite an enjoyable moment =)

After the dinner session, we had a simple chatting night beside the lake in Taylor. Such a great night view and there were a lot of funny topics being raised out. It's just the feeling was quite weird because I was sitting in the middle of 1 couples and 1-soon-to-be couple. Hmmm, just realized there were many friends already entered into relationship. Many friends are able to celebrating 2011 Valentine's Day. What about me??? I am still standing on the same point. Didn't move at all. Anyway, it's still an enjoyable moment.....

We went to Chloe's house after the session. Basically, we were just have a simple rest before shoot up to Genting. Well, that was the first time I went to Genting together with Calix. The moment where we experienced the cold wind while walking from car park to Starbucks will always remain in my memory. Basically, it's just a simple Starbucks night. Hmmm, Genting Starbucks is always the Starbucks outlet that I love the most. It not only stored coffees, it also stored the most memorable memory for me.....

As usual, we had our coffee, hot chocolates, cakes and a simple chatting night there. The topic for that night was about their love story and I am just a listener. It's kind of special night and then we went back on about 4.30 a.m. and reached Chloe's house at 6 a.m. After that, needless to say, we spend our night at her house.....


We woke up at around 10.30 a.m. After preparation, we went to Mid Valley for our whole day outgoing session. Due to our hungriness, we had our luxury lunch in Tony Roma restaurant. Because we have heard that the meal in Tony Roma was in huge size, so we just ordered 3 meals and shared among 4 of us. But when the foods reached, just realized that it's not as huge as we perceive. By the way, we were still full. I have brought Calix and Chloe to Chili's and Tony Roma. Our next meal will be in T.G.I Friday =)

After the lunch, then came the moment which I have longed for long time. It's our 2 continuous movies movie session. We watched Homecoming first the followed by Great Day. Queenie just joined us for Homecoming because she needs to meet her friend. Well, both were awesome movies. According to Calix, Homecoming is a movie which consisted of a lot of funny scenes and promote positive values while Great Day is a movie where you need to watch by your heart and then you will realized the messages and values. It's just great to watch the movies with friends who were in the same world as me. Feeling has back and it's marvelous. Anyway, after the 2 movies, a lot of memories, feelings and thoughts appeared in my mind. I just feel like..........Hmmm, unexplainable.....

We finished our movie session on 7.15 p.m. Then 3 of us just strolling around in Mid Valley. Plan to shop for something but unfortunately there was no fruitful shopping. When the time reached 8 p.m. we had our prosperous dinner in Manhattan Fish Market Restaurant. We ordered a seafood platter. OMG, the platter was extremely nice. It consisted of herb rice, potato chips, fish, long leg crab, squid and prawn. Didn't really expect that I got a chance to tasted seafood with Calix in K.L. By the way, a special topic arise during our dinner. We plan to have a fishing session in a big ocean. Well, this CNY, I am going to ask my dad regarding the fishing rode and fishing accessories that he sell last time. Don't know whether there is still any stocks left. If yes, going to grab from him and then may we put our dream into realistic. First station - Tasik Kenyir in my lovely hometown. Hahaha, Calix, no worry, I got many holes regarding ships for fishing in Tasik Kenyir. Hopefully the dream comes true and then you can visit to my new home in KT. My mom is always waiting =)

Basically, that's all for the 2 days 1 night tour. Thanks for Calix, Chloe and Queenie for the Great Day. The feeling that I have longed for such a long time have been reached. The rapport between me and Calix is still there and I believed it is always there. I really feel happy that after graduated from MMU, I am still able to keep in touch with this friend even though we were apart. In fact, the times that I meet him is even more than the times I meet my MMU's friends who stayed in KL. Already 7 months I left MMU but within this period, I have meet with Calix 4 times. So, in average, we meet once in 2 months. Pray hard that this situation can be continue. Perhaps, the situation whereby I visit to Batu Pahat or Muar once in 2 months time and he visit KL once in 2 months time will be good. May the friendship keep on continue, blossom and long lasting =)

曾几何时,因为没有钱,因为没有车,我输掉了很多很重要的东西。Calix说,这个世界是很不公平的,当你接触的人越来越多时,你就会发现这个世界多么的不公平。唯一公平的就是每个人都要死。现在的我,钱,我有很多,全部都是靠我自己努力赚回来的。车呢,上两个星期去看了car exhibition。现在在等3月4号,到时如果真的确定被posted在KL工作的话,就肯定会出一辆车,希望一切顺利。钱,可以买得回以前的时间吗???如果可以的话,我会愿意将户口里所有的钱,买回我在MMU的时间。我不贪心,最后两个sem就好。Hmmm, whatever it is, it's impossible. It's just I am still living in the past and reluctant to looking forward. Just to shout something nonsense. Do ignore if readers think that it's nonsense. Hahaha =)

Ooo yaa, as a Lender of Luck, I am disbursing my luck to the someone.....

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