Sunday, November 21, 2010

The 123th Post

Just back from a simple gathering with Calix and Chloe. Well, it's really an enjoyable night. I reached earlier to Mid Valley. While waiting for the couple, I went to buy ticket for Unstoppable.....

After that, I walked into a CD shop. Saw Olivia Ong's new released album, Just For You. The album makes me thinking of something. Shall it become a Christmas gift for someone??? Hmmm, don't know. After that, I accidentally saw a bridal photography fair at the same floor as cinema. Just when I am about to walk inside, Calix shouted my name. Hahaha. Also, needless to say, my best buddy, Calix for sure will interested towards the fair also. Hahaha. So, 3 of us headed into the fair =)

The bridal photography fair was huge enough. There were a lot of Taiwan companies which alliance with local companies participated in the fair. There were a lot of funny things happened inside the fair. The couple has became a market target and was keep on interview by those promoters. Some funny things happened included that promoter said if Calix and me become couple, then both of us also can take a bridal photograph and they will try suit customers' needs. Also, there was promoter said Calix and me looks like brother and our face look same. Hahaha. Well, may the couple faster faster get married =)

The promoters there were so scary. Hehe. Without wasting time, we go out from the fair and went to McD for some simple food because dinner will be taken after Unstoppable. After 30 minutes in McD, then start the Unstoppable tour. Wow, that was really an amazing movie. It makes me feel so nervous. Feel so touch with the bravery of the 2 heroes =)

Finished the movie at 9 p.m. Then I successfully complete my mission, which is to brought the couple to Chili's Grill and Bar Restaurant. Hahaha. I ordered a Crispy Honey Chipotle Chicken Crispers, Calix ordered a Flame Grilled Ribeye Steak with 50% cooked while Chloe ordered a Grilled Chicken with Mushroom. Feel great that I have an opportunity to taste a nice food with the couple. Ooo yaa, I shall dedicate all the nice foods to you. May you, the one who loves nice foods will have the chance to taste great foods in your place as well =)

During the dinner, we chat about a long lost friend, Sharon. Hahaha. Chloe told me that the girl need help for her assignment, which is to build an online store using Blogspot. Then they asked me to help her. Hahaha. I don't dare to say I am a Blogspot professional, but if I can help, for sure I will help. Just realized that I don't even have her MSN. But already requested from Calix and add her already. Started to thinking of many long lost friends after leave MMU. Perhaps, it's time to re-contact with them.....

After the dinner, an unfortunate thing happened. Guess what??? Chloe lost her hand phone again. She dropped it in the cinema. But luckily, before we left Mid Valley, we realized about that and rushed to cinema and asked the workers to checked for us. Luckily, there was a cleaner found the phone and the honest cleaner handled it to office. So, Chloe was lucky enough to got back her phone. Hahaha. Sometimes, I wondering am I bring the bad luck??? Because last time when I visit Batu Pahat, she lost her phone and this time when 3 of us gathered again, she dropped her phone. Hahaha. Chloe, remembered to take this as lesson, if not I really don't dare to gather with you two already because I am afraid that I bring bad luck. Hahahaha, kidding la =)

After got the phone, Calix fetch me back to home. But it's too bad that I can't recognize the road because every time go out also use LRT. We have lost in our way and that reflected back the time when we visited to Da Vinci's Exhibition. Hahaha. Feel so sorry to Calix and Chloe, both of you must be tired enough. May you 2 rest well and see you tomorrow.....

Song for Today - It's Real - Singer - Olivia Ong

Dedicated All the Happiness
Just For You

Great Night