Monday, November 29, 2010

I Can't Fly Together With Time

Here comes to the time to update blog. Aha. Yesterday can sleep very well and today don't really feel to wake up. Hahaha. Suddenly, I miss the time when I was in Ixora. That time, if don't have 8 a.m. class, then normally can sleep until 10 p.m. What a great life is that, hehehe =)

Today was the first day attachment in Trade Center in Head Office. Basically, we just sit inside the conference room and listen to the briefing given by our supervisor. Feel very great because it helps me to recap what I have learnt before in Bangi. The overall learning process for today was quite relaxing =)

My god bro just told me that the next month for today will be the day we visit to Singapore. Miss the time when I visit to Singapore with Kap Siao group. Hope that I can have the chance to meet with friends who currently work in there. Also, looking forward to see the 2 cute kids, Brian and Mavis =)

Recently keep on heard that peoples surrounding me said that time flies. So fast, it comes almost to the year end already. Few festivals are coming soon, Christmas, New Year, Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day. So fast, another year going to pass. Think deeply, many things happened in this year. 4 times visitation to Genting, 2 times visitation to Singapore if consider the coming tour, 1 time visitation to Batu Pahat, very first time stage performance after couple of years, graduation, working and so forth. Hmmm, continue walking on the path of life.....

Basically, that's all for today. Didn't expect that today's feeling was actually quite good. I thought it would be grey day for me. How good is it if the feeling can continue sustain. Pray hard.....

Song for Today - 千年泪 - 原唱 - Tank




Great Night