Tuesday, December 28, 2010

5th Months - Quick Recap of 2010

Say Hi to the 5th months. Tomorrow night will be going to Singapore, to countdown for the new year and to visit my god sisters. Hmmm, year 2010 will be ended in few more days. Time really flies. Aha, looks like I have mentioned this sentence many times in my blog. Don't really like the time which flies so fast but at the same time, hope that it can flies as fast as possible. Don't really know what I want. Perhaps, 2010 is a year which full of memories, both sweet and sour.....

Most probably, this post will be the last post for year 2010. As what I update in 31.12.2009, let me make a quick recap of my first-time activities in year 2010.....

1) First time ride on motorcycle after got my license 5 years ago - Thanks Wei Loon
2) First time experience 初九拜天宫 after living for 23 years - I don't dare to declare myself as a Hokkien
3) First time went to Genting 4 times in a year - Unforgettable memory
4) First time entered into Casino and won some monies - Great experience
5) First time fall so deep and yet, the feeling is still there - I listen to the advice by 张小娴
6) First time went to Singapore - I miss Universal Studio
7) First time went to Batu Pahat - Thanks to Calix and Chloe
8) First time sit in front of the windows and counting down for the rain - I miss the time when I closed the windows and covered myself with handmade blanket
9) First time graduated as a first class degree student - Thanks to parents, lecturers and course mates
10) First time realized that there is only one thing that will last forever in the world, and the thing is called nothing - I was so innocent
11) First time realized that I was a kind hearted person - Welcome
12) First time understand that a wrong timing can caused everything to be turned out wrongly - Do I have another chance which will be in a right timing???
13) First time attended so many job interviews - I got 3 offers
14) First time got a permanent and high paid job - No longer depend on family
15) First time worked in K.L - I don't really like this place
16) First time act so irrational and irritating - Speechless
17) First time stay awake for the whole night to do assignment - I will still do it if I got the chance. No regret
18) First time wear coat - Everyone said I looks like a manager
19) First time using Debit Card - Thanks to my bank
20) First time launched my personal private blog - Got scolded and I realized that it was my fault
21) First time dine in Chili's, T.G.I Friday and Subway - I love foods
22) First time using 2 hand phones - 010 + 017 = 02
23) First time see doctor with medicine charge of RM 90 - Thanks bank for paying for me
24) First time I can't do what I have promised - Refer to statement 16
25) First time experience insomnia for so many nights in a year - I have no regret
26) First time.....
27) First time.....
28) First time.....

Today is 28th of December and I got 28 first-time experiences in 2010. I think it is actually more than 28 and I just record down the 28 memorable one. As you all can see, another 3 first-times from statement 26 - 28 are keep in blank. But do they really blank??? No, they are visible, but in my private blog =)

Previous year, my wish for year 2010 sounded:

I hope the 4 months in the last semester can pass slowly and last longer. I am not the greedy one. How good is it if in the last semester, every normal 1 second can pass as slow as every normal 10 second.....

For the coming 2011:

I wish my family, friends and everyone stay healthy and happy. Please take good care, holding the true value and be the real own. For myself, I wish that I can be the one who was in MMU previously. Weak and yet strong, "do" whatever I like and "don't" whatever I dislike.....

Great Night