Sunday, December 19, 2010

Last Update???

Say Hi to Sunday. Well, yesterday didn't update my blog because I was staying in Lim Hwa house. Actually, yesterday morning I did went to see dentist to follow up for my dental treatment. Everything going smooth. At the evening, I went to meet Lim Hwa and Fong Li in 1 Utama for the purpose of visiting my grandfather at night.....

By the time I reached 1 Utama, it's already 6.30 p.m. and then we went to search for foods for dinner. There were quite a numbers of restaurant but then at last, we walked into a restaurant called New York Deli. Basically, there was western food and I ordered a Latino Chicken Chop, Lim Hwa ordered a Teriyaki Chicken Chop while Fong Li ordered a seafood pizza. My dish tasted not bad but just too salty.....

After that, we headed to my uncle's house in Klang to visit my grandfather. Well, glad to see my grandfather was in a healthy state. Wish him a nice travel to China this Monday. Basically, we just doing nothing there, play with my cousins and accompany my grandfather watch 3 kingdoms. By the way, it was such a great night to gather with relatives =)

We headed back to Lim Hwa's house and reached there at about 12 a.m. Have a meet with Shin Ying, a friend who I have not meet for a long time. Then, together with Pin Boon, 5 of us went to have a drinking session. A great night for me =)

I slept at about 3 a.m. that night. Today woke up at 10 a.m, while waiting for Lim Hwa and Fong Li, I just stayed in front of the computer and online. At about 11.30 a.m, as what I promised, I treated both of them a Dim Sum session as our brunch. Ordered a lot of foods and it was indeed a full brunch for me =)

After that, have the opportunity to watch Social Network. Hmmm, finally I have the chance to watch the 2 hours movie. Well, let me think what to comment about the movie. Alright, the movie was out of my expectation, or shall I say the personality of the FB founder was out of my expectation??? It was a story about business and friendship. I don't know how true is the story of the movie, just feel that the founder was not behave well. Or maybe because he has his own genius thinking and don't really know how to socialize with the others??? I have no idea about that. One thing that I was shocked was he tend to scolded and accused his girlfriend in his blog after her girlfriend broke up with him. Hahaha. And the reason he set up the social network site was partly because of the broke. Hmmm, he did it and now, he was the youngest billionaire in the world. Congratulation!!!

Just now have a dinner with Fong Li's family before they sent me home. Hmmm, thinking back the old time, I think I know Fong Li started from kindergarden. Until now, it was almost 18 years. My memory with her was that we used to help each other when we faced problems during primary school. Until Form 6, she was still my best friend and provided me a lot of supports for whatever activities that I organized in Form 6. The same happened to all the classmates, Fuh Xiong, Tai Koon, Shin Ying, Lim Hwa, Hui Ru, Cin Lo, Pei Ting and all the rest. I will always remembered that you all have assisted me to achieved my dream which was to organize a singing competition and it was great one. Got a call from Pei Li just now and realized that she was in K.L, hopefully we all have the opportunity to meet her. Also, looking forward to meet you all this Chinese New Year...

These few days were happy days for me because it has been a long time didn't meet up with all these old classmates. If Cin Lo can meet us in I Utama that day, then it will be great too. Special thanks to Lim Hwa, Fong Li and Shin Ying for the caring these 2 days. Appreciate it a lot =)

Ooo yaa, after watch the Social Network and listen to the advises provided by Fong Li, I gain some new insights. I think it would be better for me to update my daily blog in a format. Thank Fong Li for the reminder. I have launch a new private blog just now for my daily update. Everything is about the same as this blog except the privacy issue. So is it means that this will be the last blog post or I am going to shut down this current blog??? Definitely not. I am a dreamer and I appreciate all my memories. This blog keep most of the sweet memories in MMU and I will always remember the one who initiated me for writing blog. Not going to have frequent update here. Probably it will be like last time when I used to update it if there is anything which I think is memorable. So, the next update for this blog probably will be on next week, Christmas. Welcome if there is an update =)

I am not a bad guy, I am not crazy, I am not emotional, I am not harming, I am not playful, I am not pervert. I am just a Cancer zodiac guy who true to his own feeling. Thank You.....

Tonight will share the last song and the last movie:

Last Movie - 天天好天

This is a Malaysia's chinese movie.
It has all the same characters as Woo Hoo.
I saw it's advertisement in bus yesterday when headed to I Utama.
Feel that it is nice movie.
It's a movie talk about love between family relationship.
I think She will love this movie.
May She has the chance to watch it when the movie is up.


Last Song - - 原唱 - 陶吉吉

I love this song very much when I was in Form 4.
I remembered I once sang this song in karaoke before I left MMU.
That's the first time I sang this song in karaoke.
Is that the last time???
I Don't Know
Thank You

Great Sleep to 7 a.m