Thursday, December 2, 2010


Hi there. Today have an early update because feel quite tired. Last night indeed was a sleep well night. It's just because sleep quite late on last night and so tiredness has come to visit. Hmmm, tomorrow is not a working day for me. It will be a conference day and night time will be Associates Dinner night. Hopefully it will an enjoyable day =)

After the dinner, then all of us will stay in Bangi Training Center Hotel for a night. The next day, which is Saturday, we will accomplish our corporate social responsibility which is to visit the orphanage in hospital. I have been assigned to Hospital Serdang. There are a lot of activities, story telling, coloring, origami, educational games and so forth. I am the leader for origami activity and tomorrow I will teach all those kids to fold a special fighter jet. I just log in to friendster to take the photo below. It's origami!!! I will teach the kids to fold the jet as shown in below photo which is in white color in the middle =)

Well, talk about the photo. I think that time was having a midnight session with Calix in McD. Can't really remember who else joined. Seems like Tyan2. Queenie seems got joined too. Or Shery or Ee Hue??? Haha. Don't know. However, that's not important. Important thing is we were crazily into Origami by using McD Brochures. Hahaha. That was happened during my second year if not mistaken. The most happy period in University and I miss it =)

Just now had a dinner with Wei Loon at Pudu. Saw a long lost friend, Jie Yee. Hahaha. Have a nice chatting session with her. Glad to know that she got boyfriend already. Or shall I say, a friendly boyfriend. Aha. See??? Another friend who entered into relationship. Hahaha. But just now she was careless. Haha. Guess what??? When she introduce the guy, she said "This is my friend, Mr. Ng". Then when the Mr. Ng went to order food, then only I ask her and she just admit it. Hahaha. Haiyoo, girl, if that's your boyfriend, then should proudly introduce as boyfriend. Just like when your boyfriend proudly introduce you as her girlfriend, for sure you will feel happy. Am I right??? Hahahaha. Make him happy la. By the way, I am just saying la. Maybe they got their reason. Who know. Whatever it is, blessing =)

Well, another week will pass soon. Friday will come in 2 more hour. May He drive carefully and You reach safely. Enjoy the nice weekend. Blessing.....

Song for Today - You and Me - Singer - Olivia Ong

Take a Trip Down Memory Lane
Things Have Change
One Thing Remains
That They Will Always Have Each Other
An Even Though Those Days Have Gone
They Know Here Is Where They Belong
There's Some Kind of Magic In The Air
Feel The Warmth
The Only Summer Breezes Can Bring
Sweet Little Notes of Spring Begin

You And Me
You Stand On Line A
I Stand On Line B
And Both Line A and Line B Are Parallel Lines
No Intersection
Thank You

Great Night