Sunday, November 14, 2010


Hi, Happy Sunday and Sunday Happy to all. Well, I have came back from Genting last night. There were only Wei Loon and me went up to that memorable place. Yi Han was unable to join because of fever. May he recover soon.....

Actually, it's just a very short 1 day tour. Guess which place we went when we reach Genting??? Hahaha, it's Genting Starbucks. Hmmm, don't know why I love Genting Starbucks so much. Every time when to Genting, I sure can't run away from Starbucks. Drinking the same Hot Chocolate, sitting on the same seat, reflect back the time when they were smoking there, reflect back the time when there were peoples fighting over the taxi stop and reflect back the time when polices came and caught the fighters. It's just memories. I saw few Starbucks water bottle with Christmas theme. They look so nice and all of a sudden, they trigger my intention to buy and gift it to you. But then, I hang a while and realized that perhaps there is no such need. Why??? I also don't know. Maybe it might looks nice to me but not to you. Who knows.....

Basically, we were just strolling around, hang around inside the casino, have a simple looks inside G2000, Padini and etc. All the ways, a lot of things appeared in my mind. Again, I told myself, it's just memories. Hmmm, I think I shall just keep it up in my mind and whenever I visit to Genting, then I will recall it out and re-taste back the memories, perhaps this is just nice.....

Today is Sunday but I have to stay at home to read and analyze the CAs because tomorrow got meeting. Hmmm, I am waiting for Tuesday, the last day for my attachment in BC. 2 more days to go, patient and patient.....

Ooo yaa. May He drive carefully and You reach safely.Enjoy, take care and great luck. Haizzz, Kim Thor always write the same sentence. Beh Sien meh??? Hahaha, it's just a 8 words sentence, so I don't easily feel sien. To compare, I think reading CAs is more sien. Aha.....

Song for Today - Tears - Singer - X-Japan

Loneliness, Your Silent Whisper
Fills a River of Tears Through the Night
Memory, You Never Let Me Cry
And You, You Never Say Goodbye
Sometimes Our Tears Blinded the Love
We Lost Our Dream Along the Way
But I Never Thought You'd Trade Your Soul to the Fates
Never Thought You'd Leave Me Alone
Dry Your Tears With Love

Whatever Things Happen
Remember that You Can Dry Your Tears With His Love
Hmmm, but What If He is the One Who Makes You Tears???
I Hope He Don't and I Think He Won't

Great Raining Day