Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Everything Revealed

Last night was not a sleep well night. Laid on the bed, brain can't stop thinking again. Haizzz, kinda worry that the long lost insomnia going to visit me again. In fact, I should have already recover. Don't know why this few days got so much things to think.....

Today learnt about loan recovery. Lectured by a very professional lawyer who has teach me before. We called him Uncle. Uncle's class is always interesting. It's not only about the training topic but also a lot of matter related to life. Uncle tend to teach us a correct way to behave in our life. Really enjoy his class.....

Just after the tea break session, he raised a question to me. He asked me why I would choose to stay in K.L rather than K.T. In K.T, the cost of living is much more lower compared to K.L. Some more, I no need to wake up early and no need to experience a hectic traffic and the unfriendly citizen. The answer that I gave to him is there are more opportunities here. Then he told me, that's just an excuse.....

Then he explained to us that most of the youngster tend to choose K.L because of a colorful life here. The city life is enjoyable compared to life in the so called kampung life. After all, he asked me again the reason that I choose K.L rather than K.T and requested me to give him a compelling reason. Then I told him that K.T life is too slow, I would like to stay in K.L and take some experience first. I will go back K.T, but not now. It's maybe a couple of years later.....

Then Uncle feel satisfied with my answer and he actually praised me for that answer. I don't know why. It might because he thinks that I am honest enough. However, I am not. Both reasons that I gave were just excuses. Those who know me for sure will know that I hate K.L but yet I still fall on K.L now and will be bonded for 2 years. S what is the real reason behind the scene???

Still remember the time when I attended few interview sessions. There were 2 banks approved my application. Bank A, which is the bank I worked for now offered me a vacancy in K.L. and Bank B offered me a vacancy in Kelantan. Kelantan is very near with K.T and my parents and most of my friends actually suggest me to work there because Bank B has well reputation and salary offered by both banks were not much different. However, I don't really consider much that time because there is a strong factor motivated me to go K.L. I am not going to say what is the factor now. Perhaps, in future I will say it out. Someone who know about this asked me whether I have regretted or not. The answer is, I don't know.....

Something happen just now. A conversation with someone reveal something. I wish my stupid and stubborn can stop but yet, they just don't want to. Haizzz, there is nothing I can do. Anyhow, most probably tonight will be a completely sleepless night for me. I shall go and have the coughing medicine now to put me in sleep....

Song for Today - 你要的不是我 - 原唱 - 林俊杰



Great Sleepless Night