Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Taste of Love

A hello to the 1st day of December. Last night was able to sleep very well. Thank you very much. Ooo yaa, just in the previous update, I mentioned that it has been a long time I don't remember any of my dream, and then today when woke up, I realized that I have a dream last night and the dream was indeed a weird dream.....

Actually, my best buddy, Calix appeared in the dream. However, it was really weird because in the dream, it seems like I have did something bad to him. Then he called to me and ask me whether I have betray him and me, without hesitation, straight away answer him Yes. Haha. Then he was very angry and hang up the phone. Hmmm, it has been a long time I don't see Calix in my dream. I think the dream happened because yesterday, when I was having my dinner, Calix SMS me and told me that he bought an iPhone4. Hahaha and the dream is related to phone also. So shall I say it is related??? Hahaha. However, for whatever so reason, I won't betray him =)

Today, my colleague told me that she has tag a photo of me in FB and the photo was that I am sleeping while doing CA. So, just now, for the very 1st time I log in to FB. Hahaha. Luckily the photo was not ugly and there were many colleagues been taken sleeping photo as well. Anyway, can't believe that just a short period didn't log in to FB, then just now saw in my wall that many friends have announced that they have entered into relationship. Hmmm, looks like this year is a good year. Perhaps next year, 2011 will be another happiness year for the couple too because if see in separation, 11 means a couple is holding hands and in a relationship while 20 means the couple has get married. Wow, how creative am I. Ahaha. May all the couples can hold their hands and walk till the end.....

1st of December, World Aids Day. Just now saw few articles in newspaper and all were actually urged those who involve in sexual relationship to do some safety and prevention step. There were few comments leaved by public. One sound like this. "It's just hard to take safe and prevention step when your girl was freaking hot" and another one sound as "There was less sensation when you are using condom". It's sound a bit funny but for those who ever want to enter into sexual relationship, remember to take safety and prevention steps especially when you don't really know well about your partner. It's not only a matter about pregnancy but also about disease. Some more, HIV can infect baby in pregnant also. So dear friends, please don't blow your future =)

Just now have a birthday celebration for my colleague. Then I have a chance to chat with another colleague from another program. He is from Muar and I did know him long time already but only today we have chance to chit chat. After the nice chatting session, I told him that in future, I believe both of us can be very close friend and he told me that he sense that too. He said that for the first time he meet me, he feel that I was special and have the kind of artist's characteristic where I prefer to drunk in my own world and won't care of what others think about me. For the second time I meet him, he already asked me am I a guitarist or a singer. Hmmm, for me, I would say that he really know how to see people because he can see my personality clearly. Sometimes, I just feel that I can really get well along with Muarian. Hmmm, the one who appeared in my dream last night is one. Aha. Just feel that I have the same thinking with them. I miss Muar!!! Wait for my car.....

Hohoho. That's all for today. I am really tired enough. Goodbye my Earth of Golds. See you tomorrow.....

Song for Today - 爱情余味 - 原唱 - 张信哲



Taste of Love

Great Night