Saturday, November 27, 2010


So fast and it reached Friday again. Reflect back the time when Calix visit to K.L, it's already 1 week passed but it's just like yesterday. Hahaha. Well, last night was a sleep well night and I actually slept quite early. I think it's about 11.30 p.m.....

Today attended the last training conducted by Uncle. Again, today's class was full with funny things and laughing. Feel very comfortable in his class. Hope there is chance to meet him again during training in future =)

The stock Petro Chem listed in market today. During the afternoon closing, the stock closed at RM 5.47. The final closing price for today is RM 5.31. The movement is within my expectation. Looking forward for the stock price movement in next week.....

I didn't follow Wei Loon to go back Melaka this weekend because I did received a news from friends that G2000 got 50% promotion. So tomorrow going to shop for some shirts. I really like the G2000 formal attire. Just to say, it's good quality. Tomorrow plan to purchase 2 long sleeves shirts and most probably will purchase 1 in light purple and another 1 in white color. White color is to be wear during dinner in next week. Other than that, I am going to do some revision because the text books for CCP and Omega exam have reached. Just hope that I am able to get the 2 professional certificates, get an increment in salary and prepare for my future plan =)

Just now have a chicken rice dinner in The Mall. After that spend a lot of time in a DVD shop. Plan to look for some old movie but unfortunately, no one is attracting me. Hehehe.....

Today is a simple day. It's just just now experienced the very first time of the LRT's technical problem after 4 months here. The train move very slow and keep on stopping. It has wasted a lot of time. Whatever it is, just hope that public transport service can be improve to a better level.....

It actually reach Saturday already. Hmmm. As usual, may You enjoy, take care and most important be careful in everything. Blessing.....

Song for Today - 彩虹 - 原唱 - 五月天



Great Awake Night