Friday, November 5, 2010


Happy holiday to all. It was so great to have Friday as holiday because recently I was busy with some matters. Today's holiday really give me a chance to settle all the matters. Ooo yaa, take this chance to apologize to Cin Lo because didn't join the karaoke session as I promised. Just now feel so tired after wake up and feel so lazy to go to 1 Utama because the venue is too far for me. Hehehe, sorry yaa =)

By the way, just now I did call Lim Hwa and ask for an outgoing session for tomorrow. Still in planning and waiting for the reply from all. Anyway, if there is nobody want to join, I think Lim Hwa and me will still proceed with our plan even it's only 2 peoples. Ahaha.....

Just right after I finish discuss with Lim Hwa, then received a call from Jason asking me to join for a one day tour to Genting tomorrow. I was so happy to hear that and needless to say, I straight away promised without further consideration. Hehehe. Well, after the call, all of a sudden, the name Genting appeared in mind and then I straight away go to open the photo album folder and look for all the photos that were taken in Genting.....

Genting was such a memorable place for me. I went there 3 times within this year. First time with IB gang, second time with Banking gang and third time with K.T. gang. It was so miracle that I went there during my most unhappy time and the most happy time. There were so many many many unforgettable memories kept in that place. When I visit the place during my most unhappy period, I turned up to be happy and when I visit the place during my most happy period, I turned up to be more happy and the happiness exceeded the maximum. Hahaha.

Peoples always thought that I love Genting because I love gambling. Although I entered into Casino each time when I went to Genting but honestly said, that is not my main purpose of going there. I also don't know I love Genting so much. Perhaps it is because that place has kept so much of my unforgettable memories. So, I am looking forward to find back all the memories during this Sunday tour =)

Below are some sharing of the previous photos:


I Love This Picture So Much


I Love This Picture Too


Hot Steamboat in the Cold Genting

Hopefully all the plans for this weekend going as smooth as planned. Next week might follow Wei Loon to go back Melaka to find back some memories as well. Then the next next week might follow another group of friends to Cameron Highlands. The next next next week I plan to ask Lim Hwa go to Ipoh. Blessing yaa =)

That's all for today. I shall enjoy my drama first before start to settle my assignment. See You!!!

Song for Today - Fly Me To The Moon - Singer - Olivia Ong

Fill My Heart with Song
And Let Me Sing Forever More
You Are All I Long For
All I Worship and Adore
In Other Words
Please Be True
In Other Words
I Love You