Sunday, December 5, 2010

Dream for a Dreamer

Say Hi to the night before hectic day. Hehe. Luckily this Tuesday is a holiday. Ooo yaa, going to meet Queenie in KLCC this Tuesday. Quite a long time didn't meet her even though we have been in KL for few months. Haha. Hopefully, the plan is on.....

Today was a simple day for me. For this weekend, I didn't follow my god bro to visit my god dad. Just stay at home reading the text books and continue doing the assignment. I hope my god dad is doing fine there.

Just now went to Jusco to look for some Honey and also to take a lunch there. Plan to take lunch at McD but there was so many peoples there. Plan to shift to KFC but KFC was even more crowded. In the end, I end up have my lunch at the food court. Have a chance to eat Takoyaki. Hahaha. The 3 pieces Takoyaki really make me think back the old times when I hang out with Wei Loon, Lian Jie and De Kai in Jusco, Melaka. Just remembered that Wei Loon likes the food very much. I even still remembered that there was once upon a time, we went into Sushi King for some simple sushi, he ordered the Takoyaki and then claimed that Sushi King's Takoyaki taste bad. Hahaha. Those days.....

Talk about Honey. Well, I am still the same, everyday still consume a glass of Honey when I wake up. Unfortunately, just now not able to get the brand which I bought every time. I think Jusco is out of stock for that particular Honey. Nothing can do, I just bought another brand. By the way, Honey is good for health. It is highly recommended to all my friends =)

Just now have a chat with Wei Loon in MSN. A nice chatting with him and a lot of old memories being recalled back. We are the same, when stay alone or feel boring, our brain will automatic generate those old memories. Whatever it is, just frame all those memories and when we are free, take it out and try to find back the old feeling. It should be another kind of enjoyment. Hahaha. Remember, don't make it happen, just let it happen.

Basically, that's my life for today. Simple and boring but I am satisfied. Ooo yaa, just now my brother has send me my passport. Hahaha. This Tuesday will go KLCC exchange some Singapore Dollar. Kim Thor shout out loud: Singapore, Wait For Me!!!

Song for Today - Just A Dream - Singer - Jason Chen and Joseph Vincent

I Was Thinking About Her
Thinking About Me
Thinking About Us
What We Gonna Be
Open My Eyes
It Was Only Just A Dream
If You Ever Love Somebody
Put Your Hands Up

Can't Deny That
Every Things Was Just A Dream
Because I Am A Dreamer
A Dreamer Who Put His Hands Up

Great Dream


wei^loon said...

Hahaha~ Yeah, If u tasted it at that moment, it not as nice as I ate before the Takoyaki..~

Don't u still remember my mouth 'keluar asap' when put in the first takoyaki into my mouth.. Another funny moment when together with u all...

Dont make it happen, let it happen ya bro =)

wei^loon said...

Oh ya, about your song of the day.. I love the song very much.. AND I agreed, it's Just a Dream and exclusively for DREAMER xD

Kim Thor said...

Hohoho, finally I got your 1st comment in my blog after a long time. Glad to receive this as it make me feel like last time when we were in MMU. Don make it happen, let it happen. Why??? Because we are all dreamer, wishing for the perfect dream ever =)