Saturday, November 27, 2010


Today have spent half day at outside. My god bro brought me out at 11 a.m. and then went to fetch his girlfriend, Yan Ni. Then we went to have brunch at Papa Rich. After that we headed to Times Square for the purpose of buying new lens for my god bro Nikon DSLR D90 and I would like to buy some shirts from G2000 as well.

Hang around in Times Square and I have a glass of bitter tea. Saw a lot of Christmas decoration at there. After that, a friend, Eizan came to join us because he know well about camera. Then we headed to Plaza Low Yat to spot for the lens. My god bro paid almost RM 1300 for new lens and wireless flash. Wow. Then we have a tea session at Old Town. Ooo yaa, I had an extremely nice white coffee at there. Don't know why the white coffee that I had previously was not as tasty as today's one. Hahahaha.....

There was a Korean food fair in Times Square. My god bro and I shared and bought a bottle of soya bean which costs about RM 12. Just heard that the soya bean was very tasty. So just want to have a try. But now still very full and it's kept inside the refrigerator. Hahaha. Also, I bought a canned Starbuck's coffee. It's from Korea and has a very nice designed can. I think I have fall in love with Starbucks =)

Afterward, we went to Pavillion because I would like to buy some formal attire in G2000. I got 2 long sleeves shirts. As what I had plan, one in light purple and another one in white. It's great. We actually planned to go to Fahrenheit to buy some shirts in Uniqlo. Heard that the shirts there were in nice cutting and very nice to wear but unfortunately, there was a time constraint. But no worries, there are still a lot of weekends coming in. By the way, I need to say that the Christmas decoration in Pavillion was awesome. It's just amazing and there was snowing scene for the decoration. It's just like real snowing. How great it is =)

We had our dinner at Sakae Sushi. I ordered a hot green tea and as usual, there were only 2 types of sushi that I had, which were Tuna Mayo and Egg Mayo. I don't really know how to taste Japanese foods but I am crazily into that 2 types of sushi.....

After the dinner, then was the journey of going back home. Reach home at about 10.30 p.m. Basically now, I am just online and make a simple daily update for my blog. Today is 27.11.2010, can't believe it reached so fast. Time flies, but can I fly??? I don't think I can. Hahaha. Maybe I shall request the help from Birds of Paradise. Hahaha =)

Song for Today - I have difficulty in assessing to Youtube because of slow internet connection. So tonight don't have song to share. Perhaps, tomorrow shall compensate for it =)

Great Night