Saturday, December 4, 2010


It's 11 p.m. again. Aha. Last night cannot update blog because overnight at training center hotel. Well, talk about yesterday, yesterday morning, the bank organized an associates conference for us and the conference was hold by total of 5 speakers which have many years of experience in leading those big corporation. It's a good opportunity to attend the conference and I believed all of us should have develop a skill to become an effective leader.....

At the night time, it was the Associates Graduation dinner for our dinner in previous badge. It was a great dinner as the Group Managing Director has attended the dinner. This has given us a motivating courage to strive towards excellent.....

I have a chance to knew a senior from FSTEP program, Chin because I was assigned to share the room with him. Well, he was really a nice guy and I really feel very grateful to knew him as he teach me a lot of of knowledge in future's index investment. We have almost 3 hours chatting in our room. He also shared with me his life when studied in Australia. It's really an awesome night =)

Well, working in K.L. indeed has it's pros and cons. Honestly say, the pros are that I have the chance to know a lot of peoples from different background, I willing to learn from them and develop a life long learning, I realized that I am just a small piece in the world and there are still a lot of things to learn if want to success. CGPA of 3.83 was equivalent to nothing. Cons are the environment here is sucks and life is hectic.....

After chatting with him, I planned to study hard for my CCP and Omega professional paper. If I am able to pass the exam, I plan to get the stock broker or futures broker license. After collecting enough money, I plan to pursuing my study in Australia. Part time working + part time study + Australia's environment would be an enjoyable days for me. I am a dreamer, keeping myself with this dream =)

Give me some times. Hopefully, the day when I success will be the day that I am able to buy back the time that I have missed and continue pursuing the thing that I have lost. I am still keeping the promise.....

Today's morning, we went to accomplish our corporate social responsibility. My group went to Hospital Serdang and we have a meet with kids who were suffering disease and hospitalized. Well, as I mentioned in previous update, I am in charged for the origami activities. However, there were not much kids there and I only able to teach few of them to fold the fighter jet and ship. Therefore, I am just folding those stuffs myself and then give to them.....

I am really suffer a hard feeling when saw those kids and babies suffering disease and laid on their beds. Got to knew 1 boy who was hospitalized because of child abuse. OMG, can't really believe there were peoples who will beat a child who looks so cute and smart. There is nothing that I can do. Basically, I am just try my best, play with them and bring them fun and joy. I sincerely pray hard that they recover fast from their sickness and injury. Blessing.....

Today 04.12.2010, the day I reactivate back my old MSN and FB. A friend asked me in MSN why am I willing to reactivate back all those social networking stuffs. I don't really know how to answer. Hmmm, I think recently I am able to enjoy sleep well nights. Thing has became static and it's hardly to change. I just want to say that I am a good guy. I don't do any bad things. I am true to myself, true to my own feeling and keep my own promise. I don't know what will happen in future. Perhaps just give some times to myself. I can't change the world but maybe in future, environment will change it. Nobody knows what will happen right??? Whatever it is, 04.12.2010, a memorable day. All the best and congratulation!!!

Just now chat with Adeline and realized that MMU has started the mid sem break. Wish all my best friends in MMU an enjoyable holiday. Take good care =)

Below of some photos for sharing:

Photo with Group Managing Director

Red and White

My Room - Valentine's Room

He Got a Pair of Big Eyes

Song for Today - I am sorry to say that today's line a bit lag and I can't access to Youtube. So, just wait tomorrow =)

Great Night