Monday, January 17, 2011

Mother's Love

Later 10 p.m. will go back to Kuala Terengganu. I am going back by bus. Not able to join Wei Loon for the flight because today was another first day of my job attachment in HQ and therefore it would be very rush for me if I want to go to airport. By the way, tomorrow night will come back to KL by MAS.....

Just now, after finished working hours, I went to KLCC to buy some Portuguese Egg Tarts for my lovely parents. Portuguese Egg Tart was my parents favorite foods and it is hardly to find in KT. So, I just bought some for their breakfast tomorrow. But then when I just reached home, guess what happen??? My mom called me and asked me what breakfast that I want to have for tomorrow. Hahaha, another coincidence thing. Hmmm, mom is still a mom. She is still the same, always asked me what foods that I want to eat whenever I want to go back KT. Previously when I am going back from Malacca to KT, she will also prepared foods that I like. Now is still the same. Really thanks a lot =)

It has been quite a long time didn't take a long distance bus. Hmmm, the feeling is like.....I also don't know how to say. Hehehe, alone in the bus can provide an opportunity for me to think back a lot of things. It's good also to get back the feeling. Hahaha, just wait and see how later =)

Great and Safe Journey to KT