Friday, March 4, 2011

Last Day - 04.03.2011

Say Hi to the day I finish my Credit Associate Program 2's training. Can't believe period of 7 months passed so fast. Today is the last day and we don't have training or attachment. Just went to training center, waiting for the evening whereby one of the head from Commercial Banking hands on the letter of posting to us.....

Within this 7 months, I shall say I did learnt a lot of things from classroom training and job attachment. There were 15 of CAPs in total and everyone came from different background, states and have different characteristics and personalities.....

In this period, I don't really do my best during the program. Many of you keep on saying that I was one of the best performers in the class based on the KPI and examinations. In fact, I am not. Honestly say, I don't really fight for a ranking. I think all of you also knew that I always sleep in the class. My hobby of sleeping even generated during the job attachment in Head Office. Furthermore, you all should knew my characteristic which I like to do stupid act and say dirty jokes. Thus, I don't really care for the ranking and I just want to do whatever I am interested in and forgo those that are not my interest. I enjoyed the "no competition" CAP and I enjoyed the moment spend with you guys. It's just relax and no tension =)

Some of you have asked me whether I feel unhappy with the posting to Setapak and not Head Office. Hmmm, to be honest, I really don't know how to answer. I would like to start from bottom and I don't really prepared to go into Head Office's environment. So it's definitely good for me to be posted to Setapak because I heard that colleagues there were all nice and like to teach. But then at some moments, I feel like it's a waste for not entering Head Office after attended a 7 months training. Hmmm, don't really know what I want. Perhaps I just need to settle down in the new environment and cope with the challenges first. So Setapak is a great place for me =)

Well, I did enjoyed every moment spent with all of you. I think during the program, everyone have perceived me as someone who are crazy and like to do stupid things. Hahaha, someone told me that most of you guys perceived me as Joker. Honestly say, I feel really happy when I heard the word Joker. I just hope that all of you won't feel angry to me because I admit that sometimes my action and words were really annoying and childish. Hahaha. Anyway, I feel glad that I am able to bring fun to the CAPs =)

Today, when all of us saying goodbye and hugging each other, my mood was down all of a sudden. Then just realized that I am kinda hate the feeling of separation. Whatever it is, for those who are going back to East Malaysia and Pinang, I wish you all the best. Same to those who remain in K.L. Keep in touch and I don't really wish this Friendship Cycle will only last for 7 months.....

We are going to have a new life in this coming Monday. I have promised myself to grab as much learning as I can in the shortest period. Hopefully, I am able to master the job skill to work well together with my colleagues. Together, perform as a great Business Center. I am going to make myself as busy as possible so that I can stop myself from thinking too much of other things. View from another perspective, perhaps it's a kind of enjoyment too. Also, hope you guys have your direction as well. I also take this chance to apologize to all of you if my action did offence you guys. I am going to miss you all after this. So are you all going to miss the stupid act, funny and dirty jokes from TEG??? I hope you all do =)

The Fairwell Night in Bayou Cafe

Last Lunch in Bangi Training Center

Great Night