Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Day and Day

It's time to update my blog. Well, last night was a sleep well night. As usual, just feel like not enough sleep. After the working life got started, I will automatically wake up after 7 hours of sleeping regardless of whether it is holiday or not. Hmmm, still, I miss the life in Ixora. Every morning after wake up, brush my teeth, take my bath, then sit down on the chair and start to look at my Compaq. Such a beautiful life =)

Just now have a meet with Queenie. There was a change for the plan because she went to color her hair with her friend. In the end, I only meet her up on 5 p.m. in Times Square and it was just an 1 hour meet.....

Have a nice chat with her. Glad that she is willing to share her story. Also, would like to thank her for her advise. Well, Queenie, Sometimes peoples were just living in an environment where they can't even control the surrounding and themselves. Therefore, sometimes it would just as good to let it be. This is the survival mechanism. Readers, am I right??? Whatever it is, I am still try my best to cope with the so called new environment =)

After that session, I went to meet my god bro and Eizan in The Mall. Have the opportunity to know 2 new friends, Han and Michelle. All are musician and photography kaki. Hahaha. Both of the new friends were very friendly, glad to know them =)

Just now saw the comments that Wei Loon leave in my previous update. It has been such a long didn't get his comment. Whatever it is, great to see he is coming back to blogspot. His comments just make me reflect back the old time because last time, whenever I have update, for sure he will come and leave some words =)

Tonight going to sleep earlier. Promise myself, god bro and mum that I am going to have an healthy life start from today. Honey, fruits and vitamin should be a must for my daily life. Hopefully, a healthy life will contribute a happy life for me =)

Song for Today - 她说 - 原唱 - 林俊杰



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