Monday, November 8, 2010

Letter From Heart

Hohoho, today was a very busy and tired day. Yesterday have insufficient sleep because sleep too late. However, it was a sleep well night. Hahaha. The reason that I sleep late was because I would like to find back the feeling of hang in mid-night. Some more, the 3 days holiday already makes me addicted to mid-night =)

Today was so busy because of rushing for my CA. It's yet to complete and therefore, tomorrow will be another journey. Thanks for those who willing to teach me in doing CA. Just now work until 8 p.m. Well, I actually love this type of busy life as it makes me concentrate on only 1 thing =)

Yesterday have a meet with Wei Loon. Thanks to his Pure Honey and Jambu Air. Take care during your audit tour to Kota Tinggi. Next week might follow him to go back Melaka. Waiting for the tour where I am going to find back my memory.....

Yesterday got a chance to chat with one friend. Accidentally heard about your news. Glad to hear that you are doing well over there. May you continue be your own self, be the one who always true to yourself as what you said before. By the way, this is only my subjective perception, Blessing.....

I am tired enough. So it's time to sleep before I continue my journey tomorrow.....

Song for Today - 起床 - 原唱者 - 品冠


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