Monday, November 1, 2010

The Most Happy Day in Kuala Lumpur

As I mentioned before, I did joined a band gig yesterday in Sunway College. We reached there at about 5p.m. and I was shocked that there were so many cosplay participants there. There were 3 bands in total and we were the first to perform. After set up all the things then we just hang around in the hall. There were many booths selling those gadget related to Animation.

The gig started at 6.30 p.m. Sad to say that the band performance for this year was quite unsuccessful compared to last year. According to my friends, the crowd for last year’s gig was so high and it’s just like they were performing their own concert. Unfortunately, for this year, there were very less peoples attended the band gig. However, we were just enjoyed performing. Thanks to Choong How, David, Gary, Calwin, C.Y. and K.K. for inviting me to join the performance =)

After the gig, David treated us to have a dinner in T.G.I Friday. It's my first time entered into Friday. Yesterday was Halloween and all the waiter and waitress dressed to suit with the theme. I have order a Southweat Mac and Cheese. It's a juicy fire grill chicken breast served with creamy monterey jack jalapeno macaroni and cheese. Well, still can't run away from cheese. For drink, I ordered a blue raspberry slush and a brownie obsession as dessert. Again, the food reminded me of you. I think you will like the Friday's western cuisine also. How I wish that I can have the opportunity to treat you a luxury dinner there. Hmmm, again I am just simply thinking. I know it won't comes true. Whatever it is, I know you like to eat nice food and I wish you have nice meal everyday at there. Whenever I have nice food, I shall dedicate it for you. By the way, thanks to David for dinner and Eizaz for crazy with me =)

Ooo yaa. Last night saw a cosplayer who looks like you. Not to say exactly looks alike but there were similarities. She dressed as the Yuri's character in Death Note animation. I got the chance to take photo with her too. But friends, do not ever think that I took photo with the cosplayer just because she looks like her. I am not that crazy and insane. Hahaha. The main reason is that there is someone who tried to challenge me and said that I don't dare to take photo with her. Anyway, I have proved to him. NeneneneNe. Hahaha. Last night was really high enough. Enjoy till the max!!!

Not much to share about the gig also. Here are some photos for sharing:

Hybrid on Stage

Hybrid on Stage

Hybrid on Stage

Blur Blur Kim Thor



She Looks Like .....




Shoot by Eizaz

Kim Thor with Ibanez

Kim Thor with Ibanez and Light

Poo Gee and Mila


Southwest Mac and Cheese

Brownie Obssesion

Yesterday was really enjoyed much. Thanks to all.

Song for today - 你好吗 - 原唱者 - 光良


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