Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Yesterday or Today

Today was indeed the most tired day for me in this few weeks. I did sleep well last night. Straight away fall asleep after laid on the bed but don't know why today, after woke up feel so tired. Perhaps, it's due to insufficient sleeping hours because last night slept quite late.....

We continue the grooming training for today. Today I have learnt about how to match tie with shirts, what attire considered as professional attire, every single corner about a shirts, dining's manner, how to introduced customers to boss, how to exchange business cards with others, how to be gentle to girlfriend and everything about etiquette. Girls also learnt about few ways to tie their hair. I would really thanks to Ms. Wendy, she was really professional and conducted a good class =)

Just now have a alone-dinner in Pudu again. Don't know why, I just like the pork meat porridge. While waiting for my porridge, I saw the next table having some Si Ham and La La. All of a sudden, I called the waiter and ordered a plate of steam Si Ham. I also have a glass of bitter tea. Well, a simple pork porridge, a plate of steam Si Ham and a glass of bitter tea have really trigger my past memories again. Haizzz, for now, everything are just memories. Please don't say that I always like to thinking about the past and don't willing to look into future. I think it's normal for a person to reflect back his old times while having dinner alone especially when the location and foods were just as similar as what in the past. Anyhow, again, it's just memories.....

My mom just called me just now. I told her that I will come out with my own car in next year, probably about February or March. Plan to come out with a Honda City. I think I shall be affordable. May my wish can come true. Sometimes will wondering, what if I have come out with a car when I was first in K.L??? Is yesterday still yesterday??? Or it will still remains today??? Don't know. Just a simply thinking. When I get my car, the first state that I am going to visit with my car for sure is Malacca. Going to Nadeje Patisserie, MBO Cinema, eat Si Ham, 886 Restaurant, Capitol Satay Celup, Go Go Karaoke, More Cafe and so forth. Just wait.....

Song for Today - Now That She's Gone - 原唱 - 林俊杰

I Don't Know How To Be Strong
When My Love Has To Move On
I Am A Song Without A Soul
Now That She's Gone
What's Left of Us is This Song

She's Gone
But He's Still There

Great Night