Monday, November 15, 2010

Ending + Less = Endingless

Well, my sore throat has became serious, came together with a little running nose and now I expect that tomorrow will start coughing. Hmmm, luckily my head office got a clinic, so tomorrow have to go see doctor again. Haizzz, this year really sick a lot. Still remember the most serious coughing time was during CNY that time.....

Nothing special for today, basically just rush for the last CAs because tomorrow is the deadline. Recently, I always have dreams while sleeping. Hmmm, actually we used to have dreams while we were sleeping, it's just when we woke up, we tend to forgot about the dream and then assume that we don't dream anything. So, shall I say, recently I always remember my dreams after I woke up??? Hahaha. It's great that I have dream because I used to be a dreamer. Hahaha, dream provides me an opportunity to meet with someone far away from me. So I shall thank to Dream. See if tomorrow morning when I wake up, if I remember my dream, then I think I shall write it down and perhaps share at here =)

Ooo yaa, before I forget, just now read through an article in a magazine. So would like to give some advise to all my female friends. To be straight forward, girls, whenever you have sex with your boyfriend, if your counterpart request to record down or take photo while both of you are doing, remember not to agree for whatever reason. It might be hard to reject the request especially when you love him so much, but not matter how, you still need to get a reason to reject. From the article, it mentioned that, when your boyfriend request for record down the activity, he might provide a reason that "I want to keep this as a memory", then please answer him "Hey, sweetie, no need to record down, don't worry, we still can do it next time whenever you want". Hahaha. It sound like a joke, but it's worth to take note on that.....

Girls, when you read this, you might want to say "Kim Thor, you thought we so stupid meh??? You thought we were born yesterday meh??? Of course we won't allow our boyfriend to record down." But before you say these sentences, I would rather advise you to think about Edison Chen's case, then you will noticed that there were really many girls that don't have rational thinking especially when they fall so deep. Whatever it is, I am just sharing out what I read and what I think is correct.....

My God Bro just told me that the tour to Singapore has been changed to 30th of December. They purposely change the date because of me and I was so happy. Hahaha. Therefore, I will countdown for the new year in Singapore. Glad, glad and glad.....

By the way, allow me to shout out loud here - I miss the phone ringing sound from my laptop. Still remember it started to rang on April. Now, I can no longer listen to the sound. It won't rang again but yet, I still wish to listen to that sound again. Perhaps, I shall wish that the sound ring in my dream tonight. Hahaha, Blessing.....

Song for Today - 煎熬 - 原唱 - 孙协志&王心凌



~~~晚安啦, 男人~~~