Friday, March 11, 2011


Say Hi to the night before weekend. Just finish updated my private blog, then feel like come here and shout out some words.....

Today is my 5th day in Setapak Business Center. All the colleagues there are very nice persons. I learnt quite a lot of new things and for sure I have been scolded by my head few times too. Anyway, I don't have any hard feelings and I knew that my head have the means to train me become a professional ARM. Quite enjoy every time after he scolded me because I used to gain something after that. I am such an open minded guy. Hahaha.....

Within this few days, I have tasted a lot of luxury lunches which I have never try before. Million thanks to my head. Ooo yaa, today after the lunch session, my head treated us a coffee session in a luxury coffee shop called Lil located in Pavillion. I ordered a beverage called half-half. It's a rich liquid chocolate mixed with espresso and ice. OMG, I can never forget the first taste when it melts in my mouth. Next time, if possible, hope to bring some friends who are in the same world with me to there for a hi tea session. Also, dedicated the nice beverage to those coffee lovers =)

After back to office, when I was trying to google some information for my task, I found a news about the serious earthquake which hit Japan on 1.45 p.m. The news said that it might cause tsunami in some nations. Also found a news said that in Terengganu, polices were patrol in beaches to spot if there is any signal of tsunami. When my mom called me to discuss about the new car matter just now, she also mentioned that it's quite dangerous for them because my family stayed opposite a sea. Whatever it is, my prayer for Japan. Hopefully there is nothing happen to the other places, nothing happen to Terengganu. Blessing and Namoamitabha~~~

Great Blessing For The World