Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Happy last day for November to all. Again, last night was a sleep well night. Hehehe. It has been quite a long time I don't really remember my dream during the night. Hmmm, hope tonight can have a sweet dream.....

Today's attachment was a briefing conducted by a Head of Department. After finished the briefing, she assigned us into 3 groups and assigned us a group assignment. We have 3 hours to complete the assignment. Basically, we need to brainstorm and generate ideas for marketing strategies. I am glad to say that our group's ideas and presentation earned a good response from her. I am also glad that I have suggested a gift which was quite useful to the plan. It's just come out in my mind all of a sudden. I shall say Thank You.....

After that, we continue our session with another senior. He shared with us some experiences about life. Well, different peoples have different perceptions and needs for their life. Some willing to jump aeroplane in other countries, some willing to remains single, some willing to work, collect money, travel and when money finish, then work, collect money and travel again.....

Hmmm, I think for me, because I have parents to be take care to, so sometimes I really can't do what I really like to do. If I am a single man without any burden, perhaps I have really choose to work, collect money, travel and then work, collect money and travel again. The life like this would be as simple as ABC. It's just nice. Whatever it is, there are boundary for my freedom. As the son for my parents, I still hold the responsibility to them. Just see how in future. Maybe after few years my networth increase to million and then I will imigrate to Australia with my parents. Hahahaha. Who know??? Nothing is impossible.....

Ooo yaa, finally I believe the sentence, nothing is impossible. Why??? Because there were previous matters which I think is impossible has now turned out to be possible. So, I am really should absorb from the experience. Learn from the past =)

Tomorrow going to learn about trade's system. Hopefully, it is an interesting class =)

Song for Today - 镇守爱情 - 动力火车



Great Night