Sunday, November 28, 2010

Second Update for Today

This is the second update for today. Well, looks like updating of blog has become a must daily activity for me. Hahaha. Hmmm, what about talk about my blog.....

Previously, during my university life, I am actually seldom update my blog. Why??? Perhaps, it's because of busy life, because of laziness, and because I only update it when there are memorable and happy story. But now came to K.L, the Earth of Golds has became the only place that I can shout out all my feelings and expressions. Whenever there were happy times or sad times, I will write down all in this blog. An update a day really makes my life comfortable. It should have became a task for me before I sleep. The blog is true and real as it shows all the true emotions about myself. I feel that my life is full with this blog.....

Nowadays, I think those who came consistently to my blog should be Kexin and Fuh Xiong only. Hehehe. I think there were not much readers visit my blog as compared to last time because there were no more comments. Hehehe. This might because previously when everyone were in University, we were all free but now all working already, so busy-ness might not allow us to do so. For example, my bro, Wei Loon seems like has stop blogging. Aha.....

Also, I like to share a song a day. The song that I first shared was 一生中最爱. It was so nice until I just can't don't share it. Hahaha. I love to share those songs which I think have a great lyrics and music. If you all realized, I will always paste the part of lyrics which I think is meaningful. Then I will add some own composed sentences to it. It might sound like very emotional but I just like to try and create some meaningful sentence. I will feel satisfy when I am able to create a meaningful sentence. Aha =)

I got the text book for CCP already. Started from tomorrow, I shall arrange my daily timetable as working, studying, drama and update blog. I think my life shall be full with these arrangement. Just hope that I can, for the best, make my life now just as similar in MMU. The previous life was just as simple as ABC =)

Just now have a dinner in KFC. Ordered a snack plate and cheesy wedges. Hahaha. Can't run away from the cheesy food whenever I walk into the restaurant. By the way, a simple dinner just now trigger my old memories when I had KFC dinner with Kap Siao Group. Miss them a lot.....

Tomorrow is Monday and I will have a job attachment in Head Office again. It's great because I can sleep longer. Hahaha. Anyway, all the best to all for the 5 weekdays started from tomorrow =)

Song for Today - 假如 - 原唱 - 信乐团



Great Cold Rain Night


Evil Prisoner said... you know i always visit your blog??

Kim Thor said...

Hahaha, you told me before ma, you will read my blog once there is an update. And Kexin last time always shout in my shout box. Hehe. Thanks a lot and take care ya =)