Friday, December 17, 2010


Say Hi to the day before weekend. Well, last night's sleep was not really a good one. I am able to fall asleep, but don't know why recently I will always wake up automatically at 5.30 a.m. and I was supposed to sleep until 7 a.m. Then after wake up, cannot continue to sleep anymore. Don't really like this type of situation. My god bro told me that this happen because I am not able to put down all the stress and fully relaxing myself. Well, sound true also, every time when I wake up, the my brain will straight come out with those matter. I need blessing~

Today, after wake up, there was nothing I can do. So just open up the FB. Well, the first post that I saw was attracting me. It's just a simple click inside, then everything were revealed. Hahaha, by the way, I was not shocked because few friends already inform me about that matter. What I seen this morning was just a truth. Aha.....

Hmmm, I don't really know why I will behave like this. Honestly say, the previous Kim Thor was not behave in that manner. Previously, not to say long time ago, just talk about the nearest time during my university life. I enjoy my life every day. Have fun with friends, study with pleasure, sing hard, eat nice, got recognition in Banking & Finance and etc. I can live with myself, stay free, steady, dashing and refined Don't have any stress and I can easily put down whatever sadness matters and don't bother about any problems. But now, it seems like I have lost the foremost steady and dashing characteristic of mine. Don't really smile happily and used to act irrational. Hmmm.....

Why like this??? Calix was my best friend and he knew me very much. When I visit to B.P, I once asked him why I will behave so irrational and this is not really the Kim Thor that he knew. Well, his answer is "Because you have act extremely serious this time and your stubborn has caused that too. However, stubborn is a good thing because it makes you stronger." Perhaps, it's true. Previously, I don't really committed to a high level of seriousness but this time, I used to be committed. I was a rational person for so long but this time, I lose to it. Therefore, stubborn seems don't make me strong and in fact, it makes me weaker. Haha. I also hope that I can get rid off from this behavior but yet, I failed. Since I can't get rid off it, then by as well let it be.....

Today when sitting inside the LRT, an uncle came in from Masjid Jamek station and asked me how to go to Bukit Jalil. Then I informed him that I was going to that station also and asked him to follow me. Then I teach him the way to see the LRT route. He told me that he was from Singapore and that's the first time he took Malaysia LRT. Important point is he praised that Malaysia's LRT is good. OMG, then I just answered him sweatily, I think Singapore's MRT is much more better. Then he said Malaysia's one is not bad too. Hmmm, whatever it is. Let it be and by the way, I did a great thing again =)

Tomorrow will have an outgoing session with my god bro. Then will go and meet Lim Hwa and Fong Li in Sunway. After that will go to visit my grandfather. Hopefully, everything going smooth tomorrow.....

Again, please don't perceive this blog post as an emotional post. In fact, it is not and please don't ever perceive it as a blog to gain sympathy. If those are the purposes, I might as well post it in FB rather than this Earth of Golds. It is just a voice out of whatever my true feeling in my blog. Thank You~

It's Saturday. May everyone has a lovely weekend. So do I. May both of Them enjoy the weekend as well. Blessing~

Song for Today - 无眠 - 原唱 - 苏打绿 (Shared Before)



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