Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Long Longing

Sharp 11 p.m. It's time to make a daily update for this Earth of Golds. Well, today is the first day went back to Bangi Training Center. Have a full buffet lunch in the center. Ooo yaa, finally today I have received a confirmation as the permanent staff for the bank. In other words, I have passed my 3 months probation period. Thank You =)

My sore throat, flu and cough still not yet recover. The medicine that the doctor gave to me were strong enough. I shall thank to the doctor also because of the medicine effect, I can really sleep well every night. In fact, I have no longer experience insomnia for a long time already. Buddha's lesson was really correct. Human encounter varieties of fears and stresses frequently, it's either you choose to accept the fears or avoid to face the fears. If we choose to avoid, then our life will full with worries. However, if we learn to accept all the fears and stresses with an open heart, then we shall live without fears and worries. Although thing has happened as opposed to what I wish, but now I have chosen to accept it with open heart and I think this is the reason for me to get off from insomnia. Blessing.....

Just now have dinner at Pudu again. It was a heavy raining night but yet I still go on. Sit beside a road and tasted a hot pork meat bihun in a cold rain night. It's really an enjoyment for me. Too bad the porridge stall does not open, if not I think my enjoyment will be double. Ahaha. Even though that's a lonely dinner night, but yet I got another warm feeling. Thank You.....

Tonight going to sleep early so that tomorrow can faster faster come. Really can't wait to gather with my best friends in Taylor University tomorrow. Chloe just now text me and told me that tomorrow dinner have to wear long pant and shoes. Hahaha, I will go after finish work tomorrow, don't worry, I will go with formal attire. If not enough, I can wear tie and if not enough again, I wear blazer. Ahaha. Hopefully, tomorrow will be an enjoyable night for us. Also, hopefully tomorrow's dinner will be full with luxury food and then I shall dedicate those nice foods to you. Blessing.....

Tomorrow is Friday. So may He drive carefully and You reach safely. May He joke funny and You laugh loudly. Blessing again.....

Song for Today - 除此之外 - 原唱 - 范逸臣

And If You Need Somebody

You Need Somebody
But That's Not Me

~~~It's Alright. I Am Fine In The Beach~~~